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3 season 32*+ gear list
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Brian Hall
3 season 32*+ gear list on 03/19/2011 20:55:53 MDT Print View

This is my go to gear list(Base pack weight) for most three season trips. If the weather looks bad I will switch my shelter to a MLD solomid and add a rain jacket/pants. If the weather cooperates, I can take this gear list down to freezing easily and probably even the upper 20's if I switch to a ridgerest pad.

MLD Burn - 10.9oz
WM Highlite - 15.85oz
Golite poncho/tarp - 9.8oz
Thermarest prolite xs - 7.85oz
MLD cuben dry bag - .7oz
MLD Superlight bivy - 7.1oz
Titanium stakes x8 - 1.85oz
Guylines, cordlocks, biners - 1.4oz
Cocoon ultralight pillow - 3.55oz
First Aid/toiletry kit - 1.55oz
Montbell down inner - 6.75oz
MH microdome beanie - .9oz
Golite Wisp - 3.2oz
Backcountry 700 pot - 3.7oz
Esbit ti-wing stove - .25oz
Caldera cone ul cut down - .75oz
Sea 2 summit spork - .35oz
Mini bic lighter - .4oz
Photon Freedom light - .25oz
Cord 50ft - .6oz
Toilet paper - .4oz
J. klass style h2o filter - 3.9oz
Water bottle - 2oz

Total: 84.0oz = 5 lbs, 4oz

I could easily be sub 5 lb if I took out the pillow or gravity filter, but I'd rather keep that little bit of weight and be comfortable. I do all of my backpacking in NC, GA, TN, and SC, so the weather is not too extreme. Any suggestions on stuff i'm missing or could get rid of would be great! Do I need the wind jacket and the montbell down?

Edited by brian2o0o on 03/19/2011 20:59:21 MDT.

Andy F
(AndyF) - F

Locale: Ohio
Re: 3 season 32*+ gear list on 03/19/2011 21:50:00 MDT Print View

Consider adding:
(maybe you didn't list some of this because you're carrying it on-person?)

water treatment tablets for the smaller stuff (if it's a concern in those areas)
bug repellent
head net
duct tape for repairs
backup fire source

Edited by AndyF on 03/19/2011 21:51:05 MDT.

Eugene Smith
(Eugeneius) - MLife

Locale: Nuevo Mexico
"3 season 32*+ gear list" on 03/19/2011 22:14:48 MDT Print View

"Any suggestions on stuff i'm missing or could get rid of would be great! Do I need the wind jacket and the montbell down?"

From your gear list, if you eliminated those two article of clothing you'd be left with nothing but a Golite Poncho tarp to cover ya!

Where's your clothing worn articles? This might make answering your last question easier, however, unless you intend to wear insulation that isn't listed on your gear list, then yes , you will need the Montbell down inner and wind jacket. Need some more info here.

If you need to hike in the wind for an extended period of time, throwing on the Golite poncho tarp is going to suck. Also, the Wisp worn over your MB Down inner will be appreciated in the evening at camp.

Water bottle...singular? Volume?

Edited by Eugeneius on 03/19/2011 22:15:54 MDT.

Brian Hall
thanks for the comments on 03/21/2011 06:48:21 MDT Print View

Andy: you are correct, i carry most of that on my person, but I do have aquamira tablets included in my filter weight. I also have a small role of duck tape and a second fire starter included in my first aid/ toiletry kit.

Eugene: lol, I meant removing one or the other, actually the wisp, but after some reading, I think I'd be better off with both of them. Just added a pack list right now, but I will usually wear lightweight nylon shorts or rei saharas depending on the temperature. I almost always hike in a short sleeve moisture wicking type shirt as long as its above freezing, I am a very hot natured person. So the wisp and down inner are my only cold weather layers(add a capilene base in winter). Usually have on my New Balance mt101's and a OR radar pocket cap. I usually only carry one regular size gatorade bottle, or sometimes the bigger powerade bottle. Never had a problem with carrying one bottle, plenty of water here in the southeast. Water sources are generally a couple miles apart, if not closer. I also have a 2L platypus with my filter setup. I can always fill it up and drop a couple of tablets in to purify it while in on the move.

Mike M
(mtwarden) - MLife

Locale: Montana
clothing on 03/21/2011 17:42:50 MDT Print View

good looking list :)

I'd say most definitely yes on the thermal layer AND windjacket for 32+ weather

I'd add light gloves to the list

I use a flexair pillow (this is season three for it now), I find it very comfortable and at 0.8 oz- guilt free :)

for solo use I've found I can get by w/ a 450 mug (600 tops) for boil in bag meals if you

your gear list looks very close to mine (save a few minor substitutions)- that might be good or bad :)

Edited by mtwarden on 03/21/2011 17:48:04 MDT.

Brian Hall
Thanks on 03/21/2011 18:44:45 MDT Print View

I do have a pair of lightweight gloves that I will throw in if its cold, but usually i'm fine with just sticking them in my pockets. They are the OR pl-100's. I used to have some of the flexair pillows, but I had a problem with them leaking after I used them a couple of times. Maybe I was just rough on them lol. I've also looked at going with a different pot/mug, but I didn't want to have to buy a new pot and cone just to save a fraction of an ounce. Thanks for the suggestions, I might have to give the flexairs another try. You still carrying the Ion?

Mike M
(mtwarden) - MLife

Locale: Montana
Ion on 03/21/2011 18:53:08 MDT Print View

yup- it's reserved for short (2-4 days) solo trips, when I go longer or with my wife- I've got a new ULA Ohm to use :)

how do you like the solomid? I'm thinking about something a little less spartan than the poncho/tarp for sketchy weather/shoulder season, looking at both the solomid and Ron's new solo trailstar

Brian Hall
solomid on 03/21/2011 19:09:20 MDT Print View

I like it, but to tell the truth I haven't had the chance to spend a night in it on the trail yet. I took it on a overnighter on the AT, but ended up staying in a shelter instead. I have set it up to seam seal it in the backyard; it pitches tight and has enough room in it for me and my gear. If you want a little more room to move around in when the weather is bad, you might want to go with the duomid.

Mike M
(mtwarden) - MLife

Locale: Montana
Re: solomid on 03/21/2011 19:25:55 MDT Print View

thanks, I'll have to give Ron a jingle and visit about shelters :)