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Hennessy Hammock
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Derek Johnson
Hennessy Hammock on 03/21/2011 21:12:50 MDT Print View

Sure this has been covered before but does anyone know how to keep the rain fly on a just out of the box hennessy hammock ultralight taut see the problem I keep having is that the rain fly does not stay taut when you are laying in it any suggestions?

Jerry Wick
(JerryW) - F

Locale: Illinois
Re: Hennessy Hammock on 03/21/2011 21:22:50 MDT Print View

I think the most widely used technique is to remove the tarp from the hammock and tie it to the trees with it's own guylines. What you're experiencing is very common with the Hennessys.


Sean Krajacic
(photosean) - F

Locale: Midwest
RE: Hennessy Hammock on 03/21/2011 21:41:08 MDT Print View

Make loops out of 1/8" bungee cord and add to the tarp guylines. Should do the trick. Do a google search for the cord - it runs about $.20 per foot. Good luck.

William Johnson
Hennessey Hammock on 03/21/2011 23:30:26 MDT Print View

You might also try having a hiking partner adjust the tarp while you lay inside of the hammock. Depending on the hammock suspension you use, this might not be all that effective (for example, if you are using the stock rope supplied with the hammock.)

I still keep my tarp attached to my Hennessey. My eventual solution will be to buy a Warbonnet Blackbird, and another tarp, hehe.

Paul Mountford
(Sparticus) - MLife

Locale: Atlantic Canada
Upgrade tarp ... on 03/22/2011 03:40:02 MDT Print View

I was having the same problem. I added a line at the foot of the tarp that went to the tree instead of attaching to hammock line. It solved the problem, but I was still not happy with the coverage of the stock diamond tarp. I was much happier with an upgraded tarp and went with a dedicated tarp suspension.

Derek Johnson
thanks on 03/22/2011 05:50:03 MDT Print View

It just seems kind of a design flaw you know thanks for all the advice

Paul Gibson
(pgibson) - F

Locale: SW Idaho
Re: Hennessy Hammock on 03/22/2011 12:22:07 MDT Print View

Jerry hit it on the nose, the way in which HH tells you to connect the tarp to the hammock suspension is the problem. There is no good way to get the tarp super tight using their recommended method. Remove it from the ropes and tie it strait to the tree to hang it where you want it will help it to pitch better. But still keep in mind that the stock tarp is cut on the bias to help them maximize the use of the yardage and to get the asym shape, it will never pull as tight as a tarp that is cut so the ridge runs with the weave of the fabric.

I have heard rumor that Hennessy pitches his tarp to the tree directly himself.