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3-4 Day Spring/Fall Gear List - Southeast
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Ultralite Hiker
(Ultralite) - F
3-4 Day Spring/Fall Gear List - Southeast on 03/15/2011 22:02:34 MDT Print View

I do most of my backpacking in middle and east TN. While I do plan on taking some trips out west, this gear list is tailored toward the southeast. I usually go for 2-4 days at a time. About half of the time my wife comes but this is more my solo list, or what I would bring regardless. My list is for temps ranging from lows from about 38-50. I have some money (150-200) in my gear budget right now, and I am not sure what I should work on first. What would you buy/upgrade with $200?

Gear List Link

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Jeffs Eleven
(WoodenWizard) - F

Locale: Greater Mt Tabor
Re: 3-4 Day Spring/Fall Gear List - Southeast on 03/15/2011 22:07:24 MDT Print View

Gear for her?

Ultralite Hiker
(Ultralite) - F
Solo on 03/15/2011 22:47:33 MDT Print View

She keeps her own list. I do not have it. I was really looking to treat it more as a solo list. I should have specified.

Hiking Malto
(gg-man) - F
New Pad? on 03/16/2011 05:06:59 MDT Print View

24oz. is pretty heavy for a 3 season pad. Your gear budget could cut that in half and not compromise on comfort, maybe POE Elite? You could also invest in a solo shelter and cut major weight.

Andy F
(AndyF) - M

Locale: Midwest/Midatlantic
Re: 3-4 Day Spring/Fall Gear List - Southeast on 03/16/2011 08:47:40 MDT Print View

+ pealess whistle
+ compass
+ backup fire source
+ rain gear: DriDucks 12 oz (pants + jacket)
+ first aid: gauze pads, something for blisters?
+ gaiters?
+ Sunglasses? (depends on forest cover)
+ Sunscreen? (depends on forest cover)
+ insect repellent?
+ head net?
+ light glove liners?
+ light hat?

+ lighter pack: 16 oz or less
+ lighter pad: torso-length 9 oz Ridgerest, Prolite, or Neoair?
+ lighter solo shelter?

- Ground sheet

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Bradford Rogers
(Mocs123) - MLife

Locale: Southeast Tennessee
Re: 3-4 Day Spring/Fall Gear List - Southeast on 03/16/2011 18:17:31 MDT Print View

Other Clothing:

You have a lot of warm clothes that could be lighter. First I will start with the Alpine Light Down Jacket; while this is a great down coat, it seems a bit overkill for the temps you mention. You could drop a quite a few ounces by going with a UL Down Inner or Ex Light.

I will also say that with a puffy insulating layer, you could go with something a lot lighter than Cap 3 for a “sleep” top. I use a Golite Silkweight L/S top that is 2.4oz. They don’t make them anymore, but I think the new Golite Wildwood Shirts are close. I don’t use it for warmth, just to have a clean dry top for camp and sleeping.

You could probably also cut some weight off your sleeping socks and bottoms as well. I use the same type socks I hike in (1.9oz Smartwool Adrenaline) and alternate every other day to keep (hopefully) a dry pair. You could also look into some lightweight bottoms like the 3.6oz BPL Merino bottoms.

Sleep System:

The double rainbow is quite heavy for a solo shelter. If you don’t do much solo hiking I guess it works fine, but you could cut a pound off that shelter easily without giving up any real solo comforts.

I love window film as a groundsheet with a floorless shelter, but it is wasted weight on a shelter with a floor. I have a few sil floors that have 100+ nights of use in similar locations and they show no signs of damage without using a groundcloth.

I never have been a fan of BA IAC mats. While they were comfy and cheap, they were heavy and not very warm (defiantly not 15* warm!). If you can sleep on a CC Foam pad like a Ridgerest (~13oz) you can save weight, probably add warmth, get bulletproof reliability, and use it as a frame in a frameless pack. If you need the cushy pad, perhaps a Neo-Air or one of the new Pacific Outdoor pads would be a good fit.


I know a few hikers that absolutely love the Circuit, so I know it is a good pack, but it would be an option to go to a lighter framed pack (GG Mariposia Plus/ Gorilla or a SMD Swift ’11 with stay) or if you can sleep on a CC Foam pad, a lighter frameless pack, (SMD Swift minus stay, MLD Exudus, etc…)

It isn’t much, but you could change your toiletries bag out to a ziplock.

Cooking and Water:

I am not a bladder fan but they work for some people, and I imagine it works well with your gravity filter set up.
Your stove is light enough, but it might be inefficient with fuel if it takes 1oz per day in the summer (unless you drink lots of tea/coffee/etc.) Just something to think about.

The 0.9L Pot is a little big for most solo use unless you actually cook in it, in which case it is probably about right.

Other Essentials:

Some earlier suggestions would allow you to get rid of the sit pad.

Overall it is a nice list, some of my items are getting nit picky, but just food for thought.

Brad Fisher

Locale: NC/TN/VA Mountains
Re: Re: 3-4 Day Spring/Fall Gear List - Southeast on 03/16/2011 18:33:27 MDT Print View

Pack and shelter.

I have a MLD Burn and I bet you could get your gear in it. It's only 10 OZs so big savings. If you need the support then a GG gorilla

You could then work on your shelter next. Pick up a used tarp or mid.

My two cents.


Ultralite Hiker
(Ultralite) - F
Ohm on 03/16/2011 18:53:45 MDT Print View

What about the Ohm? Any of you guys think that is a viable option?

Mike M
(mtwarden) - MLife

Locale: Montana
Ohm on 03/16/2011 19:48:26 MDT Print View

yes the Ohm is a viable option for that load-out :)

with the right gear you can stretch a Ohm to week or so, weight is ~ 24 oz

if you have a shorter torso, also look at the Osprey Talon, if you have a longer torso 20"+ you can cross the Hornet off your list

not sure what temps your looking at, but I use a MB exlite down to freezing w/o problems

your pad is too heavy imo- a very comfortable neoair in full length is 1/2 the weight and still good to freezing, even lighter options but the comfort level goes down

agreed w/ the other poster your missing some critical pieces of gear, including rain gear (I'm assuming chance of rain in the SE in spring/fall???)

Ultralite Hiker
(Ultralite) - F
Gear on 03/16/2011 20:01:37 MDT Print View

Yes there can be rain, but the tree cover is so heavy that I often do not bring rain gear. If I do, it is usually a 1.5 ounce emergency poncho.

Ultralite Hiker
(Ultralite) - F
Alpinelite on 03/16/2011 22:11:51 MDT Print View

Brad, looking at your gear list, I see you use the SpinnTwinn and an Alpinelite 1.25. Would it be a viable option for me to get the spinntwinn, an alpinelite 1.25 and an alpinelite 2.0 and have a 2 person shelter at ~25 ounces and a 1 person shelter at roughly ~20 ounces? That would save me over a pound even for 2 person.

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Bradford Rogers
(Mocs123) - MLife

Locale: Southeast Tennessee
Re: Alpinelite on 03/17/2011 17:50:41 MDT Print View

I use the SpinnShelter with the Alpinlite 1.25. I haven't checked the dimensions but you should have no problem with the Bug Shelter 2.0 in the SpinnTwinn and I know the 1.25 would work fine. You would however not have a lot of protection from blowing rain and your significant other might not like the loss of privacy. If those two things are not a concern for either of you then that would be a great modular system.

Ultralite Hiker
(Ultralite) - F
Rain on 03/17/2011 18:16:11 MDT Print View

So what do you do in cases where wind blown rain occurred?

Bradford Rogers
(Mocs123) - MLife

Locale: Southeast Tennessee
Re: Rain on 03/17/2011 19:41:04 MDT Print View

The SpinnShelter offers full protection from the elements unlike a true tarp like the SpinnTwinn.

Ultralite Hiker
(Ultralite) - F
Changes on 04/03/2011 17:58:24 MDT Print View

Well I made these changes:

Sold the BA IAC and got a Prolite. Not quite as light as the Ridgerest but at 15.4 oz it is quite a bit lighter.

Ordered a Gossamer Gear Mariposa Plus

Ordered a Gossamer Gear Spinnshelter

Ordered a Alpinelite 1.25 bug shelter

Total Savings was around 40-45 ounces

I already have the prolite and the rest should be here tomorrow. I am joining Brad on a hike this weekend so maybe I will learn a few more things.