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Moosejaw - the anti-sale
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Gregory Petliski
(gregpphoto) - F
Moosejaw - the anti-sale on 03/12/2011 10:02:40 MST Print View

Browsing Moosejaw, thinking theyre cool, till I see a knife from Kershaw for $60 that Kershaw themselves MSRPs for $30. I keep looking around, and a lot of the gear they have is over priced. What gives?

Greg Geiger
(ghgeiger) - F

Locale: Appalachian Trail
Price match on 03/12/2011 10:47:23 MST Print View

That does seem odd. Moosejaw does have a good price matching policy, though. They will match any non-clearance, non-auction price published on the web. If the item is over $100, they will also give you 1000 moosejaw reward points (like $10 to spend in their rewards store).

Hammock Hanger
(Travelpro) - F
Moosejaw on 03/12/2011 12:57:51 MST Print View

I've browsed around Moosejaw and never seen any great deals or anything that grabbed me. So no experience with them, good or bad.

I never notice any screamin' bargains. And yep, a lot of their items seem overpriced compared to other vendors, including those manufacturer's own websites.

Dave -
(FamilyGuy) - F

Locale: Up there
Moosejaw on 03/12/2011 13:16:13 MST Print View

Everything is listed at MSRP on MJ. However, there are 15% coupons that work all the time plus free shipping. Plus their price matching is second to none. Then add in the MJ rewards and you will find that their offering is very good.

Todd Dea

Locale: Coast Mountains
. . . on 03/12/2011 13:32:10 MST Print View

you don't get the reward points though on a price match do you ?

Dave -
(FamilyGuy) - F

Locale: Up there
Moosejaw on 03/12/2011 13:47:38 MST Print View

I have. Plus the extra 1000 points.

"If you find an identical product at a lower price and in stock on another site we will match the price and throw in 1,000 extra Moosejaw Reward Points (products over $100) on top of the 5% in points you already get back."

Greg Geiger
(ghgeiger) - F

Locale: Appalachian Trail
Rewards on 03/12/2011 14:21:22 MST Print View

I've never used their price matching, so I can't comment on that; though I have heard good things. But I do love their rewards program. The last two years around new years they've had rewards points multipliers, last year 3X and this year 5X. I made about $300 in purchases and ended up with enough points to get over $100 worth of merchandise (better yet, merchandise that I actually needed). The multipliers also gave me enough points to qualify for free shipping for a year.

Edited by ghgeiger on 03/12/2011 14:22:03 MST.

Will Newton
(Newts) - MLife
Rewards, caveat on 03/12/2011 14:55:27 MST Print View

I like MJ's vibe (and their in-store staff are generally considerably more knowledgeable and UL-friendly than REI)... but I find their rewards system to be prickly. The selection on the rewards site is substantially different than the selection on the main site; you cannot use rewards points for in-store purchases; and you *must* pay for shipping with points.

Say what you will about REI, so long as I never have to deal with their staff, I think ttheir membership & return policies are head and shoulders above Moosejaw.

Wild Exped
(bankse) - MLife

Locale: OZ
Coupon on 03/12/2011 14:59:53 MST Print View

SPAD15 has worked for ages ;)

Dan Briggs
(dbriggs9) - F

Locale: Southeast
moosejaw on 03/12/2011 17:02:40 MST Print View

I ordered from them, spent over $100 and entered in the coupon they're advertising for "free stuff". Turned out to be sweat pants, a zip up hoodie and a headlamp. All nice quality stuff. Pretty cool.

Gregory Petliski
(gregpphoto) - F
Re: Moosejaw on 03/15/2011 13:19:28 MDT Print View

"Everything is listed at MSRP on MJ."

No, it isn't, hence this thread. They may indeed price match, but they have a knife MSRPd at $60 when the company that makes the knife has it MSRPd for $30.

Kershaw knife from Moosejaw

Kershaw knife from Kershaw

There were others, none as bad as this 200% markup, but the fact that I had to price check everything I wanted to buy bothered me.

Edited by gregpphoto on 03/15/2011 13:20:10 MDT.

Dave -
(FamilyGuy) - F

Locale: Up there
Moosejaw - the anti-sale on 03/15/2011 13:40:11 MDT Print View

Then its a typo on their site. Bring it to their attention and they will adjust.

MJ is the real deal and you have only listed a (Heavy by the way) knife listing error. What are the others?

Mark Hudson
(vesteroid) - MLife

Locale: Eastern Sierras
re on 03/15/2011 13:41:26 MDT Print View

I have bought a ton of gear from them in the last year, and I have not found what you refer to.

I have found the vast majority of items to be at msrp and I have even found WM gear on sale for 15-20% off. I got a killer deal on a WM coat.

The rewards points add up especially after the first year where they bump you up to receiving more for a dollar purchased.

I do find it a little frustrating that some of the gear on the main site is not on the rewards site, but I have found that I can always find something to spend my points on. They even have WM bags and such on the reward sites so its not a "limited" selection by any means.

I have found their return policy to be fine, I think they even pay the shipping back.

Overall I think I get a better value from moosejaw than rei, but of course you cant take back a destroyed 5 year old piece of gear and get your money back, but again from my perspective, I dont think you should do that to rei.

Dave -
(FamilyGuy) - F

Locale: Up there
Moosejaw - the anti-sale on 03/15/2011 13:42:41 MDT Print View

I like the post you made at MJ:

" "Moosejaw ripoff" 03/10/11

This MSRP's for $29.99 on Kershaw's website. Dont buy it here."

Made me smile.

Dave -
(FamilyGuy) - F

Locale: Up there
Moosejaw - the anti-sale on 03/15/2011 13:45:12 MDT Print View

You could buy it here for $14:

Obviously a listing error by MJ.

Gregory Petliski
(gregpphoto) - F
RE: Moosejaw on 03/15/2011 13:47:02 MDT Print View

Got plenty. Leatherman Micra for $31 from Moosejaw. Can be found for $25 on Amazon and $20 from Sears. Same markup for Leatherman Squirt PS4. Their Nalgenes are $2-3 more than anywhere else. Need more proof?

@Dave: Didn't want anyone to run into what I almost did!

Edited by gregpphoto on 03/15/2011 13:47:53 MDT.

Dan Durston
(dandydan) - M

MSRP on 03/15/2011 13:49:18 MDT Print View

I thought we were debating whether MooseJaw lists stuff at MSRP? Not if they are cheaper than other discount sites. What is the MSRP on these items you're saying are overpriced?

Edited by dandydan on 03/15/2011 13:49:52 MDT.

Gregory Petliski
(gregpphoto) - F
Re on 03/15/2011 13:53:51 MDT Print View

@Dan: I couldn't find the actual MSRP for the leatherman products (I checked their site first), so I went with the Amazon (and Sears) prices as they are common retailers. Point is, Moosejaw is clearly marking certain things up more so than their competitors.

Edited by gregpphoto on 03/15/2011 13:54:42 MDT.

Dave -
(FamilyGuy) - F

Locale: Up there
Moosejaw - the anti-sale on 03/15/2011 13:57:33 MDT Print View

Yes, I think there is a listing error on the first knife, but the other examples are more comparison to other retailers and not MSRP listing issues.

I take it you need a new knife. ;)

Gregory Petliski
(gregpphoto) - F
Re on 03/15/2011 14:06:58 MDT Print View

@ Dave: Hahaha, well, maybe. I have the leatherman c33, super simple folding knife, 2.8 oz, its not bad. And as far as a multi tool goes, I cant find one thing in my pack that needs pliers, or a screwdriver, or the cursed corkscrew. So really I just want a second blade as a backup, and for food purposes (which then goes into the bear can; I like a blade next to me as I sleep as well). Theres only three things I carry duplicates of hiking, socks, light source (headlamp and flashlight), and blades.