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Closure dates?
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Joel Waddell
(TenderPaw) - F

Locale: Lake Tahoe
Closure dates? on 01/17/2011 10:41:41 MST Print View

Does any now when the following resupply points were closed this last fall? Or any firsthand knowledge of a ‘usual’ closing date?

Kennedy Meadows near Sonora Pass?

Tuolumne Meadows post office / general store?

Red’s Meadow or the bus running to Mammoth?

Muir T rail Ranch?


Steve S
(idahosteve) - F

Locale: Idaho
Muir Trail Ranch closure on 01/18/2011 09:53:14 MST Print View

I had a wild hair last season, and was about to take a run at a JMT fastpack in Sept. When I called MTR, they told me that they would not be open, or have any re-supply available after Sept 19. That was the cutoff day. I was thinking about trying to get there before then to take advantage of "free food" and re-supply to get thru the southern half. But my schedule didn't work so I bailed on the trip...
It was also posted on their website.

Dan Magdoff
(highsierraguy) - F

Locale: Northern California
MTR on 01/18/2011 12:09:58 MST Print View

I know the people that own the MTR and have worked up there on and off. When they close (or open) for that matter all depends on the snow season. They want to stay open as long as possible to make the most of their short season for business. I was just on the phone with the owner last week, and they were telling me how they are transitioning over to do a lot more work with backpackers than private parties as in the past...which might mean they will cater to backpackers a little more.

So...I think it all would really depend on the season, but id say typically around early to mid September is when they close shop. They stop operations to give themselves enough time to get everything out of the ranch like supplies, trucks and pack animals. That also depends on Southern Edison power company. MTR depends on the Edison to have Florence Lake drained at some point to drive there trucks through some of the lake bed to get them out of the ranch.

I know I didnt give a real definitive answer....but I hope it helps a bit.

Ill be up there in the beginning of the season working June and July....shoot me an e-mail around then and maybe I can get you a better answer.

Joel Waddell
(TenderPaw) - F

Locale: Lake Tahoe
update on 01/19/2011 10:56:41 MST Print View

Kennedy meadows will be open until October 10th

Toulumne is open until late Sept

Reds Meadow October 1st

These dates can change with earily snow, so take it for what its worth.