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What will fit in a MLD Burn?
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clay stewart
(Reluctantwaterhauler) - F
What will fit in a MLD Burn? on 03/28/2011 12:54:29 MDT Print View

Hi all. I'm new around here and trying to find out a few things, from people with experience with a couple of items, that I'm considering, so thanks for your input.

First thing is the MLD Burn and what will fit in it and how much weight it realistically can haul comfortably. I now have a Mariposa plus, WM Megalite 24 oz, old Thermarest Ultralite 3/4 16oz and a three pound BD Highlight. There isn't much water around here (Northern AZ.), so for two night trips I get by with a 6 litre water bag -8oz empty. I'm wondering if this stuff would fit in a Burn and if so, what it would carry like. So I guess around 22 LBS or so with food and what not, would be total weight.

I've been waiting for the new Neo Air, that is supposed to come out around June, before getting a lighter pad, but I might be persuaded to get something like a GG 1/8 in. or nightlite or something like that to cut down on bulk and weight in the meantime. I'm not a tarp or bivy guy, so that's not an option right now.

The other thing I'm curious about is a quilt, as a way to cut down on bulk and weight. I'm 6 ft and over 200 lbs, and sleep on both sides, sometimes my back, but switch back and fourth, during the night, so I am wondering if this would be a problem with a quilt?

The ones I'm considering for Spring and Summer, are the MLD spirit 45 and the Jacksrbetter Stealth reg. The other thing I'm wondering is how well does the MLD compact (how much space will it take up in a Burn) vs the down Stealth?

Thanks again, Clay

Evan McCarthy
(evanrussia) - MLife

Locale: Mid-Atlantic
Re: What will fit in a MLD Burn?" on 03/28/2011 12:58:44 MDT Print View


I've been using my MLD Burn as my all-year pack (trips equal to or shorter than three-four days) and find with creativity that it can haul any load. You'll need to master the art of what can be strapped to the outside but this is doable. Frankly, the Neo Air is so compressible that it is the perfect pad to use for the Burn, whether carefully compacted to its smallest form or used as some sort of pad in the back.

te - wa
(mikeinfhaz) - F

Locale: Phoenix
Re: Re: What will fit in a MLD Burn?" on 03/28/2011 13:32:35 MDT Print View

top of my head gear list for Burn.. i may have missed something small. not going into weights, but base is about 6lbs.

18x20 ccf pad as frame -scored and folded
WB Traveler hammock
te-wa Breeze (summer UQ)
35° top quilt
zpacks cuben tarp
6 ti stakes
first aid and toiletries
blackrock beanie
MB inner vest
Hot Chilis base layer
spare running socks
Heineken keg cookset
dried baby wipes
2 ea. 22oz gatoraid type bottles
2.5 liter platypus
neck knife/whistle on lanyard

when conditons require:
golite ether windshirt
montbell umbrella

this usually leaves room for 3 day's food. any more than that, i prefer the Ohm.

clay stewart
(Reluctantwaterhauler) - F
Burn on 03/28/2011 13:56:34 MDT Print View

Thanks Evan and Te-Wa.

Brian Hall
burn on 03/28/2011 15:18:26 MDT Print View

You can fit a ton of stuff in the burn. My base weight varies between 5-8lbs depending on what time of year it is and what my goal is for the hike. I usually only have time for weekend hikes, So i only have three days worth of food at a time. I have never needed to use extra room of the extension collar on just a weekend trip. I can switch between shelters and pads without any problems. I switch between a prolite xs, medium neoair, and a riderest short. I also switch shelters between the solomid, spinnshelter, and poncho tarp/bivy. Pictured below is one of my lighter setups at about 5.5lbs. You can see I still have plenty of room in the main bag and the front pocket.



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clay stewart
(Reluctantwaterhauler) - F
Burn on 03/28/2011 16:13:15 MDT Print View

Hey thanks Brian, that helps a bunch, I just ordered one. :)

Brian Hall
Awesome on 03/28/2011 19:08:25 MDT Print View

Glad I could help. I liked mine so much that I sold all of my other packs!

Justin C
(paintballr4life) - MLife

Locale: East Coast
re: on 03/29/2011 07:29:29 MDT Print View

Hey Brian do you mind giving me a run down of the gear in your picture?

Scott Truong

Locale: Vancouver, BC
RE: What will fit in a MLD Burn.. water? on 03/29/2011 20:01:20 MDT Print View

Obviously bulk is going to be your biggest challenge. I've carried 28 lbs with the Burn and it wasn't a big deal. I've also used the stock bungees and strapped a Tarptent DB to the outside, but water carrying/containers may be a problem.

I 3 liter platy (hoser?) filled to 2-2.5 L and folded in half fits nicely inside. Then bottles in the outside pockets could work.

I like the pack a lot for it's svelte profile and good looks. This is my Burn with no food or water, 10 lb baseweight:

Hexamid tent w/cuben floor and door, MB UL Spiral #3, BAIAC, MB pillow, SP900 w/cozy and Coleman UL F2 stove, Petzl XP2, MB Ex-light, Driducks, Golite Reed rain pants, Montane Lightspeed, lots of icebreaker merino wool, and way too many batteries.


There's probably another six inches or more to the extension collar.


Quilts didn't work for me. Bought and sold two BPL favorites. Just didn't feel confident using/couldn't keep drafts out. I'm a side sleeper, periodically flip around. And I'm a lot smaller than you.

YMMV. You should try one and see for yourself. I'd go for the Golite 20* quilts for their generous cut and price. I'd also consider something like a MB Super Spiral #3 and unzip to use like quilt. The hoods on MBs are quite nice.

Weight, to me, is a non-issue and so is bulk on a high power down product really. I'd try to save on both by packing appropriate food (dehydrated).

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clay stewart
(Reluctantwaterhauler) - F
Burn and what not. on 03/29/2011 23:49:59 MDT Print View

Thanks a lot Scott. It looks like you can get plenty in the burn. I think I'm going to have to try a quilt, just so I know. I can use my current bag unzipped, but the summers around here are pretty warm and I'm thinking a completely open foot box my just be the ticket and as a bonus, I get to knock a half a pound off my base weight. If nothing else, I'll learn something. Thanks again, Scott, very helpful. :)

Brian Hall
gear pictured on 03/30/2011 07:16:57 MDT Print View

Justin, here is a list of everything pictured and then some other items I switch in or out depending on the season and weather.

WM Highlite bag(also use a golite 3 season quilt)
MLD solomid(also use a GG spinnshelter or golite poncho/tarp and MLD superlight bivy)
Thermarest prolite xs(also use a neoair medium, or ridgerest short)
Montbell down inner
MH microdome fleece cap
Golite wisp wind jacket
Backcountry 700 pot with caldera cone, ti-wing esbit, spork, mini bic
Frontier pro gravity filter
Titanium hook stakes
First Aid/toiletry kit
Polycro groundsheet
50ft cord
Coocoon ultralight pillow
MLD cuben dry bag
Spyderco ladybug knife

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Justin C
(paintballr4life) - MLife

Locale: East Coast
re: on 03/30/2011 08:33:12 MDT Print View

Thanks for the list it looks good.

michael levi
(M.L) - F

Locale: W-Never Eat Soggy (W)affles
Mld on 09/20/2012 22:56:31 MDT Print View

I really like this pack. Nice subtle hip belt. The mesh just doesn't seem that great.

Hiking Malto
(gg-man) - F
My two cents on 09/21/2012 07:21:38 MDT Print View

While the OP has already ordered this pack I will throw in my two cents. I have used a Burn for the last two years including a PCT thru. While it worked out fine for me, I have a very low volume 8lb base weight. For most folks the low pack volume is unnecessary because MLD has slightly larger packs that will work better for the majority of folks. I would study this carefully, trimming the last couple ounces off with the low pack volume could be stupid light.

Seth Brewer
(Whistler) - MLife

+1 on MLD Burn on 09/22/2012 18:20:42 MDT Print View

Used a 2011 Burn for about 1,800 miles of the A.T last year (switched from an Exodus at Damascus since I didn't need the volume). Worked great and was a good bag, but for my one bag for all purposes -- I've found that bags closer to the Gorilla / Prophet / Ohm seem to better suit my needs for most of my longer hikes. Just finished 170 miles of the Long Trail using the 2012 GG Gorilla and was pleased with the performance. Just found that on some hikes with larger food or water carries, that I prefer the comfort of a stayed pack with a little more room. Awesome pack and when packed correctly will just disappear once on your back!