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New Year's Resolutions
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Tyler Hughes
(catsnack) - F

Locale: Smoky Mountains
New Year's Resolutions on 12/29/2010 19:00:18 MST Print View

Here are my New Year's Resolutions:

1: No coffee, cola, or black tea (like 6 cups a day right now)
2: No fast food, period. And no restaurants unless it would be rude, like for your best friend's birthday party at their favorite place, or something like that. I am making my wife go in on this one with me because she easily spends over $1000 a year on eating out. New gear and a couple extra days off sounds better than 920 McDoubles + tax, and is probably a tad healthier.
3: Run a marathon (never run more than 8 miles before)

What have you resolved to do?

Ken K
(TheFatBoy) - F

Locale: St. Louis
Recover... on 12/29/2010 22:37:24 MST Print View

I've had two back surgeries this year. My biggest resolution is to get back to pack mule status. Here's the full list...

1) Drop down to 220 pounds (currently 285).
2) Run/walk a half-marathon in April in regulation time.
3) Finish a half-Ironman by the end of the year.
4) Hike at least 150 trail miles, including part of the A.T.
5) Drop base weight to 15 pounds.
6) Do at least 6 things on my bucket list (it's a huge list, and only getting bigger).

Feels good putting all that "on paper".

Chad Eagle

Locale: SoCal
resolution on 12/29/2010 23:39:17 MST Print View

1: Make a better effort to hit the gym on a regular basis

2: Make more local trips and more trips with wife and kids.

3: Kick the Copenhagen habit of 19 years.

Ben Satterfield
( - F

Locale: Virginia
My resolutions on 12/30/2010 11:54:19 MST Print View

For the first time in my life I wanted to make a New Year's Resolution. In the past I had always laughed off the stupidity of such a notion. I've decided to set some goals this year. I have even started on things prior to January 1st.

Read books - I have made a list of several books I want to read, printed them out and put them in my wallet. So when I go to a used bookstore I can find them. I didn't finish reading a single book in 2010.

Play less video games - my son associates quality time with dad as watching him play video games. I want that association to be of more variety. (Lego building, reading books, etc)

Cook something - my wife enjoys it and I have become lazy in the skill of cooking anything. I can assemble tacos at the moment.

Hang out with some quality people - right now I don't have any friends that I can just talk to. It always some event that I see other parents at, and make small talk about weather or kids.

Get in shape - My job has me sitting all day.

Fix things around the house so that we can move to a bigger house. I re-caulked around the tubs last night.

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