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Golite Improved Website
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(jhaura) - F

Locale: Trail
Golite Improved Website on 09/27/2006 18:48:03 MDT Print View

Hi all,

A week ago I sent an email to golite after being frustrated while trying to find new items such as the virga jacket. As it was you had to browse through each category and actively look for something new.

The very helpful and nice IT person there, sent me this email in reply:

-- begin quote

Thanks for the suggestion. Your email gave me the inspiration to finish this project which I’d been letting sit 95% finished for some time.

From the clothing pages you now see a links to a page that displays only "new" "updated" and "lower price" items.

-- end quote

Thanks to golite! If you like the feature maybe let them know for more inspiration. Who knows maybe they'll add a SAC feature, JK.

Anyway I wish BPL would respond as promptly with the forum upgrades everyone wants...

Ben 2 World
(ben2world) - MLife

Locale: So Cal
Re: Golite Improved Website on 09/27/2006 18:53:00 MDT Print View

Good job! Funny how the progammer fessed up that he (or she) had been sitting on a 95% finished project. I supposed some people just find it next to impossible to finish up the last 5% (i.e. dotting the I's and crossing the T's and just making sure that everything is in final tip-top shape).

Ryan Corder
(demo) - MLife

Locale: Arkansan in Seattle
Re: Re: Golite Improved Website on 09/27/2006 21:42:32 MDT Print View

it really does happen a lot in the IT world. The fun and challenging parts of the projects are everything leading up to the end. that last 5% is usually testing and sometimes documentation...programmers don't typically want to do that and more often than not let things sit until they are forced to finish it up.