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Looking for a MYOG .pdf that used to be on GG
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Pilate de Guerre
(deGuerre) - F

Locale: SE, USA
Looking for a MYOG .pdf that used to be on GG on 02/27/2011 08:58:18 MST Print View

Hello everyone. New to the MYOG community. I did a google search for "simple backpack sewing pattern" and was led to a page on Sewing Support ( The first pack, a 1oz. design linked to Gossamer Gear, to a page that no longer exists for the Henley_1oz_instructions.pdf. I've done some Googling to see if I could find a mirror of the .pdf anywhere and was unsuccesful.

Does anyone have the instructions save to their harddrive, or have printed out a copy that they can rescan in and make available to the community once again?

Also, while I'm posting anyways, I'd like to know how is the best way to go about learning to sew. I have no experience sewing with a machine, and only very limited experience hand sewing patches onto worn clothing. My partner has a Singer 3820 machine and knows how to sew more traditional fabrics like cotton, canvas. I don't yet know what fabrics I will be using/will be able to afford, but it will most likely be something like sil-nylon or cuben fabric or other plasticy, coated fabric.

My first step is obviously learn to use a sewing machine period. My partner can help me with that to an extent, but it is likely I will need to go beyond her limited knowledge base to be successful in the making of items like quilts, tarps, and packs. Are there any good online tutorials or particularly good books on sewing theory and practice you would recommend?

And then there is learning to actively sew and the rules and particulars of using these different fabrics lightweight, expensive fabrics. I saw somewhere someone suggested trying to sewing grocery bags first. Is that a good analog?

Anyways, I know this post is very long now, but thank you for reading it and giving me any advice you can. I would particularly like a copy of those Henley 1oz. instructions now that they are disappeared from the GG website.

jerry adams
(retiredjerry) - MLife

Locale: Oregon and Washington
re on 02/27/2011 09:12:37 MST Print View

Just start sewing.

Get cheap nylon - has $3 per yard, and other places have $5 per yard silnylon.

Take a couple yards, and sew the two ends together making a huge tube. Make a flat felled seam. You will see how the top layer slips relative to the bottom layer and eventually figure out how to control that. You will see how to manage large pieces of fabric, like making a tent.

Make some stuff sacks.

There are some good articles on this site like the ones I wrote or Jay Ham's 5 yards of spinnaker fabric articles. You have to pay $25 per year, sorry, that's just the business model for this site, a lot of sites do that these days.

Lot of other good articles on the internets.

Are you in Europe? might be better, or pertex has a web site. has some MYOG info

John S.
(jshann) - F
Re: Looking for a MYOG .pdf that used to be on GG on 02/27/2011 09:33:34 MST Print View

They might have dumped this myog project when they started selling the Riksak. It was downloadable as late as September and the Riksak was introduced in November. That's my conspiracy theory and I am sticking with it ; )

Looks like Gossamer Gear went limp on MYOG entirely on their new website, except for tips and tricks section.

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Pilate de Guerre
(deGuerre) - F

Locale: SE, USA
GG and MYOG on 02/27/2011 09:57:52 MST Print View

Jerry, I am located in Atlanta, GA, USA.

Looks like the MYOG section of GG was a casualty of their site redesign. According to a thread over at Whiteblaze Glen has acknowledged that the MYOG content is not there and was put off until "Phase 2" of the site restructuring. You can read the thread here:

I was sent the Henley instructions and have put them on a free file host if anyone else wants a copy. The site may have a lot of advertisements and pop-up windows (that is their business model) so be warned:

Does anyone have copies of the other MYOG content that was on GG before the redesign and would care to share them? Email me at and I will rehost them on or similar and post links here.

Thanks for everyone who contacted me.

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Jon Hancock

Locale: Northwest England
Wayback Machine on 02/27/2011 10:07:59 MST Print View

It's not all there, but some of the MYOG project PDFs can be accessed via the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. Sadly it only seems to have updates prior to mid-2006.

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jerry adams
(retiredjerry) - MLife

Locale: Oregon and Washington
Re: GG and MYOG on 02/27/2011 10:12:29 MST Print View

"Looks like the MYOG section of GG was a casualty of their site redesign."

I was looking for that but couldn't find it, now I know why.

One thing negative about that information is that it hasn't been updated recently so doesn't have the latest ideas.

Pilate de Guerre
(deGuerre) - F

Locale: SE, USA
Archive of MYOG information on 02/27/2011 10:32:51 MST Print View

Does anyone know of any forum threads (on any forum, not just here) or websites that have an a compendium of MYOG instructions or links thereto? It is a shame to see this information fall of the internet like has happened at GG.

Here are two more of the files that were formerly on GG:

This may be well known, but the Whiteblaze thread about the GG MYOG section had a link to a G4 Pack Yahoo group with modifications to the design among other information.

I am going to email GG and GVP and ask them to put the MYOG section back up. If you are interested in seeing that information back on the 'net I urge you to do the same.

Kristopher Dunn
(linuxhack) - F
Re: Looking for a MYOG .pdf that used to be on GG on 02/27/2011 11:45:00 MST Print View

There is a great series of DIY gear making instructional videos starting from the basics here:

mark henley
(flash582) - F
Henley pack on 02/27/2011 16:24:10 MST Print View

Sorry that you've had some difficulty getting to the designs ....

I'm going to try to put them up on a website, but it may take a while to get the art up (assuming I can get the time awaynfrom work)

Suggestions are welcome ... Just drop we a note.

Enjoy and be careful out there!