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What are your favorite backpacking blogs?
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Kendall Clement
(socalpacker) - MLife

Locale: Southern California
What are your favorite backpacking blogs? on 02/24/2011 11:51:09 MST Print View

This is one of my favorites.

Philip Werner
(earlylite) - F - MLife

Locale: New England
What are your favorite backpacking blogs? on 02/24/2011 17:02:11 MST Print View

I read most of the ones on Sam's list and Sarah's blog, of course, and my friend Martin Rye's. It is a little hard to keep up with so many because I always seem to be writing, or hiking!

Here are a few more that I try to keep up with.

The Adventures of Tom and Atticus,
Alan Sloman,
Collected Musing of a Hill Wanderer,
eBothy Blog,
Helen's Wondering Wanderings,
Hiking, Climbing & Mountaineering (mostly) in Japan,
Mountain Wandering,
Northern Pies,
Red Yeti,
The Solitary Walker,
Walking across What?,
White Mountain Sojourn,

David Chenault
(DaveC) - BPL Staff - F

Locale: Crown of the Continent
re: b-pin' blogs on 02/25/2011 09:04:38 MST Print View

Thanks for the props guys.

Sam and Eugene covered most of the stuff I read regularly, except some skiing stuff. Honestly I don't read too much BPing specific blogs, too much gear, too little hiking.

Tom J. Hart
(harttj) - MLife
FWIW on 02/25/2011 15:16:40 MST Print View

Jonathan Ryan
(Jkrew81) - F - M

Locale: White Mtns
Re: What are your favorite backpacking blogs? on 03/03/2011 12:43:05 MST Print View

John Roan
(JRoan) - MLife

Locale: Vegas
Re: What are your favorite backpacking blogs? on 03/03/2011 13:39:16 MST Print View

I'll try not to repeat those already mentioned...

Brian's Backpacking Blog
Backcountry Bliss
Alan Rayner's Blog on the Landscape
The New Nomads

And of course yours truly...
Mountain UltraLight

Rob Lewis
(roblewis) - F

Locale: Northeast
UL hiker Blogs / My favorites on 03/03/2011 16:18:01 MST Print View

Triple Crowner and CDT Yo-Yo King

Andrew Skurka: Serious miles for this young man!

Nimbelwell Nomad

Forgive me if these are reposts!

Roleigh Martin
(marti124) - MLife

Locale: Moderator-JohnMuirTrail Yahoo Group
Re: What are your favorite backpacking blogs? on 03/03/2011 17:54:12 MST Print View

Sam, as many blogs as you list, I wonder if you are using Google Reader to follow the blogs. I use Google Reader to follow a ton of web sites, my hiking folder of blogs are the following. I highly recommend using Google Reader as it enables you to follow 100-times the websites you normally follow in zero extra time, it is that efficient at keeping you abreast quickly. The Goat » Blog Archive » Vargo Titanium Decagon ...

Backpacker Magazine -

Backpacker Magazine Blogs -

Backpacking Light Magazine

BackpackingLight at Yahoo! Groups

BackpackingLight at Yahoo! Groups

BackpackingLight_MN_Branch at Yahoo! Groups

Beef Jerky Reviews

Erik The Black's Backpacking Blog

Gear Talk with Jason Klass

GPS Tracklog

Hiker Hell

Hiker Hell

Hiking Blogs » Gear Talk with Jason Klass

Hiking in Finland

Lighthiker's World


Main Page - BackpackingLight Wiki

Mountain UltraLight

Red Elephant Eats

RSS Feed for Whitney Portal Store Message Board

sequoiakingscanyonhikers at Yahoo! Groups

The Gear Junkie

Ultra-Lite Skunk Works

Steve S
(idahosteve) - F

Locale: Idaho
Re: Re: What are your favorite backpacking blogs? on 03/03/2011 18:19:43 MST Print View

I just started to put my own trips together on line, here's my url

Lots of great links that I will now go spend a bunch of evenings checking out!

Peter S
(prse) - MLife

Locale: Denmark
Mentioned before on 04/29/2013 09:19:19 MDT Print View

All i read has been mentioned before, so i'll try to name my favorites:

adventuresinstoving - very very thorough on everything stove, good pictures.
hikinginfinland - Hendriks "The week in review" is awesome.
nielsenbrownoutdoors - his reviews are very good, and he is located in Denmark ;-)
briangreen - a really nice site to read - good humor, good design, good reviews
hikeitlikeit - great reviews,
backpackingnorth - Marks "Ultralight Makeover" is awesome!

i read a lot fewer Blogs than i used too - way to much blablabla,diary, blablabla, bad pictures, blablabla in the blogosphere. But i know it's hard work to make a good blog (and a good Forum post... ;-)

This forum is still the best place for accurate information, but you need to get involved and ask the right questions to benefit the most.

Another Honorable mention is:

hikelighter - have to be impressed by John's commitment to the SUL/XUL backpacking.

Bob Shaver
(rshaver) - F

Locale: West
wow! on 04/29/2013 10:19:27 MDT Print View

I have a lot of reading to do, I guess. Two blogs I have been reading are these:

David Stillman's:
Jack Elliot:

They are So Cal based, and hike all over that area. I grew up near there, and had no idea of the great places to hike that they find. Also, how can those canyons and creeks be so remote and seldom visited when they are so close to Los Angeles. Its pretty amazing.

My own outdoor blog is here: