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Additional 35% off a single item
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Richard Baxter
(MountainCavalry) - F

Locale: South-Eastern US
Additional 35% off a single item on 02/05/2011 06:16:05 MST Print View


Additional 35% off a single item at sierra trading post. I am not gonna say they have a ton of good stuff, but there is some name brand items and I got a good pair of merrell trail runners. Offer is only good today (05FEB).

Ismail Faruqi
(ismailfaruqi) - F
re: on 02/05/2011 08:09:02 MST Print View

thanks, i've finally end my sleeping bag procrastination by picking up a Sierra Designs Spark 30. 6" loft for $143 shipped... it's a no brainer! :D

Kristopher Dunn
(linuxhack) - F
Dead on 02/05/2011 10:13:34 MST Print View

This code has exceeded it's maximum number of uses.

John S.
(jshann) - F
Re: Dead on 02/05/2011 10:33:42 MST Print View

Those email codes only have about three uses.

Richard Baxter
(MountainCavalry) - F

Locale: South-Eastern US
Didn't realize on 02/05/2011 10:56:43 MST Print View

Sorry for those of you who tried the code and didn't get the discount. I didn't realize there was a limit between users. Glad some of you got a deal out of it though.

Jim MacDiarmid
(jrmacd) - MLife
Re: Additional 35% off a single item - new code on 02/05/2011 12:41:26 MST Print View

Here's my 35% code, which I'm not going to use: KWA0349P

I don't know if you can use two codes, but here's one for $2.95 shipping good until 11:59pm MST Saturday: KYV9688S

both good for 3 orders.

Daniel Allen
(Dan_Quixote) - F

Locale: below the mountains (AK)
Re: Re: Additional 35% off a single item - new code on 02/05/2011 16:54:13 MST Print View

thanks for the cheap-shipping code!

I got way more smartwool socks than I presently need; I'm calling it "capital investment" in my sock drawer. :)

P.S. if anybody was a fan of the old SW Adrenaline series, they still have some on STP for pretty cheap.

bill king
(Darto501) - F
Hanes beefy teeshirts $1.46 on 02/05/2011 22:55:48 MST Print View

Under a buck fifty for a few colors slight irregulars of size small 34-36. Might fit your kids.

bill king
(Darto501) - F
expire times. on 02/05/2011 22:57:36 MST Print View

coupons at STP always end midnight mountain time, i.e. 11pm pacific.

Kimberly Wersal
(kwersal) - MLife

Locale: Western Colorado
Re: Re: Re: Additional 35% off a single item - new code on 02/05/2011 23:01:17 MST Print View

Couldn't resist a Steripen for $32.... Wanted some of those smartwools, but they didn't have my size. Great deal on the Sierra Designs 800 fill women's bags--if they had had the men's, I might have been buying a surprise for my husband. Probably a good thing that time was running out for placing my order....

Craig Kowalski
(KillerKowalski) - F
Any more codes? on 02/05/2011 23:37:04 MST Print View

Obviously, all the codes posted have been used to them maximum. Does anyone have any more?

Richard Baxter
(MountainCavalry) - F

Locale: South-Eastern US
25% off on 02/06/2011 05:46:54 MST Print View


Code is for 25% off entire order and free shipping for orders over 100$. I didn't use the code myself so its good for three uses. Hope you guys find something you like.

(adamconfair) - F
Re: 25% off on 02/06/2011 05:52:45 MST Print View

Here's my code for 25% off, free shipping with $100 order. I don't plan on using it either.


I forgot to mention, this is good through tomorrow 2/7.

Edited by adamconfair on 02/06/2011 05:54:32 MST.

Craig Kowalski
(KillerKowalski) - F
TY on 02/06/2011 14:15:48 MST Print View

Thank you! Picked up a Gregory Z65 for $108 shipped. Can't beat it.

Bobby Lee
(rblee) - F
SIERRA TRADING POST code on 02/10/2011 16:38:41 MST Print View

Hi, does any one else have a 35% code?

I have the 25% but no free ship on it - ALFEB1 -, how about any with 25% and free ship that you are not using? thanks a bunch!