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Snoqualmie Pass PCT 3 days
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Darian Davis
(lightracer) - F

Locale: Northwest
Snoqualmie Pass PCT 3 days on 02/07/2011 14:35:12 MST Print View

This is a brief 3 day trip along the PCT starting at Snoqualmie Pass and heading north that my brother and I took in late September of 2010. This is only a sampling (<10%) of the photos we took. After a somewhat late start waiting for news from my work about who was getting laid off and shuttling a vehicle to Tenanaway Campground on the other side of the pass we finally starting hiking at 11am.
The morning started off drizzly (okay big shock for you other western WA folks, but slowly started to imporve but remained cloudy. First objective was scrambling up Kendall Peak, which I was not able to do 3 weeks early with my son due to a storm.Heading up Kendall Peak with a base weight of 11.5lbsKendall SummitKendall Catwalk (Not that impressed considering everything I've heard)Looking east into Gold Creek headwatersCamp 1 above Alaska Lake (couldn't find any good spots)Day 2 greeted us with brilliant sun and 70 degrees.Day 2 Camp, Spectacle Lakesrc="/backpackinglight/user_uploads/1297114256_36992.jpg" alt="Climbing Chikamin Peak (Brother carrying about 30lbs making a hard scramble)" width="550" height="413">Hiking out on the PCT in the rain 17 miles to the car

Had to cut it short due to photos taking too long to upload. More to come...TBD
Light Racer

Matthew Marasco
(BabyMatty) - F

Locale: Western/Central PA, Adirondacks
awesome on 03/20/2011 22:55:27 MDT Print View

Amazing landscape, Darian. Great photos! I can't believe this TR has gotten no love! I hope you decide to upload some more.

Brian Austin
(footeab) - F

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Re: awesome on 03/27/2011 01:53:35 MDT Print View

Ai... NO love because we aren't his wife. We really don't care about his mug shots. I am sure he is a great guy, buy we want to see the scenery not his smiling face at the scenery mug shots.

Besides I have done that trail and the pics he took don't come anywhere close to the actuality of it compared to same pics me and a million others have taken.

We really don't care about mug shots. We want trip reports of the scenery. The two footed scenery just isn't interesting unless you are his close friend or his wife.

Sorry, but know your audience.

Darian Davis
(lightracer) - F

Locale: Northwest
Really Brian? on 03/27/2011 20:02:22 MDT Print View

Not that this was the first time I had attempted to post anything, and then multiple problems occurred which led to me losing numerous photos, text, and yes, including photos that were not meant for public viewing. Then I even contacted BPL to delete the post since I was immediately aware that it did not work out as planned, but to no avail.

Of course through all of this... did I ever expect a so-called, self-proclaimed, expert on what should be posted on a public website. More so, I didn't fully understand that my photos and content need to be of professional quality and previously approved by "Brian". I guess I'll know better next time.

Nice to see we have someone like yourself respresenting the backpacking community.

Get a grip.

Matthew Marasco
(BabyMatty) - F

Locale: Western/Central PA, Adirondacks
re: on 03/27/2011 20:06:30 MDT Print View

Darian, I couldn't have put it better. Do us all a favor and put more of those pics up!

Doug I.
(idester) - MLife

Locale: PNW
Re: Snoqualmie Pass PCT 3 days on 03/27/2011 20:21:37 MDT Print View

Thanks for the report and pics Darian! I always appreciate seeing different parts of the country, especially those to which I haven't yet ventured!

John West
(skyzo) - M

Locale: Borah Gear
Pics on 03/27/2011 20:32:40 MDT Print View

brians not the photo-police Darian, lets see some more pics! Looks like a cool area

Ken T.
(kthompson) - MLife

Locale: All up in there
Well said on 03/27/2011 22:48:23 MDT Print View


Edited by kthompson on 03/27/2011 23:21:56 MDT.

Eugene Smith
(Eugeneius) - MLife

Locale: Nuevo Mexico
'Fly in your beer' on 03/27/2011 22:59:21 MDT Print View


Great trip, beautiful country you live in.

Thanks for putting yourself and your experience out there for others to see in a public forum- too bad a "fly" landed in your beer, there's always one isn't there?

Dirk Rabdau
(dirk9827) - F

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Great area on 03/27/2011 23:07:26 MDT Print View

Darian -

That's the start of some of the finest terrain in all of Washington - between Snoqualmie Pass and the Canadian border, it's fantastic. It's funny, but most people never venture much beyond the Kendall Catwalk!

It's one of the few places you can leave a major artery (I-90) and within a few hours be pretty much alone....beautiful area.

Thanks for the pics and for sharing one of the many good spots in Washington.


Brian Austin
(footeab) - F

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Re: Really Brian? on 03/28/2011 01:18:08 MDT Print View

So, typical.

I answer, or anyone else answers, why some post is getting no love(bad post), IE why the 2nd guy posted to start with, and the OP takes offense. So typical. Horrors a little critique(the OP even said he picture loused up). You would think the world is coming to an end and everyone falls all over themselves patting the OP on the back instead of addressing the 2nd posters question...

Sigh, people.

Ever heard of striving to be better? If we didn't strive to be better and CRITIQUE products/posts, we would all still be carrying 8lb packs and 8lb tents around on our backs...

Ken T.
(kthompson) - MLife

Locale: All up in there
Re: Re: Really Brian? on 03/28/2011 06:16:39 MDT Print View

Ever heard of tact or manners?

Michael Crosby
(djjmikie) - MLife

Locale: Ky
RE: Really Brian?" on 03/28/2011 06:26:58 MDT Print View

Have you never heard the old saying?

It is better to be thought a fool,
Than to open your mouth and remove all doubt?

Thanks for the Pics. I also enjoy seeing others in action.

Edited by djjmikie on 03/28/2011 06:28:03 MDT.

todd h
(funnymoney) - MLife

Locale: SE
Re: Snoqualmie Pass PCT 3 days on 03/28/2011 07:13:39 MDT Print View


That's an area on my list!

Great scenery, and thank you for taking the time to share...


K ....
(Kat_P) - MLife

Locale: Pacific Coast
Re: Re: Really Brian? on 03/28/2011 08:41:07 MDT Print View

Brian, sigh,
the fact that your post got no love, should just make you strive to do better. Isn't that what critique is for?

; )

Michael L
(mpl_35) - MLife

Locale: The Palouse
ha on 03/29/2011 11:24:19 MDT Print View

I don't mind pictures with the OP in them. Seeing what he is wearing and using is part of what this forum is about. Didn't really need the close-up mug shots, but I certainly don't care and am not going to whine about them.

Probably didn't get a lot of initial responses because it was incomplete.