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Swamp Fox Passage for New Year's?
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Craig Brooks
(CraigB) - F
Swamp Fox Passage for New Year's? on 12/14/2010 18:07:38 MST Print View

Looking for a partner to hike the Swamp Fox Passage of the Palmetto Trail (SC) around New Year's. Dates a little flexible. Great trail for beginning hiker-Flat as table!

Alan Greene
(Alan3) - F
RE: on 12/18/2010 18:45:48 MST Print View

I've lived in the Charleston area for about a year now and have only had the chance to day hike a short section of the trail. I've been wanting to do the entire trail since. I'm not sure how flexible you are with dates but I will be out of the country until the 8th, my schedule is pretty flexible after that.


Joshua Gray
(coastalhiker) - MLife
Watch for flooding on 12/19/2010 07:06:54 MST Print View

Hey guys, nice to see other Charlestonians on here. The wife and I hiked about 20 miles (10 out and back) of the Swamp Fox last year. It was a nice intro for her and nice to stretch my legs in this flat land. The only caution I have for you is that much of the trail (like 80%) was under water in May. Had to hop on and off the poorly kept wooden platforms in some areas and in others just had to walk through it. Should be less of a problem in January, but I would make sure to call the forestry service to get a report. Too bad I'll be out of town around New Years.


Craig Brooks
(CraigB) - F
RE: Swamp Fox on 12/20/2010 18:07:10 MST Print View

Thanks for the info.

Unfortunately my dates aren't flexible enough to roll to the 8th. I've found a friend to hike it New Year's weekend. I'll definitely call the USFS for an update before I drive down.

Andy Anderson
(ianders) - F

Locale: Southeast
Be sure to take pictures on 12/20/2010 18:44:37 MST Print View

I live in Myrtle Beach and travel to Charleston frequently. I have been thinking checking out the Palmetto Trail for a short day hike. I would love to see some pictures when you get back.

Craig Brooks
(CraigB) - F
Pictures on 12/20/2010 18:53:40 MST Print View

Will do. I've never hiked the Swamp Fox as a trail, but we used to run field training exercises in that area when I was in college.

Kristin Zeaser-Sydow
(learnext) - F
Swamp Fox Passage on 12/29/2010 18:21:02 MST Print View

R. & I hiked from Halfway Creek Camp at the intersection of Steed Creek Rd. & Halfway Creek Rd. East for a couple of miles. Gorgeous! Aside from a few wet spots in the area of the Carolina Bays along the tail, it was mostly dry. The only discouraging sight was the GARBAGE piled up at Halfway Creek Camp. There wasn't anyone there but some hunters who were running their dogs. They assured us that there was no hunting allowed on that side of the road-- not sure why they run their dogs their but we never saw them.

We intend to go back to try out our new backpacks on this flat terrain later in January, weather permitting.