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Waterproof/Breathable Cuben Fiber Jacket
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Steven Evans
(Steve_Evans) - MLife

Locale: Canada
Re: Tell us Steve! on 07/10/2011 20:44:56 MDT Print View

OK, I really should have posted earlier as promised so my apologies. I used this jacket on my last trip as it rained quite a bit. Performance was great and I even used it as a windshirt for most of the last day. I haven't used many breathable garments before so it would be near impossible for me to compare it to any other fabric, but it breathed well enough that I was comfortable wearing it for most of the day. There was some bushwhacking during the trip so it did suffer a bit of damage from branches and thorns but I mostly it was the thin fibers being pulled from the base material. I wish I could give more info but I am not sure what else to say other than it is definitely my "go to" rain gear at this point.

Doug I.
(idester) - MLife

Locale: PNW
Re: Re: Tell us Steve! on 07/10/2011 20:52:31 MDT Print View

Very cool. So when are you going to sell them? ;-)

Lawson Kline
(Mountainfitter) - M

breathable on 07/13/2011 12:28:03 MDT Print View

The stuff is really quite breathable. If you put a piece of the material over a cup of boiling water the steam will come through the material quite easy and it doesn't build much condensation on the bottom side when indicates its very breathable. To me the material doesn't look like it has a film at all and feels and looks more like normal woven material.

Chris Lucas
(ChemE) - F

Locale: SC
Coming Anytime Soon on 07/13/2011 16:26:01 MDT Print View

Does anyone know the status of this material? I got the impression last year that gear would be upon us soon and testing of it seems to warrant that. Is Cubic Tech having troubles with production or something? Steve, Javan?

Steven Evans
(Steve_Evans) - MLife

Locale: Canada
Re: Coming Anytime Soon on 07/13/2011 16:51:08 MDT Print View

I have been selling bivy's (CC bivy) with WPB cuben fiber tops for a couple of months now. I had a custom weight made and when I ordered, it took almost 3 months to get. I am not sure if this was because they hadn't made that weight before or if they were having manufacturing issues in general. I know they were asking for feedback at one point and selling small amounts only, but as far as I know you can contact them and buy it right now - unless soemthing has changed. As for the big guns making gear out of it anytime soon - I personally doubt it but I've been wrong before.

Chris Lucas
(ChemE) - F

Locale: SC
Wow, totally missed that on 07/13/2011 19:56:55 MDT Print View

I check your site weekly for updates and somehow managed to miss the fact that you are offering a product using the fabric! I feel foolish for having overlooked that. Are you willing/able to offer the fabric by the yard for our MYOG projects?

Steven Evans
(Steve_Evans) - MLife

Locale: Canada
Re: Wow, totally missed that on 07/17/2011 10:12:10 MDT Print View

I haven't been updating the site as much as I would like to these days. The fabric is too expensive to sell by the yard. I pay high shipping and fees to get it into Canada, so it would be cheaper to go direct to cubic tech for it.

Jeremy Platt
(jeremy089786) - F

Locale: Sydney
Cottage manufacturing plans on 07/20/2011 01:43:53 MDT Print View

Any cottage manufacturers going to start making jackets out of this stuff soon? I wonder, how much would it cost in materials terms to build a large jacket out of this?

Bryce F.
(bster13) - MLife

Locale: Norwalk, CT
Where this material belongs... on 07/31/2011 13:25:07 MDT Print View

...Personally I think this material works best as a bivy where you aren't exposing it to bushwhacking. It'd def be the lightest rain jacket you've ever had, but I'd worry about it;s longevity.

That being said....I know a lot of cottage manufacturers who state on their websites when dealing with thin CF "If you're wondering about this product's durability, it's not for you." <- But that's really tough for a guy like me who wants to know everything. When used as a bivy, do you expect it to last for X # of nights? Forever if you're incredibly gentle with it? I wanna know before I buy one of Steve's Bivys!

Adam Kilpatrick
(oysters) - MLife

Locale: South Australia
Re: Re: Wow, totally missed that on 01/06/2013 20:12:46 MST Print View

Longer term use report...? Just wondering how it has held up, as I'd love a jacket just like this :-)

Thom Darrah
(thomdarrah) - MLife

Locale: Southern Oregon
WPB Cuben Fiber Jacket on 01/06/2013 20:34:04 MST Print View

NW Alpine will soon have available their Eyebright Jacket made using WPB non woven Dyneema. 5.3 oz in size medium (with hood) and only $475.00.