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moosejaw - free 500 points
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James S
(HikinNC) - F
Points received. on 12/20/2010 15:43:00 MST Print View

Thanks, John!

Anybody else in need? Have 3 spots.

B Phan
(grltrvlr) - F
i'll take some and give some on 12/20/2010 16:25:53 MST Print View

(removed email, points received)


Edited by grltrvlr on 12/20/2010 18:53:51 MST.

Jim MacDiarmid
(jrmacd) - MLife
Re: i'll take some and give some on 12/20/2010 16:38:46 MST Print View

B Phan +500 points.

B Phan
(grltrvlr) - F
thanks, james on 12/20/2010 16:41:00 MST Print View

Thanks, James! I'll catch the next three folks.

nanook ofthenorth
(nanookofthenorth) - MLife
moosejaw - free 500 points on 12/20/2010 16:41:32 MST Print View

thanks - got them!
Anyone still need points? Looks like everyone has been taken care of at this point..

Tony Fleming
(TonyFleming) - MLife

Locale: Midwest
500 points on 12/20/2010 16:46:34 MST Print View


I'll take 500 points and send them back to you.



Edited by TonyFleming on 12/20/2010 16:52:50 MST.

Ike Jutkowitz

Locale: Central Michigan
500 points on 12/20/2010 16:59:05 MST Print View

Anyone got some for me?

-edited to remove email. Points received. Thanks!

Edited by Ike on 12/20/2010 18:16:35 MST.

B Phan
(grltrvlr) - F
tony and ike on 12/20/2010 17:02:38 MST Print View

I'll send them your way. I think the promo only lets you send once to three people, so I'll wait for a third request before sending.

Mike M
(mtwarden) - MLife

Locale: Montana
3rd one on 12/20/2010 17:07:18 MST Print View

I'd take some please


Edited by mtwarden on 12/20/2010 18:21:27 MST.

B Phan
(grltrvlr) - F
tony, ike, and mike on 12/20/2010 17:10:43 MST Print View

Enjoy, and happy holidays!

James S
(HikinNC) - F
Re: on 12/20/2010 17:11:39 MST Print View

Gift givers/receivers - please update when you receive your points so we know who still needs to be taken care of.

Until then, I'll take the next 3 people who need points.

Use my user name (HikinNC) in your subject line!

Tyson Marshall
(sheepNgeese) - MLife

Locale: Ventura County (formerly PNW)
Re: Re: on 12/20/2010 17:13:12 MST Print View

I'll do a little giving and taking.


James S
(HikinNC) - F
Re: on 12/20/2010 17:13:37 MST Print View

I'll get you, Marshall!

2 more!

Weiyi Wang
(wwyjedi) - M

Locale: mid
i can use $5 on 12/20/2010 17:23:16 MST Print View
thank you.

Joseph Ainsworth
(jainsworth123) - F

Locale: Greater LA area
points on 12/20/2010 17:25:54 MST Print View
thanks guys
anyone else still need some?

Ernie Lak
(SirChubalots) - F
EMail on 12/20/2010 17:30:06 MST Print View
Thanks in advance, will send to below people

Edited by SirChubalots on 12/20/2010 17:33:10 MST.

Stephan Doyle
Re: points on 12/20/2010 17:30:33 MST Print View

Got mine, thanks!

Edited by StephanCal on 12/20/2010 18:51:21 MST.

Ike Jutkowitz

Locale: Central Michigan
500 points on 12/20/2010 18:13:53 MST Print View

I'll get Aren and Stephan. Anyone else need some?

KL Tang
(kinleungt) - F
500 points on 12/20/2010 19:00:40 MST Print View

Thanks in advance

James S
(HikinNC) - F
Re: Sent on 12/20/2010 19:13:05 MST Print View

Marshall, Willy, and Joseph taken care of!