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Detachable Upper Section on Gaiters... Make Sense?
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Eddie Rivera
(eddieruko) - F
Detachable Upper Section on Gaiters... Make Sense? on 03/29/2011 12:46:31 MDT Print View

So I've got a pair Outdoor Research Flex-Tex Gaiters that I use predominantly for trail runs to avoid mud and light snow (although not much snow in Texas...). I'm considering making gaiters (similar to the ones in the BPL article) to use for bushwacking during adventure races.

To make it as simple as possible, I'm considering adding a section of Cordura (or similar) to my Flex Tex gaiters. To make them as functional as possible, I figure it would be possible to have that upper section detachable.

If I go this detachable route... what would be the best method for durability? The first thoughts that come to mind would be snaps or some hook and loop. Or am I simply crazy to think that this would hold up off-trail brush and thorns?

Flex Tex Gaiters

Tohru Ohnuki
(erdferkel) - F

Locale: S. California
Re: Detachable Upper Section on Gaiters... Make Sense? on 03/29/2011 15:16:26 MDT Print View

If you're following Roger Caffin's design, then it probably makes sense to leave it full height. For durability he put the seam at the back and I would imagine that having an extra seam all the way around would make it less durable and more fiddly.

Eddie Rivera
(eddieruko) - F
Substitute for Cordura? on 03/29/2011 16:15:46 MDT Print View

The more I think about it, the more I don't particularly like the idea of detachable uppers. The most sensible config would have the seam down the front to match the ORs but I like the design with it in the rear.

A big driver for that idea was minimizing cost and material needed. Is there equivalent fabrics for uncoated Corodura or breathable, durable fabric? The 500D I'm finding is ~$15/yd before shipping...

Roger Caffin
(rcaffin) - BPL Staff - MLife

Locale: Wollemi & Kosciusko NPs, Europe
Re: Substitute for Cordura? on 03/29/2011 16:32:53 MDT Print View

> The 500D I'm finding is ~$15/yd before shipping...
That's pretty good. You won't need much fabric for one pair, so 1 yd will last for several MYOG pairs - MANY years. very cost effective.

Actually, for some very strange reason, the gaiters I make myself using 500 denier Cordura seems to outlast commercial gaiters by a factor of 3 - 5 or more. That's leaves me to wonder what is the rubbish some of them are made out of?

I don't like the idea of a detachable upper myself, fwiiw.
I have recently switched from 20 mm Velcro tape at the back to a #10 zipper, with a large snap at the bottom. Seems to last better than the Velcro.


Eddie Rivera
(eddieruko) - F
Thanks for the insight on 03/29/2011 16:55:04 MDT Print View

Appreciate the suggestions guys.

+1 on the zipper. My teammates have orienteering gaiters with zippers in the rear, and some padding/plastic insert in the front. To minimize the weight, I think I'll steer clear of that particular feature.

I did manage to find 1000D Cordura on ebay pretty cheap ~$13/yd. Still pokin around for durable, breathable fabric for the uppers.

Paul McLaughlin
(paul) - MLife
light uncoated cordura on 03/29/2011 21:56:06 MDT Print View

OWF has uncoated 330d cordura, and The Rain Shed has uncoated 160d cordura. Oddly enough there is very little difference in weight between these two fabrics - I've used both on packs and they are very tough - both are around 4.5-5 oz/yd. OWF also has uncoated 1100d cordura if you want the max.