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Sub-5lb 3 day 50mi Rugged Terrain
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(jhaura) - F

Locale: Trail
Sub-5lb 3 day 50mi Rugged Terrain on 10/20/2006 18:23:53 MDT Print View

Let me know what you think. Please spare me though opinion on the lack of pain med/antibiotics. I am quite happy with that part of the list and don't need any feedback there. Thanks.

Duration : 3 days, 2 nights, 17 miles per day, 51 miles total
Temps : 90*dh, 38*nl
Altitude : 3000-7500ft.
Trail : Rugged difficult trail, minimal flat stretches, mostly up or down,
............consists of a 4500ft climb and descent and a 2500ft climb with a
............4000ft descent - a camel's back route.
Day One : TH at Lion's Camp Sespe Wilderness to Reyes Peak via the Glen
............Marshall Piedras Blanca National Trail, 17 miles, 4500 all up.
Day Two : Back down to TH, reverse of day one.
Day Three: Lion's Camp to trolly stop at Signal St. city of Ojai which will
............drop me off near my house, via Middle Lion trail to Chief's Peak
............Jeep trail up to Nordhoff Ridge, then across Nordhoff Ridge Rd. to
............Pratt trail and down into the city.
Weight : In oz.

Pack - Shelter - Sleeping

04.38.....Gossamer Gear G6 Whisper Pack, modified (3.88oz factory weight,
............3.92oz after mods, 4.38oz with shockcord. Mods: (2) full length GG
............Thinlight shoulder pads +0.23oz, 9.5ft 3/32" shockcord compressor
............with micro cordlock +0.46oz, velcro removed from shoulder straps
06.65.....MLD Spinntex 1.17oz/sq yd cape tarp, 4'4"W X 9'6"L
01.80.....Titanium stakes, 6 skewer 6.0g ea., 1 nail w/loop 14.8g, 2" heat-
............shrink tubeing to hold them all together and protect tips
00.50.....Guylines, (2) 7', (4) 3' Aircore 2 (0.01 oz/ft) Spectra, (4) 3' 1/16"
............Dacron, (3) 3" 3/32" shockcord loops for wind
05.90.....Bivy, DWR ripstop top, silnylon bottom, homemade
16.00.....Nanutak Arc Specialist 32* Pertex Microlight down sleeping bag
02.95.....3/8" blue foam sleeping pad 18-13"W X 32"L


Clothing Worn - Items Carried

04.80.....Patagonia Capiline Silkweight Crew LS, mens S
...or (depending on weather, only one of the two taken)
05.30.....Patagonia Wool 2 Crew, mens S

06.80.....Gramicci Quickdry Nylon pants, mens S, modified
02.10.....Patagonia Midweight Capilene socks, mens M
26.00.....Inov8 Terroc 330 shoes, mens 9
01.39.....Bandana/Towel, 30" X 30" silk bandana
00.26.....Photon Freedom micro, white LED, dacron wrist lanyard


Extra Clothing Packed

03.40.....Patagonia HoudiniJacket, mens M, modified, wind
07.23.....Patagonia R5 Zip Top, mens S, insulating
02.70.....Silk tights, mens S, insulating
01.10.....PT100 Fleece cap, insulating
01.77.....Acorn PT200 stretch socks, mens L, shortened, insulating
00.90.....Thermax gloves, mens S, insulating
01.40.....Spare pair socks, Bridgedale Xhale, mens L
00.60.....Bridal veil mosquito headnet, homemade
00.50.....Mylar Oven bag for quilt and clothes



00.34.....BPL Ti Esbit Wing stove, modified no pan
00.18.....Ti foil windscreen (3 1/4" X 14 5/8")
01.90.....Snow Peak 700 mug, modified to 20 oz capacity
00.24.....Foil lid for mug, homemade
00.19.....Lexan spoon head (use ti nail stake for handle included above)
00.40.....Mini Bic lighter
00.06.....Micro sil-nylon stuffsack for lighter, spoon and stove, homemade



00.15.....Uncle Bill's tweezers
00.48.....Dr. Bronner's soap in .35 oz dropper bottle
00.15.....Toothbrush head (use ti nail stake for handle included above)
00.04.....Foam earplugs
00.07.....Dental floss (multi-use for thread)
00.50.....(4) four 4" x 4" blue shop towel squares, 1/day, 1 extra
00.20.....4" X 5" Alosak


First Aid - Survival

00.46.....Six feet thin white duck tape
00.36.....Six feet Leukotape for blisters
00.29.....Butterflys, superglue, needles, safety pin, povidone iodine
00.31.....Spark-Lite striker, (8) Tender-Quick tabs
00.23.....Spare Photon Freedom micro, red LED
00.17.....Tee Tree Oil (infections) in .12 oz dropper bottle
00.17.....Arnica oil (sprains and bruises) in .12 oz dropper bottle
00.13.....(6) Micropur MP1 tablets in packaging
00.24.....(2) CR2016 and (1) CR2032 spare batteries for LEDs
00.20.....4" X 5" Alosak to put it in with medical info
00.00.....No pain tabs or meds



01.17.....Kershaw LFK knife
00.01.....UrsaLite Micro Carabiner various uses, attach knife to pack, bear bag
00.19.....ARC survival whistle
00.17.....Space pen for trail surveys and notes on maps
00.13.....Photon light clip on attachment, modified magnets removed, clip only
00.24.....Suunto micro clip compass attached to shockcord on pack
00.48.....Insect repellent in .35 oz dropper bottle
00.24.....Sunscreen/lib balm in small tiger balm tin
02.30.....2L, 1L Platypus, regular top, pop-top
01.18.....Aqua Mira repackaged in .35 oz bottles, w/mix cap
00.20.....4" X 5" Alosak for Esbits
02.80.....Bear bagging system: carabiner (used from knife) .0oz, 40' AirCore
..........Pro "UrsaLite" Dyneema bear bag rope 1.1oz, 12" X 15" Alosak O.P.
..........0.95oz, Silnylon stuff sack 0.75oz



UPDATES: (need to minus 0.05 from (1)

(1) 04.65 lbs (074.40 oz).....Total Weight in Pack NO Consumables
(2) 02.62 lbs (041.85 oz).....Total Weight Worn or Carried

(3) 07.27 lbs (116.25 oz).....Total Skin-Out Weight Less Food, Fuel, and Water

04.00.....(8) 14.6g Esbit tabs no packaging
35.20.....(1) liter water typically carried
82.00.....(3) days food, (1) extra day food


(4) 07.58 lbs (121.20 oz).....Total Weight Consumables

(5) 12.23 lbs (195.60 oz).....Total Weight in Pack WITH Consumables (1) + (4)

(6) 14.85 lbs (237.45 oz).....Total Skin-Out Weight With Consumables (2) + (5)

Edited by jhaura on 10/20/2006 22:09:07 MDT.

Bill Fornshell
(bfornshell) - MLife

Locale: Southern Texas
Sub-5lb 3 day 50mi Rugged Terrain on 10/20/2006 20:19:14 MDT Print View


How soon are you doing this hike? This is a very interesting gear list.

On the first of my two hikes in Georgia I used my G6. I had 17 pounds in it when I started. The Sternum Straps I added to it really helped with that weight. I really like my G6.

1. You list three upper body garments that "depending on weather" would weigh between 15.40 oz and 15.93 oz. It would seem that the right two garments should work.

2. You list three pairs of socks. Because of the size I would guess you will wear two pair when you sleep. If yes, there maybe a lighter way to keep your feet warm.

3. You list two different kinds of water treatment. I use Micropur Tablets a lot but need a knife of some sort to cut the foil with. I see no knife? OK, spell check found the knife and a good one. Do you really need two different kinds of water treatment stuff?

4. You list two different Photon LED's and each takes a different battery. Why not just take two of the same color and one set of batteries? Did I miss a screw driver?Do you need a screw driver to unscrew the cover so you can replace the batteries if you have to?

5. For your Bear Bag system - is the Mylar Oven bag big enough to hold your food? Can you use the UrsaLite Micro Carabiner on the Suunto compass at night for the bear bag? Do you have enough cord from anything that you could use at night to replace the AirCore cord? How about using your pack as the Bear Bag?

6. Your Bivy - Just a thought - I used a ground cloth from GG and wondered how it might work as the bottom for a bivy. Full size it was 1.65 oz. Used with a light top material it should weigh less than your bivy. If a Climashield XP liner was added to it like I did mine you might be able to leave your Nanutak sleeping bag home. You have a lot of cloths you can wear in the bivy and only 4 degrees lower temp than I sleep out in my Bivy w/liner.

Edited by bfornshell on 10/20/2006 20:21:38 MDT.

(jhaura) - F

Locale: Trail
Re: Sub-5 Gear List on 10/20/2006 21:46:47 MDT Print View


Hey there, thanks for the comments, my reply below:

Hike is tomorrow am.

>>1. You list three upper body garments

Yes I only take two though, either the wool 2 or the capilene silk get taken, but not both. This time I think it will be the silk because it is so hot and I really like it in hot weather.

>>2. You list three pairs of socks.

Two are hiking socks, so I wear one and have one as a spare. They both fit tight despite being different sizes. The third is just a short fleece bootie, kinda like your toe cozies. They fit a little bigger and I wear them on the outside of which ever pair of hiking socks I wear to bed if it is cold enough.

You mention a lighter way, I assume something like your cozies? These are nice and I would make some had I the time before this hike. I could lighten up by ditching the spare pair of hiking socks. What are your thoughts on the spare pair necessity?

>>3. You list two different kinds of water treatment.

Yes, I use AM as the primary and have the tablets as back up in the survival kit. Only for use if the AM gets lost or contaminated (drop a bottle in the creek?). Their weight is so minute that I feel their inclusion is ok. What are your thoughts on this? I know SUL has a "no spare/backup/redundant" motto, but this is one item which might be worth it.

>>4. You list two different Photon LED's

Yes, again the red is a backup. The red uses less power and lasts longer. I'm pretty sure the red can also take the same batteries as the white. They are the exact same lights with just a different bulb. I believe they use a single CR2032 in the red because it does not need as much juice. So using the spare CR2016 set would probably run the red for a very very long time. I'll have to test this for next trip.

>>5. For your Bear Bag system

Good idea, carabiner swap over from compass, will do. Mylar bag is big enough but not odor proof. What do you think about the OP feature, necessary? Pack is big enough but used under my legs because I use a torso pad. Only other cord would be guyline cord (Aircore 2 and 1/16" dacron) which is too thin for trees and may damage them.

>>6. Your Bivy - Just a thought

My thoughts exactly. Awhile back I spoke with Ron at MLD and asked if he had made any bivies with a removable/replaceable/disposable floor. He hadn't. It makes so much sense to use a cheap easily replaceable material for the bottom of the bivy then we are not worried about $$cuben. Since the mylar/polycro would wear quicker than sil or cuben, it seems there would need to be some way of easily replacing it onto the current top material. Ripping out seams all day is not my idea of fun. Ron mentioned velcro dots, but with so many red ants here I depend on my bivy to be a bug shield and need a full seal around the perimeter. Anyway it's good food for thought. This is definitely the direction I've been leaning in bivy use.

Regarding the quilt, I just got it and paid high $$, let's wait till I can look at this subject more objectively before I go for a liner :)

As always Bill, you are sharp as a tack and provide great comments. Thanks!

Bill Fornshell
(bfornshell) - MLife

Locale: Southern Texas
Sub-5lb 3 day 50mi Rugged Terrain on 10/20/2006 22:04:43 MDT Print View


If you start tomorrow I wouldn't make many changes now. You have it all thought out and now I would just get a good nights sleep. We are only talking a few ounces, yes, I know.

I do like to have a back up for major items. I keep my water treatment tablets in two different places.

We can talk about the bivy ideas when you get back. Have a great hike.

Einstein X
(EinsteinX) - F

Locale: The Netherlands
Re: Sub-5lb 3 day 50mi Rugged Terrain on 10/21/2006 06:35:46 MDT Print View

"00.17.....Space pen for trail surveys and notes on maps"

NASA developed the space pen so astronautes could write without gravity. Spend $ 1,000,000 or more on the project.

The russians took a pencil.......

Impressive list Jhaura, if I bought all the stuff on my wishlist I can also break the sub 5 barier, but i'm ammazed by how much items you actually carry. I'm not able yet to take so many stuff and still be sub 5.

Hope you have a great hike.


(jhaura) - F

Locale: Trail
Re: Sub-5lb 3 day on 10/23/2006 15:18:12 MDT Print View

I'm back, broken and beat by a tremendous hike. Trip report asap.

David Bonn
(david_bonn) - F

Locale: North Cascades
space pens on 10/23/2006 15:24:10 MDT Print View

Hey Einstein...

You might want to check up on your space pen story before passing along a bogus urban legend...

Einstein X
(EinsteinX) - F

Locale: The Netherlands
Re: space pens on 10/24/2006 06:43:48 MDT Print View


Thanx for the heads-up.
Interesting story.