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Patagonia Houdini
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Ike Jutkowitz
(Ike) - M

Locale: Central Michigan
Patagonia Houdini on 01/11/2011 09:02:13 MST Print View

Back in stock at Moosejaw. Not a deal, but should make some people happy anyway.

David T
(DaveT) - F
patagonia web special on Houdini on 01/11/2011 09:10:28 MST Print View

Alpha Green color in XL still on sale at Patagonia Web Specials for $90.

Edited by DaveT on 01/11/2011 09:11:15 MST.

Mike M
(mtwarden) - MLife

Locale: Montana
I believe those are the "heavy" ones on 01/11/2011 12:50:28 MST Print View

^ ones on Patagonia site, I think the weight spec is wrong on those, it appears to be the mil spec one (part of their MARS system)- hood folds into collar, heavier denier, longer cut, etc- Large is ~ 10 oz (vs ~ 4-ish for the "regular" Houdini)

I have one of each, one is reserved for bushwacking/hunting, the other for backpacking

Edited by mtwarden on 01/11/2011 12:51:17 MST.

Ben 2 World
(ben2world) - MLife

Locale: So Cal
Re: Patagonia Houdini on 01/11/2011 13:05:50 MST Print View

Same deal at as well. Different colors and sizes available.

Greg Mihalik
(greg23) - M

Locale: Colorado
Re: I believe those are the "heavy" ones on 01/11/2011 13:08:21 MST Print View

I "chatted" with Patagonia customer service. They confirmed the 3.7 weight. The color is part of the MARS stuff.

I hacked mine to get rid of the collar and half of the zipper.

Now it weighs 3.6 ounces. So I think the 3.7 is a little optimistic.

Richard Nisley
(richard295) - M

Locale: San Francisco Bay Area
Re: I believe those are the "heavy" ones on 01/11/2011 13:27:44 MST Print View

Special Edition Houdini (Alpha Green with snap collar)

I measured the Special Edition weight for an XL at 4.5 oz.(XL Standard Edition 4.0 oz.) and an XXL at 4.6 oz.(XXL Standard Edition not available). The porosity of the Special Edition version is about double the standard Houdini and the waterproofness commensurately less. I estimate the Special Edition CFM to be ~10CFM versus ~5CFM for the Standard Edition Houdini.

A simple test that you can do to demonstrate the above mentioned variance is to create a cup shape in the fabric and then pour in 1 cup of water. The Special Edition version fabric results in the water leaking out without any additional pressure applied. The Standard Edition requires that the cup shape be closed and a moderate squeezing force be applied before the water will pass through the fabric.

The DWR (EPIC like treatment) is thicker (more robust) on the Standard Edition than it is on the Special edition. My guess is that the Special Edition version required less gloss for concealment.

Special Edition @ 200x

Stadard Edition @ 200x
200x Standard

Edited by richard295 on 01/11/2011 13:49:57 MST.

Mike M
(mtwarden) - MLife

Locale: Montana
MARS on 01/11/2011 17:18:12 MST Print View

very interesting :) mine evidently is not the "special edition" one, but actually a military issue piece- although they are dead ringers looks wise

weight is 10.5 oz, size large, has the military green tag behind the patagonia label



Richard Nisley
(richard295) - M

Locale: San Francisco Bay Area
Re: MARS on 01/11/2011 17:37:39 MST Print View


Very interesting. I looked at the tags on the two I tested; there is the horizontal colored Patagonia label tag and under it is a white garment-care tag. The white garment-care tag says made in China.

The source for the ones that I tested was the Patagonia Web Site. See

How did you source yours?


Edited by richard295 on 01/11/2011 19:36:42 MST.

Brett Peugh
(bpeugh) - F - M

Locale: Midwest
XXL on 01/11/2011 17:53:18 MST Print View

If that XXL goes up for sale for less than retail Richard, please let me know.

Actually I probably couldn't afford it

Edited by bpeugh on 01/11/2011 17:54:53 MST.

Richard Nisley
(richard295) - M

Locale: San Francisco Bay Area
MARS aka PCU L4 on 01/11/2011 18:21:11 MST Print View


You apparently have the PCU L4 military wind shirt rather than the Houdini Special Edition. I also tested the PCU L4 version wind shirt. The Large-Long weighed 11 oz. as does yours. It has less breathability and more hydrostatic head than the Houdini in addition to being extremely durable.

See for a description of your wind shirt.

Mike M
(mtwarden) - MLife

Locale: Montana
MARS on 01/11/2011 19:07:52 MST Print View

Richard- thanks :) that sounds like it exactly, I have a regular Houdini that sees a ton of use, wanted something a little more durable for hunting- looks like I found the right piece


Richard Fischel
mars gear is made in the usa on 01/12/2011 12:31:01 MST Print View

other patagonia stuff for the most part is not. also, mars gear has the sizes broken down into long/regular/short for the most part. mars gear leaks out thru the patagonia web site, ebay, army surplus stores and *tactical* supply houses.

Mike M
(mtwarden) - MLife

Locale: Montana
something new on 01/12/2011 13:06:47 MST Print View

^ another tidbit I didn't know- thanks :)