i wont say the Y word ...
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eric chan
(bearbreeder) - F
i wont say the Y word ... on 02/16/2011 13:58:12 MST Print View

you know climbing's hawt when ya see this ... im gonna wear my dead bird harness, dead mammoth (mammut) rope, and petzl ice axe to the nightclub this weekend

"hey there baby if i trotsky your BF there with this axe, will you come and play bondage games with me with my rope and harness" is an unbeatable pick up line !!!

im just waiting for the thru hiker Y-PPY fashion show ...


Ben 2 World
(ben2world) - MLife

Locale: So Cal
How About the F Word? on 02/16/2011 14:07:47 MST Print View

Fashion, that is. Bet that striped tee in the first pic is cotton!! And the second pic reminds me of the movie "Seven Years in Tibet". :)

Edited by ben2world on 02/16/2011 14:10:41 MST.

Brian Lewis
(brianle) - F

Locale: Pacific NW
That starved look ... on 02/16/2011 21:55:26 MST Print View

"im just waiting for the thru hiker Y-PPY fashion show ... "

Hey, thru-hikers definitely get that bulimic starving model look, so why not?

Somehow, I just don't see my typical backpacking clothing as ever being fashionable. Except perhaps among actual backpackers.

Robert Cowman
(rcowman) - F

Locale: Canadian Rockies
... on 02/16/2011 22:02:34 MST Print View

u do know that urban outfitters sells,patagonia and north face, and holt renfrew sells arcteryx right?

Travis Leanna
(T.L.) - MLife

Locale: Wisconsin
DUDE on 02/16/2011 22:11:32 MST Print View

I just picked out this outfit for my next ''Around world 3x in a row without resupply" hike


Ben 2 World
(ben2world) - MLife

Locale: So Cal
Re: DUDE on 02/16/2011 22:14:59 MST Print View

Gee, I can't wait for Travis to fix his link!!! :)

Travis Leanna
(T.L.) - MLife

Locale: Wisconsin
Re: Re: DUDE on 02/16/2011 22:20:04 MST Print View

HA! With a suit like that, typhoons, grizzlies, and the dreaded Amazon Penis-fish ain't got nuthin' on me!

Aaron Reichow

Locale: Northern Minnesota
Re: ... on 02/16/2011 22:41:49 MST Print View

@Robert I think you're missing eric's point... :P

David Chenault
(DaveC) - BPL Staff - F

Locale: Crown of the Continent
makeup on 02/16/2011 23:24:27 MST Print View

I think model #3 deserves credit for a pretty respectable fake glasses tan/windburn.