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JMT Permit Info
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brian blair

Locale: Silverado Canyon
JMT Permit Info on 02/07/2011 09:13:14 MST Print View


I'm in the process of planning a JMT trip for early/mid-august. I've been scouring the web for permit acquisition info and can't quite figure out the procedure.

I plan to start in Yosemite and finish at Whitney Portal. Which agency do I need to get a permit through? If the permit comes from the NPS do I need a Whitney zone permit as well??

Thanks for any help!


Ed Engel
(Doorknob) - F

Locale: West of what you think is west
JMT Permit on 02/07/2011 09:30:07 MST Print View

This should answer all your questions:

You do not need a separate permit to exit over Whitney.

John Lundemo
(Jibbs) - F

Locale: Nevada
reply on 02/07/2011 20:38:54 MST Print View

so I was wondering if you can reserve more than 24 weeks in advance? Like a year? I just bought the JMT Trail book and after glancing through it, it seems like a pain to get permits and everything to hike the trail. its almost enough to deter me from even trying.

Robert Perkins

Locale: The Sierras
JMT Permits on 02/07/2011 20:58:30 MST Print View

John, Don't get too discouraged, but you do have to be kind of 'on your game' and know the rules to getting your permits from various agencies. You are only allowed to get your permits 24 weeks in advance from Yosemite. How flexible are you on routes and time? If there are any left for your time frame, you can get your permits from Inyo Nat'l Forest 6 months in advance and hike from Reds Meadow to Happy Isles, then take the YARTS back and hike Reds Meadows to Whitney Portal. I have found permitting much easier from Inyo. If you are not 'locked in' to the whole JMT, permits are easier to get from Tuolumne Meadows to Whitney Portal. You can also start at alternate trailheads out of Yosemite. I think the key is to research your options and be flexible with a date. Good Luck.

By the way, when were you looking at going? I am shooting for mid-August and if you are out there we may run into one another. There are also other sites that have JMT hiking groups ie; Trailjournals, YahooJMT ect.

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David Lutz

Locale: Bay Area
"JMT Permit Info" on 02/07/2011 22:19:58 MST Print View

I got a permit this morning starting at Piute Pass on Aug 6.

I was on hold for 5-10 minutes, but no problem.

That's probably a lot different than trying to get a permit starting at HI.......