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central and southern bpl ers checking interrest in some spring/summer trips
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kevin smith
getting closer guys on 04/15/2011 18:36:57 MDT Print View

i picked up a sweet topo map of the sespe wilderness today at a local blue printing company

according to the topo the trail will cross the sespe creek once at the beginning and again at bear creek camp however it will cross two other creeks in between
it will cross trout creek once and north fork creek once so make sure you come prepared to get your feet wet should be nice weather though so it shouldn t be any problem
now who s bringing the beer for friday night lol


albert barragan
(comaone) - F

Locale: PNW
beer!!! on 04/15/2011 19:36:10 MDT Print View

please guys, no UL beer!!

Adan Lopez
(Lopez) - F

Locale: San Gabriel Valley
Ul beer on 04/15/2011 20:45:54 MDT Print View

Last time i carried in 2 twelvers in. UL beer is an interesting idea. Some people call it whiskey.

Zachary Zrull
(zackcentury) - F

Locale: Great Lakes
Re: beer!!! on 04/15/2011 21:02:31 MDT Print View

Aluminum can for SUL

kevin smith
beer for friday on 04/15/2011 21:50:05 MDT Print View

crown royal in my super ul plastic flask lol


kevin smith
whose still on board ?? on 04/20/2011 21:08:21 MDT Print View

im in for friday thru sunday along with ryan krause

will be at the trailhead around 10 am and meet up with everyone hiking in that morning if you are going to make it friday am let me know also if anyone needs a
pass please check with me and if needed i can pick one up for you

little over a week to go guys should be great weather and a great hike

see everyone there


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kevin smith
here is the list so far on 04/20/2011 21:35:22 MDT Print View

hey guys
here is the list so far if you need to be added to this list or if you have not confirmed just pm me and let me know or you can email me at im just trying to get an idea of how many folks we will have and how much space we will need in camp
thanks guys

jack eliott (confirmed)
craig w (confirmed)
andrew d (confirmed)

rob v (confirmed)

nicholas b (confirmed)

albert b

adan l (confirmed)

jerry b (confirmed)

ryan krause (confirmed)

kevin smith + 1 (confirmed)


craig s

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K ....
(Kat_P) - MLife

Locale: Pacific Coast
Trip on 04/20/2011 21:41:54 MDT Print View

I am not able to come to this. I am sorry I won't get to see old friends and meet some of you I only "seen" online.
I'm sure you'll have a blast. Till next time : )

Adan Lopez
(Lopez) - F

Locale: San Gabriel Valley
Im confirmed on 04/20/2011 21:57:01 MDT Print View

Hey kevin put me down for at least saturday. Maybe friday if i can swing it. Bummer you wont make it kat. I'll see you soon though.

kevin smith
see you there on 04/20/2011 22:07:24 MDT Print View

no worries adan i updated you on the list

sorry you can t make it out for this im sure we will see you on the next bay area bpl trip or hopefully sooner if we can make it up that way before then


Backpack Jack
(jumpbackjack) - F

Locale: Armpit of California
RE TRIP on 04/20/2011 22:44:42 MDT Print View

Not to highjack the thread, but who's up for Rae Lakes again this year?, or maybe start at Onion Valley, via hwy 395 and hike over Kersarge pass down to Rae Lakes then back to roads end.

Aaron Benson
(AaronMB) - F

Locale: Central Valley California
RE: central/southern California trips on 04/20/2011 23:09:28 MDT Print View

This sounds like a blast but I'm afraid we just can't make this one. Perhaps next time.
Have a great time!

Michael Skwarczek
(uberkatzen) - F

Locale: Sudamerica
beer canister on 04/23/2011 10:40:54 MDT Print View

Adan hears bear canister and brings a beer canister.

Looks like I may be out seeing you guys that weekend. I'm chatting with Craig about it tonight. We're gear testing beer canisters over at his place.


kevin smith
beer canister on 04/23/2011 13:40:35 MDT Print View



Adan Lopez
(Lopez) - F

Locale: San Gabriel Valley
Beer cannister on 04/23/2011 13:54:26 MDT Print View

Hey michael good to hear from you. Thought you might be southbound by now. You must have those cannisters dialed by now, you two were testing em last time i saw you!

Somebody needs to talk cameron in to shipping us one of his cannisters, for testing.

Jack, rae lakes would be killer again but im not seeing abunch of free time for me this summer with all the other stuff. Thanks though.

kevin smith
adventure passes on 04/23/2011 15:59:05 MDT Print View

for anyone needing to get an adventure pass for next weekend here is a vendor locator hopefully there will be a vendor close to your area so you don t have to go
too far away to buy one


Craig W.
(xnomanx) - F - M
Southern/Central CA BPL trip on 04/25/2011 08:47:34 MDT Print View

It looks like instead of Friday I'll be heading in Saturday morning with Michael Skwarczek. We'll likely only stop to say hello and hang out for a bit though- we're going to move on and hike the 15 additional miles to the Sespe hot springs and camp there instead, leaving Sunday.

Kendall Clement
(socalpacker) - MLife

Locale: Southern California
RE:, ETC. : "central and southern bpl ers checking interrest in some spring/summer trips" on 04/25/2011 09:51:26 MDT Print View

I some how missed this thread. I wouldn't be able to go on this trip, but I've felt for a long time that it would be great if we could have an active group like the Bay Area BPLers. You can count me in on future trips.

Mike In Socal
(rcmike) - MLife

Locale: California
Southern/Central CA BPL trips on 04/25/2011 10:01:33 MDT Print View

I've been watching this thread and am definitely interested in future trips. The calendar doesn't work for me for this trip. If anyone is interested in going sometime in May, let me know. I live in Santa Clarita. Have fun!


kevin smith
no worries guys on 04/25/2011 15:28:58 MDT Print View

kendall and michael

it will be great to have both of you out on future trips if this trip goes smoothly
im sure we will plan a few more over the summer (too hot for the sespe trip after this month though)
but we will find some other cool destination and head on out