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3rd Annual BPL BA GGG Aftermath
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Ken T.
(kthompson) - MLife

Locale: All up in there
3rd Annual BPL BA GGG Aftermath on 03/01/2011 22:07:11 MST Print View

Had 24 questionnaires turned in. Final head count was 46. Almost forgot to count Richard N. and his wife, who came for the day.

People traveled far and wide for this one. Thanks everybody for the effort. We had folks from MN, MD, SC, GA. All over CA from pretty much top to bottom. Sac. and the Bay Area were the bulk as one would expect.

As far as age, wide spread on that one. 6yrs. to over 68. Awesome! The bulk were in the 36-55 bracket. With 14 in that group. 4 under 25. 5 in the 26-35 group and 2 55+.

Hiking experience was a wide spread too. 6 months to over 52 years. Most in the 10-20 year range

Loyal BPL members here too. A number of those attending have been around since the beginning. Average in the group was 1.5-3 years.

Next year. OK had 18 votes turned in on this choice 4 for Jan. 5 for Feb. 9 for March. I would like to hear from the rest of you on this one.

Kid friendly or 21+ The majority of the 20 who answered this question say yes to kids. While there was plenty of 21+ language and behavior. None of the parents complained to me. As long as parents are realistic as to what to expect from a bunch of adults cutting loose once a year. Had 14 votes for in favor for kids.

Had a number of requests for a family outing and a number of requests for a special outing for a core group. Good requests all. I'll see what I can put together. I am actively seeking employment with an employer that offers more time off ;)

Asking for location suggestions for the next one yielded few results. 1 vote for Vegas, Yosemite, Big Sur, Lassen, Cache Creek, San Simeon SP, and the East Coast. 2 votes for having it again at Coe. And 2 for Ventana. I would like it more north next time. Long haul.

Had one suggestion for having it be a longer hike in. Some great ideas for more activities.

With talking to everyone this year there was the requests for making it a longer deal. I too felt that it went by so fast. Especially when some don't get there till Sat. afternoon. It will be a 3 day affair next time. I would not miss the first night!

I also asked about shelter preference. All answered. Of course; the only gear question.
14 choose tarp and bivy of all other choices
6 like tents
3 love their hammocks Me too!
1 wants just a tarp.

Wiki was a success. 15 used it while 9 did not

Ken H and I toyed with the idea of including cottage manufacturers. On the questionnaire most did not answer the question about including them. Some did with all the usual suspects listed.
While walking around camp Saturday I realized that there is no need for them to attend. Most are pretty well represented here already. Also we had more that one prototype on display. So we already see the newest of the new. We are serious gear freaks.Manufacturers are of course welcome. But come to hang with us and relax.

Special thanks once again to
My co-host Ken H.
BPL for the gift cards
Cameron for the awesome brew.
Kat for the fabulous hat.
Marc for the firewood
Peter V. for the experience and the headnet.
Jay for all that hospitality and friendship
Everyone who came out and made this year great. See you all and then some next year!

Those who missed out because of the weather forecast. Don't pay attention to that next time. Don't miss out.

Those who did not fill out a questionnaire and would like to do so, PM and I'll send it to you.

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Jay Wilkerson
(Creachen) - MLife

Locale: East Bay
3rd Annual BPL BA GGG Aftermath on 03/01/2011 22:35:52 MST Print View

Excellent job Ken!!!

Tony Wong
(Valshar) - MLife

Locale: San Francisco Bay Area
Re: 3rd Annual BPL BA GGG Aftermath on 03/01/2011 23:41:27 MST Print View


Great stuff.

Can you let me/us know who came from what State or City outside of CA?

I would like to list that in the Photo Essay....think that special credit should be mentioned for those who made the extra effort to make it out for the event.