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Where to buy silnylon in the UK?
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Steve Smith
(bardsandwarriors) - F

Locale: Wales
Where to buy silnylon in the UK? on 04/01/2005 09:46:24 MST Print View

I want to make my own tarp-tent, and eventually a backpack aswell. I've come up with a tent design by modifying an old heavy tent and settinit up in the garden. The design is similar to Brawny's, with a single hiking staff at front centre and the fabric sloping away on 3 sides.

What weight silnylon should I use? (it should take gale force winds) - and where can I buy it in the UK?

(Or is there a UK-based forum I should ask this question in instead?) Thanks for all your advice.

Cardiff, UK

Bill Fornshell
(bfornshell) - MLife

Locale: Southern Texas
Where to buy silnylonin the UK? on 04/02/2005 16:38:37 MST Print View

Try this website.

They are in North Yorks, Via Lancaster,LA2 7LF what ever this means. They have a large line of fabric to include "Pertex Quatum" and will ship to the US for anyone over here that is looking for the stuff.

Steve Smith
(bardsandwarriors) - F

Locale: Wales
cheers on 04/04/2005 10:48:47 MDT Print View

Thanks, but I've looked there. I thought pertex wasn't waterproof? I thought that silnylon is the standard fabric? (and is just as light - 1.1oz or 1.9oz), as used by golite, henry shires tarp-tents, black diamond, dancing light gear, etc.

Let me know if I'm wrong on this!

Steven Hardy
(hardyhiker1) - F
Silnylon for shelters on 04/04/2005 13:49:42 MDT Print View

Steve: I am sure you a right about Pertex not being waterproof. Take a look at this forum for answers to your questions about making shelters:

AYCE, the moderator, can supply silnylon and answer your questions.

Steve Smith
(bardsandwarriors) - F

Locale: Wales
woah on 04/05/2005 03:23:08 MDT Print View

Thanks Steven, that site looks much better for what I'm doing :) I'll see what AYCE says about UK suppliers.

Andy Ledbetter
(dronfield) - F
UK supplier on 04/05/2005 05:16:22 MDT Print View

In the UK from........

I dont see any cost advantage going DIY on tents and backpacks. There are a conciderable number of cottage industry makers and suppliers in the US who have very competitive prices on tried and tested designs. No point in reinventing the wheel.


Steve Smith
(bardsandwarriors) - F

Locale: Wales
where? on 04/07/2005 03:11:53 MDT Print View

I've been to both of those sites, but I can't seem to find silnylon there. They have lightweight pertex, and heavier nylons. Do they call it something else?

Inaki Diaz de Etura
(inaki) - MLife

Locale: Iberia highlands
Buy from the US on 04/10/2005 17:16:19 MDT Print View


I came upon those two UK sites when looking for a euro source for silnylon, they didn't have it at the time, if I remeber right. Anyway, you can order from a US dealer. You just pay more for shipping but with the favourable exchange rate at present it'll be probably cheaper than anything you could buy at home, particularly if you are not charged customs tax (I sometimes am, sometimes not...).
I've purchased silnylon from Noah Lamport at , they seem to be the best priced but you have to get a minimum of 10 yds. Actually, they don't call it silnylon but look under "Nylon Ripstop 2nds, Silicone Coated, Zero Porosity" and that is the stuff.
Then, there are many others. Off the top of my head:
Ayce at might ship to you too.

David Gilbert
(david0815) - F
look here on 05/18/2005 08:07:11 MDT Print View

this ist what you are lookiing for!

Jim Colten
(jcolten) - M

Locale: MN
re: look here on 05/18/2005 21:21:58 MDT Print View

The 62gm/m**2 for that material works out to approx 1.85oz/yd**2 .... more or less 33% heavier than what is typically called sil nylon in the ultralight backpacking context