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Pick apart my gear List!
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Tom Casperite
(tcasperite) - F
Pick apart my gear List! on 09/19/2006 12:07:45 MDT Print View

I have been practicing lightweight backpacking for some time now, but have yet to ask for anyone elses input when it comes to my gear list. I am comming closer and closer to my "finished" kit for 3 season use appropriate for LATE fall and EARLY spring in the mid-atlantic, northeast states. However, we all know that your kit is only finished for as long as it takes for a new prodcut to hit the shelves. Anyway, I have a few stipulation to my gear list that I have put in place. I for one do not like the idea of using a poncho tarp. I like the idea of having a full rain suite. It makes me feel more comfortable, and I am not a fan of having to run in the rain when nature calls in the middle of a stormy night. I also didn't sacrifice alot of durability or comfort for weight. My gole is to squeeze out as much comfort out from the lightest gear that doesn't fall apart. I appreciate all thoughts, and criticisms, so please give me your feedback. Please note all figures in OZ.

Clothing Worn

Clothing - Base Layer - Shirts Smartwool Men's Microweight Crew 7.90
Clothing - Base Layer - Underwear Smartwool Men's Microweight Boxerbriefs 3.40
Clothing - Soft Shell - Pants Cloudveil Peak Pants 10.17
Clothing - Raingear - Jackets Integral Designs eVENT Rain Jacket 9.00 (I typically use this as a windshirt as well.)
Footwear - Socks Smartwool Trailrunner II 1.50
Footwear - Trail Running Shoes Montrail Hardrock 26.00
Hats Standard Cotton Bseball Hat 4.00

Subtotal 61.97

Other Items Worn / Carried

First Aide & Survival ACR Whistle, AirCore Spectra cord lanyard 1.00
First Aide & Survival Benchmade Knife 2.06
First Aide & Survival Sparklite & Firestarter in 4"x7" Aloksak 1.00
Personal Items Cell Phone 3.30
Personal Items Photo ID, Credit Card, and Money 0.50
Toiletries & Personal Care Chapstick 0.25
Sunglasses Arnette Swinger 0.62
Navigation Polra AXN 700 4.20
Navigation Garmin Geko 101 3.10 (I wish this was the Geko 301, I am holding out for a highly sensitive GPS with compass and altimeter that works well for the tree covered east coast.)

Subtotal 16.03

Other Clothing

Clothing - Insulating - Jackets Patagonia Micro Puff Pullover 12.50
Clothing - Raingear - Pants GoLite Reed 4.40
Hats OR Float Hat 2.10
Gloves The North Face Fleece Gloves 3.00

Subtotal 22.00

Sleep System

Shelters - Tarps & Floorless Bozeman Mountain Works Stealth 0 LITE 5.70
Shelters - Tarps & Floorless Support Poles Fibraplex 3.00
Stakes & Guylines 8 BMW Lazr HI-VIS Titanium Stakes 1.89
Stakes & Guylines Bozeman Mountain Works AirCore 0.25
Bivy Sacks Homemade Similar to Oware 10.10
Sleeping Bags - Mummy Marmot Hydrogen 29.00
Sleeping Pads - Closed Cell Foam Thermarest RidgeRest Sleeping Pad - Short 9.00

Subtotal 58.94


Backpacks - Frameless GoLite Jam 21.10
Stuff Sacks OR Ditty Bag Small 0.52
Stuff Sacks Golite 0.39
Stuff Sacks Granite Gear Air Bag #1 0.40

Subtotal 22.41

Cooking and Water

Stoves - Solid Fuel Ultralight Outfitters Beercan Esbit Stove System 3.80
Cookware Vargo Titanium Spork 0.49
First Aide & Survival Matches in 4" x 7" Aloksak 0.35
Water Bottles Platypus Water Resevior - 2L 1.00
Water Bottles Platypus Drinking Tube 2.30
Water Treatment Aqua Mira Kit 1.10
Bear Protection UrsaLite with Sleeping Bag Stuff Sack and OP 12" x 15" Bag Liner 5.10

Subtotal 14.14

Other Essentials

Lights - Headlamps & Flashlights Photon Freedom Micro LED Light (with battery) 0.22
First Aide & Survival Assorted Wound, Blister Care, and Medications 2.17
First Aide & Survival Duct Tape 0.25
Navigation Map Waterproof Topo Printer Paper 0.50
Toiletries & Personal Care Coppertone Sport Stick Sun Screen 1.00
Toiletries & Personal Care 100% DEET Repackaged in Mini Dropper Bottle 0.50
Toiletries & Personal Care Contact Case and Solution Repackaged in Mini Dropper Bottle 1.00
Toiletries & Personal Care Toothbrush & Toothpaste in 4"x7" Aloksak 0.50
Toiletries & Personal Care Glasses 0.55
Toiletries & Personal Care MSR Pack Towell Ultralight Small 0.57
Toiletries & Personal Care Campmor Soap Repackaged 0.35

Subtotal 6.14

Weight Summary

Total Weight Worn or Carried 4 lb 14 oz (2.21 kg)
Total Base Pack Weight 7 lb 12 oz(3.50 kg)

Edited by tcasperite on 09/19/2006 13:00:04 MDT.

Aaron Sorensen
(awsorensen) - MLife

Locale: South of Forester Pass
Re: Pick apart my gear List! on 09/19/2006 21:02:00 MDT Print View

Hey Tom,
Cool list.
It looks very comfortable down to around 15 degrees.

I'm not sure what you are trying to do with your list, or if you are trying to make it lighter???
It seems we get lighter when then the next best thing comes along that's an ounce or two lighter than what we have now.

If you are tiring to make a change to the list, my only opinion is that it's maybe a little too comfortable. It just seems that you have a list that includes everything for anything you may encounter. If this works for you, then I really like your list and wouldn't change a thing until that next gotta have it comes along.

I would only look at what you actually use on any specific trip and see if there is a multi-use item you can replace some of the items with.
Again, not going into any details, I also feel that what ever you did replace would be less comfortable.

I would love to say you should replace your bag with a quilt, but I wouldn’t replace a bag with a quilt that I need to get down to 15 degrees with.

I would also love to say to replace your pack with a lighter one. Then again, there are some sub 5# guys out there that would not give there 19+oz Jam and MacPacs up for nothing.

It all about comfort!!!!!!!!!!!

Peter McDonough
(crazypete) - F

Locale: Above the Divided Line
Re: Pick apart my gear List! on 09/19/2006 21:48:36 MDT Print View

Get a different bivy, rainjacket, and insulating jacket. 9 oz for a closed cell pad??????? A TorsoLite is 10 oz. You can either add some comfort or drop some weight there. Get a lighter sleeping bag and use some of the weight to get a decent light. The photons don't cut it for anything but taking a pee and digging through your pack.

Joseph Rothstein
(joe_r) - F
hat, socks, water bottle(s) on 09/19/2006 22:07:05 MDT Print View

This is pretty minor, but you could replace the cotton baseball cap with a lightweight nylon cap. It would save you 2-3 ounces and, more importantly, your hat would absorb much less water and dry far more quickly. You can probably find a good one for $5-$15. I like the soft-billed kind that can easily be folded up and stored in a standard shorts/pants pocket.

Consider a spare pair of socks.

You have only one water-holding item. If the Platypus springs a leak, you're SOL. I'd drop the drinking tube and carry a bottle, but that's just my preference.

Dale Wambaugh
(dwambaugh) - MLife

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Re: hat, socks, water bottle(s) on 09/20/2006 14:13:21 MDT Print View

Running stores are good for UL baseball caps. I picked up a Road Runner Sports model at a garage sale that has mesh sides, but the bill is typical ball cap stuff. The only reason I would wear one would be to improve a sloppy hood in the rain-- works good.

I carry a spare 1 liter Platypus in my bug-out bag in case I damage or lose my main container.

(dpenney) - F
sleeping bag on 09/22/2006 06:57:14 MDT Print View

I think your sleeping bag weighs less than the weight you have listed...should be around 21 oz. (probably the easiest way to loose some weight off your list) ;)

Paul Tree
(Paul_Tree) - F

Locale: Wowwww
Huh? on 10/03/2006 12:35:37 MDT Print View

Just some questions:

How long of trips is this list for?

Have you ever used the firestarter?
* Isn't your regular solid fuel a decent firestarter, maybe if scored or fluffed or chopped or on an already burned part?
* I usually just take an extra lighter, they have a way of getting lost.
* * BTW, I like to remove the childproof wire strip over the top, so it's possible to light with gloves.
* Purell is a decent firestarter and antibacterial. I used to have an alcohol-based sunblock that did all three. Could have been Bullfrog?
* Isn't Crest Total a decent antibacterial?

What have you used the soap for?

Can you lick your bowl clean?

How many feet of duct tape is that?

What is in this kit?
--> "First Aide & Survival Assorted Wound, Blister Care, and Medications 2.17"

Edited by Paul_Tree on 10/03/2006 12:44:59 MDT.