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jonathan hauptman

Locale: A white padded room in crazy town.
camo on 09/28/2006 13:53:16 MDT Print View

Does anyone know where I can find camo fabrics? I love camo clothing and gear, but trying to find simple, lightweight products made with synthetic materials is a pain. I want to use camo materials to make tarps, packs clothing, etc... I am looking for stuff like camo silnylons, nylon ripstop, etc... Does anyone have suggestions? Also, does anyone know where I could get some ideas or see pictures of other peoples camo projects?

Ben 2 World
(ben2world) - MLife

Locale: So Cal
Re: camo on 09/28/2006 13:59:07 MDT Print View

No direct experience but Sierra Trading Post carries camo attire and gear.

Joseph Rothstein
(joe_r) - F
Re: camo on 09/28/2006 16:42:13 MDT Print View

Seattle Fabrics has some camo fabrics, including nylon ripstop and fleece. Why do you want camo clothing and gear for backpacking?

Edited by joe_r on 09/28/2006 16:42:52 MDT.

(RavenUL) - F
Re: Re: camo on 09/28/2006 17:30:01 MDT Print View

If your looking for just camo raw goods, your not likely to find much more than heavy nylon and fleece.

Silnylon, to my knowledge, isnt made in camo - though Im not sure why it couldnt be. You can get camo taffeta which you could probably seal with thinned silicone.

As for WHY someone might want camo items for sport backpacking - *I* use a good amount of camo or earth toned colored items because I like being "stealth" and because like the increased wilflife viewing opportunities, and because I DESPISE seeing people running around in bright primary and secondary colors looking like traffic cones in the woods. It ruins the illusion of solitude to look across the valley and see a long train of NEON glaring at you.

If your doing a more risky activity than backpacking, like say, mountaineering, by all means wear something visible, but backpacking just isnt enough of a threat to live in fear of "not being seen".

Bill Fornshell
(bfornshell) - MLife

Locale: Southern Texas
CAMO on 09/28/2006 18:17:43 MDT Print View

RIPC+color 60" 1.9oz Coated Woodland Camo - $5.30

RIPC+color 63" 1.1oz lt Urethane coating Woodland Camo - $5.00

tkkn c
(tkknc) - MLife

Locale: Desert Rat in the Southwest
Camo Fabrics on 09/28/2006 18:40:39 MDT Print View

Carries a bunch of different types of camo.

R Alsborg
(FastWalker) - MLife

Locale: Southwest
Camo Fabrics on 09/29/2006 00:18:44 MDT Print View


I found some Digital Camouflage Nylon at Wal-Mart for a buck a yard (See attached sample).


Dig-Camo Fabric

David Olsen

Locale: Steptoe Butte
camo on 09/29/2006 09:42:37 MDT Print View

I once talked the makers of silnylon into a camo test run. It didn't work and they ended up with a
batch of seconds. The trouble they said was running that light a fabric through the rollers several additional time for all the colors caused quality problems. Since they are making the fabric
for life support uses, they couldn't use the stuff
that came out.