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Wish list
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Dwight Shackelford
(zydeholic) - F

Locale: San Francisco Bay Area
Wish list on 09/30/2006 21:36:07 MDT Print View

I'm thinking about a digital camera upgrade. Perhaps you folks can tell me where to look.

I want:
o at least 6x zoom (what I've seen is 4x, then jumps to 10x, so maybe at least 10x)
o at least 5mp
o macro capability (preferably not by lens attachment
o additional telephoto (lens attachment ok)
o AA batteries
o SD memory card would be nice, since I could switch between my two cameras
o nice to have ability to add filters on lens
o optical viewfinder
o SLR would be great, but that's bucks.
o Aperture, shutter, programmable control of exposure
o Over/Underexpose by stops easily
o minimum of having to step down through lcd menus to get things done
o prefer manual controls for exposure control.
o low noise
o durable

And, $400 or less, preferably $300 or less. If that price can't be met, tell me anyway.


Greyson Howard

Locale: Sierra Nevada
Re: Wish list on 10/01/2006 12:24:24 MDT Print View

Many of my requirements were the same when I went camera shopping earlier this summer. I originally planned on an SLR, but after a lot of reading, I decided on a Cannon S3 IS, basically a big-zoom point and shoot with a lot of manual controlls. Retail is $500, but online $400 is about the norm. Added bonus, I can shoot decent video on it too.

Dwight Shackelford
(zydeholic) - F

Locale: San Francisco Bay Area
Sony Cybershot DSC-H5 7.2MP on 10/02/2006 13:43:48 MDT Print View

I'm now looking at this one. RAW capability. Metal tripod mount, etc.

Greyson Howard

Locale: Sierra Nevada
Re: Sony Cybershot DSC-H5 7.2MP on 10/07/2006 13:26:20 MDT Print View

I had originally looked at the sony, and I spent a lot of time going back and forth. It is a really nice camera. I decided I didn't need the RAW, and the tripod mount isn't an issue because I leave the gorilla pod mount in, but if you want to work in RAW and use a tripod that you screw and unscrew regularly, then that doesn't help you. Make sure to handle both, the Sony felt wrong in hand for me because of the rounded left side.

Elliott Wolin
(ewolin) - MLife

Locale: Hampton Roads, Virginia
Re: Wish list on 10/30/2006 10:53:59 MST Print View

I've been using a Canon G5 for a few years and have been very happy. Doesn't match all your requirements but close enough. Built-in macro is great for flower shots. Built-in telephoto also works fine for me. And it has full manual controls and a spot meter for tricky situations.

It is a bit heavy, but this was the best choice for me at the time. I believe the latest model is a G7 or something.

Laurie Ann March
(Laurie_Ann) - F

Locale: Ontario, Canada
fuji 9000s on 12/04/2006 10:24:19 MST Print View

I think the Fuji FinePix s9000 is the current version of my camera which is the s7000 (could be wrong here though).

If you go into reviews you'll see that I did a review of the s7000 which I absolutely love. Now I am a professional photographer so going to a non-slr camera with one lens (built in) was a tough change for me - especially because I was used to using a Nikon F100. I have a Nikon Digital SLR for my pro gear now and it is about equivalent to the F100 but the Fuji is so much more practical for wilderness backpacking trips.

Anyway if you want to see some photos from the camera check out

and then some of our wilderness canoe trip photos (sorry I haven't uploaded the backpacking photos yet - should do that this week sometime).

Edited by Laurie_Ann on 12/04/2006 10:25:13 MST.

Steve .
(pappekak) - F

Locale: Tralfamadore
Canon PowerShot 610 on 12/18/2006 15:19:18 MST Print View

Although I use a Panasonic FZ3 I would recommend the Canon PowerShot 610 for about $200. The great thing, aside from the outstanding pictures it takes and the light weight, is the fact you can used 58mm filters or add a teleconverter (to break the 4x barrier) or wide angle if you want. At $200 it's a great deal with tons of flexability.

And go for the black since you will get less reflection off the camera body into your face.

Edited by pappekak on 12/18/2006 15:23:41 MST.

Summit CO
(Summit) - F

Locale: 9300ft
Another Canon A610 vote on 12/19/2006 23:20:31 MST Print View

If you do action shooting with your P&S camera and you want manual control on a budget, the Canon A610 is the best out there with 2.4fps ulimited and full manual 5MP with a fast 4x lens. Yes it is 4x but it is 2.8-4.1 which is a nice match to the very low noise 1/1.8" CCD. Noise is super low as long as you don't up the ISO.

If you need MP, A620 is another great choice. Identical to the A610 except 2.1fps and you get 7MP.

The flip/twist LCD is *very* usefull for macro.

C custom mode in addition to aperture/shutter/fullmanual is very nice for speedy shooting. Adjustments are easy and exposure control is intuitive.

It lasts me 400+pics on 4 AA rechargable NiCd while cold and skiing (low LCD use).

They can be had as cheap as $160 refurbed by Canon. I bought an A610 after breaking my last one (dropped onto a parking lot).

Edited by Summit on 12/19/2006 23:26:54 MST.