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Six Moon Designs Gatewood Cape Rainwear/Shelter REVIEW
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Carol Crooker
(cmcrooker) - MLife

Locale: Desert Southwest, USA
Six Moon Designs Gatewood Cape Rainwear/Shelter REVIEW on 10/24/2006 23:21:11 MDT Print View

Companion forum thread to:

Six Moon Designs Gatewood Cape Rainwear/Shelter REVIEW


Locale: Pacific Northwet
A few Gatewood cape questions on 10/25/2006 12:53:02 MDT Print View

Will, once again, another excellent review!

I do have a few questions hopefully you can comment:

1. Have you noticed any possibility of damage to the hood portion of the cape in shelter mode from the carbide tip of a trekking pole? The Europa and Lunar solo have an extra piece of webbing over the grommet hole that covers the tip of the pole. A new pole's carbide tip will stick out a bit from the hole and will be sharp, and with the hood, if not staked out, I was wondering if this could be a problem. This could be a non problem, but I was thinking of sewing something on my cape harness or even just using a bit of duct tape to cover the tip.

2. Your alternate pitching is interesting, I'll have to try it out. What purpose does the second trekking pole serve? Can you still use the alternate pitch just by extending the guyline?



Dale Wambaugh
(dwambaugh) - MLife

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Gatewood cape on 10/25/2006 14:31:49 MDT Print View

I agree on the snaps for shortening the sides in cape mode. I had suggested using the same sort of toggles used for holding the door open.

As to the spike damaging the hood, there isn't much sticking out, but you could just add a little duct tape cap to the grommet. I worry more about losing the peak bridle and make double sure it goes in the ditty bag I use for tent stakes and ground cloth. I always carry spare line, so I could make a bridle without too much trouble.

I like that stuff pocket-- it is big enough to stow the cape without a major shoving match and makes a great map pocket underway. It is in the perfect spot when the cape is pitched, ending up over my head and easy to find my watch or light in the dark.

I use a Montane Litespeed windshirt under the cape and it keeps my arms dry enough. I haven't had any condensation problems while hiking.

Hugh Teegan
(hteegan) - MLife
Gatewood Cape on 10/26/2006 17:19:00 MDT Print View

Nice work Will. FYI - I posted some details of my combined groundsheet/bugproof insert at:
I too would like details of your pitch method - are you putting the front guy over the extra hiking pole? Thank you.

allen force

Locale: Florida
Six Moon Designs Gatewood Cape Rainwear/Shelter REVIEW on 11/26/2011 11:49:15 MST Print View

Just an update. SMD now has a bugnet insert (with floor) for the Gatewood. I have used it and it works OK although it is a bit cramped and a taller person can have net material laying on the face. if you don't guy out the end where your head is. It's called the Serenity Tent.

AlGatewood Cape with Serenity Tent