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Not exactly MYOG - DIY water bottle and freezer bag cozy projects.
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Joey Dawson
(inabag) - F

Locale: Northern VA
Not exactly MYOG - DIY water bottle and freezer bag cozy projects. on 01/24/2011 14:59:45 MST Print View

I have a small list of things I have been meaning to modify or make, and I knocked out these two yesterday.

First up we have a roughly 1L gatorade bottle.

Just a regular bottle, but I superglued some Triptease so that I won't lose the cap, and it also makes a nice loop when closed so that I can attach it to my pack or a tree or whatever. I plan to start carrying two of these as my sole water storage.

Next up is a freezer bag cozy.

Made this out of a bubble wrap mailer I got at Target for around $1. I used duct tape I already had to seal it up on the edges that I trimmed down. It is sized to fit snuggly around a quart sized freezer bag. I also added some small pieces of velcro tape I had laying around to allow me to keep the cozy closed easily.

I have not had a chance to weigh either items, but the gatorade bottle is as light as it would be without the rope, as I used less than a foot of the triptease. The cozy is light as a feather.

Need to modify my GoLite Jam next, and I want to make some gaiters if I can figure out the fabric.

Marco A. Sánchez

Locale: The fabulous Pyrenees
Re: Not exactly MYOG - DIY water bottle and freezer bag cozy projects. on 01/25/2011 03:48:56 MST Print View

I make mine using a small piece of fishing line, a plastic retainer, and a drop of glue.

Bottle cap retainers

The cap can rotate independently of the fishing line, so it is not twisted.

No more time wasted trying to remember where you left the cap… or see it falling hundreds of feet downhill because your clumsy mitts.

Joey Dawson
(inabag) - F

Locale: Northern VA
Great idea! on 01/25/2011 07:59:06 MST Print View

I love the idea of rotating independently! I just measured the line so that it was just long enough to twist on tight, which leaves a nice small loop.

I hacked at my Jam last night. Cut out the hydration sleeve, pocket sleeves on the hip bands, and almost 3 feet of extra straps. Initially I folded over the straps and used some super glue, but it was not taking very well. So I ended up with a cut end which I melted to create a strong end. Also removed the foam back - I think I am gonna make some camp shoes out of it. Have not had a chance to weight yet, but I estimate I took out a good 4-5 ounces.