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1st gear list
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Marc Mensing
(soldierspike) - F

Locale: Southwest
1st gear list on 12/06/2010 14:22:57 MST Print View

I sat down the other day and weighed everything in my pack, as well as some clothing worn put it into a spreadsheet, exported it into a .PDF and uploaded it to my profile.
There is at least 1 item I'm going to be swapping out, because I KNOW 36 ozs is way to heavy for a Bivy.
Also my skin-out weight isn't accurate as I didn't weigh out some of the things I carry, such as cigarettes, lighter, sporran, wallet, cell-phone etc.
As per "Gear List Etiquette" here's the details:
A1: I usually go with at least 1 person, but want the kit to go solo when I feel I'm ready.
A2 & 3: I'm hiking in and around the Tucson area and set this list up for spring and fall, so no real issues with weather, except for some light rain in early spring.
A4: Trip lengths are 3-4 days


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Jeffrey McConnell
lighter pack on 12/06/2010 18:07:04 MST Print View

Good first list. There's a few things that you can change that will enable you to drop a lot of weight.

Bivy - Yep. You should be able to get this down to around 7 oz.

Pack - You could easily knock a pound off that, if not more. Lots of choices for packs with and without frames and a lot of deals out there.

H2O filter - dump it for chlorine dioxide tablets/bleach (use in conjunction w/frontier pro filter if you don't like the taste).

Camelbak Thermobak - do you need this? - drop it for lighter platypus, gatorade bottles, etc.

Cook set - what kind of meals do you cook? Do you just boil water? If so, you could get this lighter. Leave the bowl and frying pan at home and eat out of the pot.

MultiTowel - get rid of it - you have a bandana.

Soap - is this included in first aid? If not, add it.

No TP - good for you!

Consumables - create a separate category for consumables such as water, fuel, and food (add food). These won't be included in your base weight since they are variable depending on the trip.

You mentioned you left a few things out. It can be a little tedious, but take the time to add everything. Small things add up and its good to know how much EVERYTHING weighs.

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Mike Clelland
(mikeclelland) - MLife

Locale: The Tetons (via Idaho)
Right ON! on 12/06/2010 21:55:04 MST Print View

Jeff - My main man! Tellin' it like it is!!!

Marc Mensing
(soldierspike) - F

Locale: Southwest
RE: Jeff on 12/10/2010 11:00:42 MST Print View

Pack: I'm using this pack, despite it's weight, because I sweat profusely, and the fully ventilated back panel helps me from soaking through my shirt and the back of my kilt when hiking. I also like the pack because it's my 3 season pack, during the summer I'll be hiking with 5-6L of water and feel that this pack will support that weight better.

H2O filter: I don't like waiting 30 min for water, it's as simple as that.

Camelbak Thermobak: The insulation is great for preventing my water from becoming overly warm, which makes me less likely to drink it.

Cookset: I tend to boil in a bag, along with some easy frying pan food, so I need the pan, and the bowl makes drinking coffee while water is heating for breakfast much easier.

Towel: yeah, I can probably ditch this.

Soap: this will be included in consumables

TP: no, I didn't add TP to this list, as it'd be under consumables, however I WILL be carrying it, mainly because the plants around here tend to either A: not have real leaves, or B: have very big thorns, or C: a combination of the first two.

Troy Ammons
(tammons) - F - MLife
1st gear list on 12/11/2010 08:56:56 MST Print View

Not much anything wrong with what you have but if you want to go lighter Eventually I would...

Get a lighter pack, like a Miraposa or the like. There are some SUL frame packs out there in the same weight range. I am building a cuben/frame pack that will weigh about 14 oz.
That will save a pound or so.

You can do a complete alcohol/bag crushproof cookset with everything but alcohol in 5.5 oz and its cheap, like under $20. If you must have a frypan the tfal one egg wonder has real non stick coating and is thick alum and weighs 3.5 oz.

Did not see a gas bottle for the pocket rocket.
4 oz gas bottle weighs around 8oz full I think.
If you carry the pocket rocket in the protective plastic cover the complete
stove with bottle empty is 8oz.
Not bad but its still half a pound.

You can build a 1.25oz tyvek 8 oz total weight bivy for about $30-40.

You need a ground cloth of some sort. Frostking film is SUL. The sliding glass door kit will make 2.

I do understand the water pump and I carry one at times but if you do it right you dont have to wait 30 minutes with a frontier pro.

Skip the towel and get a Libman or similar microfiber dish cloth from publix.

Wear the multitool on your belt or just carry a lighter knife. I dont add that equipment into my pack weight since I mostly carry a swiss army knife with a saw in my pocket. I carry some of my survival gear in my pocket too. Its very small.

Get something lighter than a themobak.
19 oz is way to heavy to carry 3L of H20 hot or not.
You can do lighter insulation if you need to. All sorts of cheap
ways to do that.

Blast match is a good tool, but I mostly carry a micro striker rod in my pocket.
Smaller and lighter. Its part of my pocket survival kit.

Weber fire starters from Ace are the same as wet fire and they are cheap, and if you shave them they will catch a spark and will burn wet like floating on top of water.

A cube weighs about 11 grams and will boil 2 cups of H20 but it will smoke your pot.
I shave them down and repackage a few into a sealed small tubular containers. You have to keep them sealed. They are non toxic.

All that should save you about 4#.

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