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Cuben - The 422 mm hydrostatic head dirty little secret
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Richard Nisley
(richard295) - M

Locale: San Francisco Bay Area
I am impatient. When will I see the first complete Protocol B Cuben aging test? on 04/01/2011 13:33:39 MDT Print View


Every new submission will have its initial test result published the day that it is received. This will occur regardless if the aging test cycles may have started for the first batch's submissions. We will stop accepting new submissions when we decide to end Protocol B batch aging tests (explained below).

My plan is to begin aging tests on all coated submissions (Cuben, silnylon, sil/PU nylon, and PU coated nylon/polyester) in multiple batches. All submissions received by this Saturday mid-day will be categorized as the first batch submissions. Before my local post office closes this Saturday, all virgin submissions received to date, will be shipped to Roger Caffin. The submission number, determined by the order received, followed by the letter (A) is labeled with a permanent marker in the upper left corner for each submission. These (A) sample submissions are the ones that I have posted virgin results for in the Protocol B thread.

I will begin aging tests for the submissions labeled (B) starting Monday. After each aging cycle, I will post the results for each (B) submission, in the batch, to the Protocol B forum. After the 8 aging cycles are complete, all (B) aged samples in the batch, labeled with the submission number followed by (B) in the upper left corner will then be shipped to Roger via BPL Bozeman.

A new batch aging cycle will begin after the prior one ends. Additional batches will continue to be aged only until the point that Roger and I agree that enough data has been collected for any reasonable person to draw an informed conclusion; other commitments in our lives dictate that we suspend Protocol B testing; or some new protocol is required to resolve unanswered questions.

In parallel with the above heavy testing schedule, I will attempt to honor the requests for higher resolution micrographs and micrographs at more testing stages. I have begun to look at options to accomplish these requests. I will propose a new micrograph plan and provide sample results for review and discussion by the end of next week.

Warren Greer
(WarrenGreer) - F

Locale: SoCal
Re: black specks on 04/01/2011 20:29:57 MDT Print View

OK Dan. Thanks for the clarification on that. Good to know what I'm looking at.

dan mchale
(wildlife) - MLife

Locale: Cascadia
8x loupe on 04/01/2011 22:38:47 MDT Print View

They can actually be seen with as little as 8x magnification - like with a photographers loupe. They are tiny at that mag though.

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William Zila
(Ultralightwillinn.m) - MLife

Locale: Albuquerque
Headache lol on 04/02/2011 00:52:05 MDT Print View

I blame this thread for the headache I just got lol good read though

Alexey Pomortsev
(al.vic.pom) - F

Locale: The Stone Belt
Re: I am impatient. When will I see the first complete Protocol B Cuben aging test? on 04/02/2011 05:36:09 MDT Print View

Monday? Great! I guess one aging step (out of eight) a day?

Richard Nisley
(richard295) - M

Locale: San Francisco Bay Area
Re: Re: I am impatient. When will I see the first complete Protocol B Cuben aging test? on 04/02/2011 05:50:30 MDT Print View

Yes, one aging step will be reported for every coated sample in that batch each day. If a significant variance occurs during aging, then a high resolution micrographic will highlight the problem. The high resolution micrographs will be hosted on another site to bypass the photo size restrictions on the BPL site.

Hamish McHamish
(El_Canyon) - M

Locale: USA
real world on 11/08/2011 10:17:13 MST Print View

Others said:

"My biggest concern is whether the material wears down over time."

"My interest now is in durability - the low weight is amazing but so is the cost. To justify the latter the tent needs to be last."

This is what matters to me on the cuben issue. I simply can't justify cuben's cost if it is going to deteriorate inordinately through reasonable field use. What is "inordinate"? I can't quantify that, but my OWare silnylon tarp is chugging along fine after years of faithful service. If a cuben tarp is going to shat the bed after a year or two of use with reasonable care, it ain't worth the weight savings to me.

Edited to add:

Here's a small download from Cubic Tech that lists the individual part numbers and (some) specs for their CTF3 line:

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Richard Mock
(moxtr) - M

Locale: The piney woods
Re: Re: rain resistant on 06/28/2013 00:34:47 MDT Print View


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Roleigh Martin
(marti124) - MLife

Locale: Moderator-JohnMuirTrail Yahoo Group
Re: .7 oz/yd2 CTF3 (Cuben) - The 422 mm hydrostatic head dirty little secret on 10/09/2014 17:06:36 MDT Print View

I'd like to see this thread re-opened with 2014 data. Anything new to add to this thread? Among items I'd like to see if anyone has seen their cuben fiber tents, now that they're a couple of years old, fail in the field due to prolonged high-intensity rain. Please indicate the thickness of your CTF3 fabric when posting.

I had great success with a new Zpacks Triplex tent with their optional extra-thick .74 oz CTF3 fabric this year, it was the wettest JMT hike I've done in 7 straight years; on August 3, it rained for 12 hours straight, hard. The tent held up fantastically well.

Thanks in advance.