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Titanium JetBoil - The Sol Ti
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. Callahan

Locale: Stoke Newington, London, UK.
Titanium JetBoil - The Sol Ti on 03/23/2011 01:31:20 MDT Print View

JetBoil are launching a titanium PCS system, the Sol Ti Premium Cooking System!

Its priced at $149:95 and is due this spring.

Weight 8.5 oz (240 g) * system weight does not include pot support, fuel
stabilizer and measuring cup
Volume 27 oz (0.8 Liter)
Boil Time 16 oz (0.5 Liter) = 2 minutes, 15 seconds (avg over life of Jetpower canister)
Water Boiled 12 Liters per 100g Jetpower canister
Dimensions 4.1” x 6.5” (104 mm x 165 mm)

Titanium JetBoilTitanium JetBoil Cup
Titanium JetBoil in use

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Andy Schill
(Aschill) - F
cool on 03/23/2011 06:21:09 MDT Print View

Its nice to see a lighter version coming out. Jetboils are fun to use, however, its still a bit heavy for me. They are headed in the right direction though!

Jason Knecht
(distortedaxis) - F

Locale: Earth
Won't be long on 03/23/2011 08:02:01 MDT Print View

before we see members taking these new, lighter versions of the Jet Boil and hacking / modifying them so they are lighter yet.

I look forward to those posts.

The Jet Boil is and always will be a great stove on my book.

A little of topic, but I was very surprised and happy to see many large name manufacturers taking steps to produce lighter gear this year.

Mark Ries
(mtmnmark) - M

Locale: IOWAHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!
RE: cool on 03/23/2011 08:03:22 MDT Print View

Ya but for us cannister users the convenience factor the fast boils the cozy the low fuel use the peizo ignition I might start carrying a jet boil again I bought the SP 700 cup stove spork combo and went from 15 to 8oz weight but always miss the convenience and the efficiency of my jet boil PC. The shallower cups while may not hold as much will be easier to eat out of and clean But as Ive read here alot of you guys like to fiddle with your equipment No pun intended but I caught it

eric chan
(bearbreeder) - F
quick and easy on 03/23/2011 09:53:21 MDT Print View

jetboils are like a slightly overweight ... ummmm ... stove

always ready to go, quick and easy, and will make you happy in any position (unstable ground of course or even walking)

sometimes "princess" (stoves) arent worth the trouble at the end of a long day when yr tired and hungry ...

no pun intended at all

. Callahan

Locale: Stoke Newington, London, UK.
Titanium , refillable gas canister! on 03/23/2011 12:11:11 MDT Print View

The Backcountry Boiler and this titanium JetBoil certainly works for me.

The main improvement for this JetBoil would be a refillable titanium gas canister, as I already refill my 100, 250 and 500 size gas canisters.

Jesse H.
(tacedeous) - MLife

Locale: East Bay, CA
Re: Titanium , refillable gas canister! on 03/23/2011 15:14:00 MDT Print View

how do you refill a used canister?

Matthew Marasco
(BabyMatty) - F

Locale: Western/Central PA, Adirondacks
re: on 03/23/2011 15:49:56 MDT Print View

Yes, pleas elaborate on the refillage! How awesome would that be to cut the weight of an empty fuel can in half from like 5 oz

roberto nahue
(carspidey) - F

Locale: san fernando valley
+1 on how to refill canister? on 03/23/2011 15:57:06 MDT Print View


Jim W.
(jimqpublic) - MLife

Locale: So-Cal
Titanium JetBoil... on 03/23/2011 16:11:30 MDT Print View

I love it. Everything I love about my Jetboil PCS but more/less:

-Lighter by about 6 ounces.
-Shorter (more compact) but still able to boil 1/2 liter or somewhat more.
-Still tall enough to hold stove with canister attached.
-See-through lid.
-Better low temp performance.

Also, the original stove with the new 0.8 liter pot size is now reduced in price.

On the other hand, mine is bought and paid for. Can't justify $150 to save 6 oz.

What I would really love is the new Jetboil Sumo cook pot. It's 1.8 liters, clips onto the stove (unlike the other larger pots that sit high above and fail in wind). It also allows the stove to fit inside attached to a 450 gram fuel can. Perfect for Sierra winter snow melting.*

*see separate post for "Jetboil Snow Melting".

Mark Hudson
(vesteroid) - MLife

Locale: Eastern Sierras
re on 03/23/2011 17:08:36 MDT Print View

I have to tell you, I dont think alcohol is any lighter than this stove for a longer trip.

I did some comparisons on my own and I have always heard jetboil is way to heavy. I found over a longer trip, this stove is actually lighter in weight over the trip than the alcohol stove, and darn sure easier to use.

I am seriously thinking of getting one.

. Callahan

Locale: Stoke Newington, London, UK.
Refilling gas canisters. on 03/23/2011 17:31:07 MDT Print View

I recently bought two gas adapters which enable the popular canisters I use to be refilled. The adapters I chose are an ultralight version for taking on trips, and a machined brass type which has a shut off valve, this type stays behind, due to its weight.

Each connects to the cheap, plentiful picnic stove canisters and, depending on the adapters of your choice, refill most known variants including the unique Coleman and Camping Gas canisters.

The ultralight version, which was $15:99 delivered.

Adapter 1
Adapter 1/2Adapter 1/3

The machined brass version, which was $43:00 delivered.

Adapter 2Adapter 2/1Adapter 2/2

Here's the store, with Google Translate, I used the eBay store when I bought mine.|en&

Satoru , the guy that makes these is based in Fukushima, Japan and I heard back from him yesterday that he's okay.

Dennis Lloyd
(dennx) - MLife
Refilling a fuel canister on 03/23/2011 17:48:08 MDT Print View

Here's another site I found with instructions.

Ben 2 World
(ben2world) - MLife

Locale: So Cal
Re: Refilling a fuel canister on 03/23/2011 17:57:40 MDT Print View

Wonder if there's an adapter that will work with MSR / Snow Peak canisters??

Jim W.
(jimqpublic) - MLife

Locale: So-Cal
Re- Thinking of getting one. on 03/23/2011 18:04:20 MDT Print View

Mark said "I am seriously thinking of getting one."

With my Jetboil PCS, 2 cups water from Sierra stream cold to boiling takes 4 grams fuel. And under 4 minutes from the time I set my pack down. (corrected from my original post of 3 minutes)

Comparison for me doing a 6 night solo trip:

Boil about 6 cups total per day. 2 cups morning (coffee, hot granola), 2-1/2 cups late afternoon (Soup, rehydrate meal), 1-1/2 cup evening (tea).
Simmer for 14 minutes (steam-baked muffin)

I could do with a lot less (or no) cooking, but this system keeps me better hydrated than when I have fewer hot drinks. Then there's the luxury of fresh baked muffins.

Jetboil Sol-Ti:

Stove/Cup 240 grams
110 grams of fuel
95 gram empty fuel can
=445 grams system

Each boil takes 4 grams fuel x3 = 12 grams/day
Steam baking muffin takes 4 grams fuel
Total 16 grams/day
6 days = 96 grams.

(Hiking JMT in 2008 I ran out of fuel boiling tea the 6th morning with a 100g fuel can, although I had extra muffins and treated neighbors to some water for tea.)

Alcohol system (Caldera Keg- H Kit)
176 grams complete, including keg, cone, stove, fuel bottle.

Per Practical Backpacker interview with Russ Zandbergen, boiling 2 cups typically takes 1/2 oz of alcohol fuel, or about 14 grams.

14 grams x 3 boils/day x 6 days = 252 grams
Steam baking muffin.. I guess another 14 grams x 6 days = 84 grams
336 grams total fuel, plus about 30 grams for a second fuel bottle

Total for Alcohol system
176 g stove kit + 336 g fuel + 30 g bottle = 542 grams

So the Jetboil comes out ~100 grams lighter at the start. At the end though the Caldera system is ~200 g while the Jetboil is still ~350 g. Personally I'd rather have a lighter pack right off a resupply than at the end.

TrailDesigns claims that the cone is close to 2x as efficient as most alcohol systems, meaning that another system might need over 600 g of fuel for my trip.

The convenience for me is great. I usually stop on the trail for breakfast and dinner, then have tea in camp. That means setting up the stove 3x per day which is simple with JB, less so with the cone or other alcohol kits. It takes under 3 minutes from setting my pack down to having two cups of hot water. Of course most people don't stop as many times to cook, and they don't boil as much, so that pushes the equation back.

My family of four went 6 nights last summer with a single 450 gram fuel can, and had about 100 grams left at the end. Boiling for four people with the JB is quick because it only takes about a minute for each cup of water.

Some downsides are the closet full of 1/2 empty canisters, having to carry a second (or larger) can if one isn't quite enough, and the cost. I use up the 1/2 cans on day hikes and for my little lantern.

Edited by jimqpublic on 03/23/2011 21:42:58 MDT.

(RobertM2S) - M

Locale: Lake Tahoe
JetBoil Sol on 03/23/2011 18:07:16 MDT Print View

It's not just "due" this Spring, it is available for purchase now. Here is what I asked Roger Caffin on 3-20-2011: "Roger, if people have talked about this, sorry, but what's this about: "The new Sol stoves from JetBoil use a built-in regulator that overcomes sub-freezing pressure problems so you can go light when the temperature plummets." (" Does anyone know anything about the new "built-in regulator"?

Jim W.
(jimqpublic) - MLife

Locale: So-Cal
Does anyone know anything about the new "built-in regulator"? on 03/23/2011 18:11:59 MDT Print View

"Does anyone know anything about the new "built-in regulator"?"

I bet it's similar (or identical) to what MSR uses in their Reactor.

John Nausieda
(Meander) - MLife

Locale: PNW
Re: Re: Refilling a fuel canister on 03/23/2011 18:47:13 MDT Print View

Can you provide a product # for this specific item?I have been eyeballing these items for over 6 months but this is the first time this lightweight adapter has appeared. Thanks,The ultralight version, which was $15:99 delivered.

Eric Blumensaadt
(Danepacker) - MLife

Locale: Mojave Desert
nice stove but... on 03/23/2011 18:50:35 MDT Print View

... but why would anyone need" a Ti pot when anodized aluminum is lighter??

. Callahan

Locale: Stoke Newington, London, UK.
Not available here... on 03/23/2011 19:56:15 MDT Print View

"It's not just "due" this Spring, it is available for purchase now."

Not in the UK!

Best I got was pay now, and sometime in May, it should arrive!