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Insulation help for myog synthetic quilt
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Michael Fleming
(GiganticMermaid) - F

Locale: Great Smoky Mountains
Insulation help for myog synthetic quilt on 01/28/2011 19:52:19 MST Print View

Ok, so I'm wanting to make my own synthetic quilt for an early start on the AT. I've searched and read many threads on here and I am still not sure on whether to get 6oz or 9.4oz Climashield from OWF. Currently I have a 30 degree down bag which I love, but it will not be warm enough for me with my mid march start on the AT. Has anyone made a quilt/bag with either 6oz or 9.4oz climashield and have a general idea on the warmth rating? I know ratings are different for different people, but I just want a general idea. I'm looking for something that would be good for >20. I want to be toasty, Thanks.

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Robert Coleman
(jbo_c) - F
6oz won't do(for me) on 01/28/2011 20:15:08 MST Print View

I have a DIY made with 5oz(they used to carry) and it will only get me comfortably into the high 40s. I have spent a cold night in the high 30s in it. For me, it would have to be the 9oz - and probably all my clothes.

I'm kind of a middle of the road sleeper. I'm not a warm sleeper, but I don't think I'm an especially cold sleeper either.


PS I recommend not quilting it and only sewing into the side seams. I've made them both ways and won't bother quilting anymore.

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Robert Coleman
(jbo_c) - F
Liner? on 01/28/2011 20:18:04 MST Print View

Have you considered just using a liner in the 30 degree bag? Just a thought.

Good luck.


Michael Fleming
(GiganticMermaid) - F

Locale: Great Smoky Mountains
Re: Liner? on 01/28/2011 20:24:21 MST Print View

I've thought about it. Instead of a liner, do you think a heatsheets emergency bivy would work? How low could one get sleeping under a tarp with a typical bivy, heatsheet emergency bivy, 30 degree bag, and all of my clothes including a Montbell exlight down jacket?
BTW my pad is a Thermarest ProLite Regular

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jerry adams
(retiredjerry) - MLife

Locale: Oregon and Washington
loft on 01/28/2011 20:45:18 MST Print View

Ray Jardine formula is (100 - (40 * loft in inches) )

6 oz is 1-2 inches so it's 20 - 60 degrees F. I don't know what that range of 1 - 2 means - variation across batt of insulation or variation from sample to sample?

Maybe just average it and call it 40 degree F rating

9.4 oz is 2 - 3 inches so it's -20 to 20 degrees F, maybe average it and call it 0 degree F rating.

The Ray Jardine formula may not be that accurate for your needs.

This isn't real useful, but it's a rough idea.

I agree with whoever suggested using a liner, but then it can end up weighing more.

Maybe just plan on wearing as much of your day clothes as needed to stay warm.

Jerry Wick
(JerryW) - F

Locale: Illinois
Overquilt on 01/28/2011 22:10:17 MST Print View

Just a thought - make a slightly larger quilt using the 3.3 oz. Climashield that would layer over your down bag. Then, when the weather warms up you can send it home or bounce it ahead for Fall.

Troy Ammons
(tammons) - F - MLife
Re: Insulation help for myog synthetic quilt on 01/28/2011 22:29:20 MST Print View

Layered would be better. IE a 5oz quilt plus a 2.4 oz topper, or just a topper for your bag. More versatile.

You are going to be miserable with a heat sheet but its better than nothing in an emergency. I tried to sleep in a med emer bivy one time.
The 7 oz one and it was no fun. I immediately came home and reworked it with velcro all around so it will open up into a flat sheet so at least you can vent it.

If you want some climashield ratings this is how the MLD quilts are rated.

This is Apex which is warmer than XP or the high loft. Still depends on how you sleep, ground insul, if you toss and turn and pump cold air in all night etc. You cant buy Apex yet.

If your 30dF bag is actually good to 30dF for you I think you could extend it another 10dF with insul clothing and all your cloths plus a rain suit in a bivy.

If they ever release the Climashield Apex, just build a summer quilt topper for your 30dF bag. I am going to set one up for my golite ultra 20. Its easy to work with and you could probably make a simple quilt in about 3-4 hours. A 2.4oz Apex quilt with .9 oz momentum fabric should weigh about 14-16 oz.

In the summer send back your down bag and keep on trucking.

BTW: I think it was Tim Marshall that told me that 3.7oz combat was way to warm for summer use.

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Tim Marshall
(MarshLaw303) - MLife

Locale: Minnesota
Re: Re: Insulation help for myog synthetic quilt on 01/29/2011 09:01:48 MST Print View

i can use 3.7oz down to about 35*. SOME THIS MIGHT BE 40* so it depends on what summer temps mean to you. for me it means nights above 65* so i use 2.5xp and still sweat.


Michael Fleming
(GiganticMermaid) - F

Locale: Great Smoky Mountains
Climashield on 01/30/2011 22:49:14 MST Print View

Where can I buy Climashield XP? Outdoor wilerness fabrics only has HL. Also, do I have to quilt the insulation?

Troy Ammons
(tammons) - F - MLife
Insulation help for myog synthetic quilt on 01/30/2011 23:10:58 MST Print View

You dont have to quilt XP.

The new climashield is Apex with a higher CLO but is not out yet and everybody is out of XP.

I am like you waiting, because I am ready to build a quilt.

Michael Fleming
(GiganticMermaid) - F

Locale: Great Smoky Mountains
Re: Insulation help for myog synthetic quilt on 01/31/2011 07:07:08 MST Print View

Bleh! Well hopefully it comes out some time soon. I'll be leaving for the AT in less than two months! If anything I might just have to go with the HL

Paul Nanian
(PaulNanian) - F
clo values for climashield continuous filament insulations on 01/31/2011 09:12:37 MST Print View

clo values for climashield continuous filament insulations
climashield green: 0.63
climashield hl: 0.68
climashield combat: 0.78
climashield xp: 0.82
climashield apex: 0.82