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La Sportiva Fireblade
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Caleb Boyle
La Sportiva Fireblade on 03/23/2011 08:32:49 MDT Print View

Anyone use it? (I've tried searching the site for past discussions)

I am looking for some trail runners. Yesterday I tried on the Crosslites and they fit really well. But, I think the lugs are a little too aggressive for my needs, and they are quite minimal when it comes to durability and cushioning (my impression). After reading more about the Fireblades, I think I might like them even better. However, I can't find any dealers around that have them in stock.

PS- I have considered Inov-8, but I really want a shoe that will last as long as possible (more economical...).


How do they fit in relation to the Crosslite?

How are the cushioning? Hopefully less than the Wildcat, but maybe more than the Crosslite?

Durability? Hopefully better with the triple-density EVA?

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Kevin Cody
(codycolor2) - F

Locale: Los Padres NF
Wildcats on 03/23/2011 15:02:50 MDT Print View

I have tried on crosslite's and I wasn't a fan of how low they are. My ankle felt way exposed which is strange considering I ended up purchasing the Wildcats (which are only a little bit taller in the ankle area) which I absolutely love and plan on purchasing multiple pairs. I have crossed river/creek crossings got out and kept on walking as the water gushes out of mesh and dry rather fast. I have't had any problems with them. Only thing that is only slightly annoying is the tongue moves off to one side. I actually chose the wildcats for the aggressive tread so I wouldn't need to replace them as often. Hope this some what helps.

p.s. I realize (after the post) nothing in my post has anything to do with Fireblade's.

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Stephen R
(32729) - F
Fireblade! on 03/23/2011 17:02:38 MDT Print View

I loved my old pair of fireblades. The fireblade fits a bit wider from the midfoot to the toes than the crosslite. This is partly due to the different lacing systems, but the fireblade also has a much wider forefoot shape.

The fireblade is slightly thicker and overall it is more durable. Both these shoes however are in sportivas lightweight trail running category. Have you looked at the skylite? It's the same shoe as the crosslite but with a different, less-aggressive tread.

Comparing the fireblade to the wildcat isn't really a fair comparison. The wildcat will definitely last longer, but will also feel more clunky and like a platform under your feet. The wildcat is in the midweight category and provides a lot more cushioning, stiffness, and durability. My pair of Lynx shoes, which are very similar to the wildcat, have lasted far longer than the fireblades.

My fireblades held up reasonably well. I would still be wearing them if not for the slight posting that they have. I supinate and prefer neutral shoes.

For me, the fireblade is one of the best fitting shoes I've ever worn. Narrow heal, wide forefoot. Perfect for me. And they're orange!

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Kevin Cody
(codycolor2) - F

Locale: Los Padres NF
mid weight? on 03/23/2011 17:33:47 MDT Print View

Question for Stephen... You say the Wildcat is a mid-weight shoe. what do you mean by that? I don't have my shoes nor a scale in front of me but according to the La Sportiva website the Wildcat actually weighs less than the Fireblade (although I do know that sites have been known to exaggerate weights.

Stephen R
(32729) - F
midweight on 03/23/2011 20:03:50 MDT Print View

Good question. It's confusing. Midweight used to make me think of a beefier, more boot-like trail runner. With trailrunners like these the class I'm referring to is more about the amount of support, cushioning, stiffness, and so forth. It's more about the way it runs than it is about the actual weight.

Maybe a better way to classify would be to say minimalist, regular, and supportive. The crosslite and other shoes that have minimal cushioning and rubber would fall under the minimalist category. So even though the weights might be the same between the Wildcat and the fireblade, they run much differently. Confused yet?

Brendan S
(brendans) - MLife

Locale: Fruita CO
fireblades on 03/23/2011 21:19:44 MDT Print View

I've used fireblades and liked them a lot. They have very little cushion, are more durable than most trail runners, and have relatively low rise. I bought inov8 315s to replace the fireblades, and in comparison, the 315s felt clunky, less responsive, and too high after using the fireblades. I ended up getting some Inov-8 X talon 212s, which are pretty mininmal, but have more cushion and feel softer in the sole than the fireblades. Really the only thing I didn't like about the fireblades are the relatively flat tread. It is pretty sticky though, and more durable than the Inov-8 sticky rubber soles.

David Chenault
(DaveC) - BPL Staff - F

Locale: Crown of the Continent
fireblades v. crosslight on 03/23/2011 23:37:01 MDT Print View

I found the Crosslight/leather to be a hair narrower across the board. My heel slipped a bit in my Fireblades, but is perfect in my Crossleathers.