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How do you set up your MLD Trailstar?
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Shaun Carrigan
How do you set up your MLD Trailstar? on 03/22/2011 17:25:30 MDT Print View

I've just ordered my Trailstar, it's a 5 week wait for it to come. Whilst researching a solution to my main concern the lack of bug protection! See hear for possible solutions:
What has struck me was that people were talking about the multitude of ways it is possible to set the Trailstar up. I thought this could be the makings of a new thread? So exactly how do you set up your Trailstar?

Travis Leanna
(T.L.) - MLife

Locale: Wisconsin
Re: How do you set up your MLD Trailstar? on 03/22/2011 17:32:52 MDT Print View

There are three basic pitches:

1. Large opening, where the trekking pole used for entrance is used to prop up a corner.

2. Small opening, which looks like an inverted V. Here, the door is supported mid-panel.

3. Pyramid, where one panel is doubled up on itself.

With each of these pitches you can vary the height of the pitch as well as the size of the door.

David Chenault
(DaveC) - BPL Staff - F

Locale: Crown of the Continent
re: Trailstar pitches on 03/22/2011 17:40:13 MDT Print View

What Travis said.

During warmer weather with little wind and maybe a bit of rain overnight I use #1 with a high pitch. AKA cabana mode. Good views.

If lots of snow is expected I use #2, but with a very high and narrow door. This creates a pronounced ridgeline which sheds snow well.

If the winds are going crazy I use #2, but with a low and wider door, and tension all the midpanel tieouts as well. Super stable and quiet once you get all the point tied to good anchors.

I've used #3 once, when I had a hard time finding enough flat, nonbrushy ground on a gravel bar. Not much interior space, but enough for me and my gear and quite sturdy.

Ivo Vanmontfort
(Ivo) - MLife
pitching options on 03/24/2011 16:38:10 MDT Print View

I already made ​​two trailstar copies.
One for me and one for a friend
He wrote an article about the pitching options
Unfortunately for you in Dutch.
But the (many) photos can help a lot.
pitching options
Link to the photos
MLD has, with the trailstar, a good concept

Edited by Ivo on 04/18/2011 06:42:54 MDT.