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Advice with condensation curtains?
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Jeremy Platt
(jeremy089786) - F

Locale: Sydney
Advice with condensation curtains? on 01/10/2011 23:48:32 MST Print View

Hi Guys,
I have only recently stumbled across the idea of the 'condensation curtain' used by tarptent (can't find the link now but will add it when I find it) and was thinking about trying to add one to my hexamid.

I have some spare M90 lying about and was thinking about simply adding a couple of guy points from the hexamid and just hanging it from them so it will hopefully divert any stray condensation formed drops form my sleeping bag.

This way I could also use the momentum as a sheet or wrap it around my bag like a bivy if it gets windy.

Has anyone tried something like this before and or have any suggestions?

Also, although it would be super expensive, would M50 work for this application?


drowning in spam
(leaftye) - F

Locale: SoCal
Re: Advice with condensation curtains? on 01/11/2011 00:05:40 MST Print View

I could see if you really want to use it as a makeshift bivy, but nanoseeum looks to be the same weight as M50 and would work as a condensation curtain too.

Ken T.
(kthompson) - MLife

Locale: All up in there
Re: Re: Advice with condensation curtains? on 01/11/2011 06:14:11 MST Print View

condensation curtain @ Nemo tents

S Long

Locale: Wasatch
Re: Re: Re: Advice with condensation curtains? on 01/13/2011 23:07:16 MST Print View

I was looking at the condensation curtains available on the Nemo mountaineering tents and I would like to try to make one work for my Hilleberg Jannu. Nanoseeum would work as well as Momentum? Is that the consensus?

Derek Goffin

Locale: North of England
Advice with condensation curtains?" on 01/14/2011 15:39:33 MST Print View

I was thinking of trying one for our Nallo. I would have thought the less permeable the better. There will always be leakage around the bottom anyway but the damp breath air will rise and wants to be directed out not allowed in.

Derek Goffin

Locale: North of England
Advice with condensation curtains on 01/17/2011 05:20:27 MST Print View

The Nemo condensation curtain seems to have stitched a continuous velcro strip flat onto the tent wall and the other part on the removable curtain The problem with this is the velcro is in peel. It might be better to stitch one edge only of a light tape to the wall, so it is permanently in the plane of the curtain. Then just have regular velcro tabs to attach the curtain to the tape. Less velcro but in shear.