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Homemade bikepacking gear
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Michael Shadduck
(Chilly) - F
Homemade bikepacking gear on 12/05/2010 16:21:34 MST Print View

I have been fabricating a few items for my 2011 rig. I hope this can be useful for someone.I have found most of my ultralight info on this site. I want to say thanks to all the contributors on this site. I have made the most2011 Lynskey setup out of gear selections with your advice.Kydex rear rack and fendershaped tank bag for knee clearancekydex fly rod case tank bag and triangle bag
I want to apologize in advance for any errors in this message this is my first post. Thank you in advance for any advice or criticism.

Nancy Twilley

Locale: STL
nice! on 12/05/2010 16:30:13 MST Print View

thanks for your pictures--could you give any more insight on the frame pack you made? (The triangle one) My partner has been bugging me to make her one for a while.

Was it difficult to make? Did you use anything to stiffen it, or is it just a simple shaped sack?

edit: Oh, and why did you decide to make it wrap over the frame instead of hang from it?


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Michael Shadduck
(Chilly) - F
Triangle bag on 12/05/2010 16:56:29 MST Print View

The triangle bag was a lot of work for vary little usable space. I mostly wanted it to help secure the tank bag. I did not stiffen the sides yet. It would not be hard to drop something inside if it needs it with the open top design. I really don't think it is necessary to design it this way. It is actually held in place with two Velcro straps inside. I just like the design of my commuter bag and it has always kept my work clothes dry. It also allows for some bag expansion at the top. The tank bag was a little easier to buid because it it just a shaped stuff sack with straps. It has a lot of usable space and can double a bear bag at night when empty. I shaped everything with cardboard cut outs to match the frame.I can send you pics of the triangle bag if you like.

Michael Shadduck
(Chilly) - F
A quick description of the images. on 12/05/2010 17:09:18 MST Print View

1. Rolled kydex on the down tube as a fly rod carrier.

2. Triangle bag

3. Shaped stuffsack as a tank bag. With the 4 attachment straps it has vary little lateral movement.

4. shaped kydex as a rear fender/rack. It is shaped to allow a stuff sack to compress without contacting my thighs on the pedal stroke.

Arapiles .
(Arapiles) - M

Locale: Melbourne
Re: A quick description of the images. on 12/06/2010 01:39:25 MST Print View

Very nice - the mudguard/rack is very innovative. Is that the stuff mail crates are made of?

And is that a Ti bike?


I just noticed the Lynskey decals - so, yes, it's Ti. Personally my dream bike would be a Cooper CX with discs.

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Michael Shadduck
(Chilly) - F
Kydex? on 12/06/2010 10:47:41 MST Print View

I use the kydex to make gun holsters and knife sheaths. It is easy to shape once you heat it and it is vary tough. I see it used as kick plate on the doors at the hospital that get hit by beds all the time. I agree on the Cooper my daily rider is a 1x10 Fuji cross rig . The guys at Lynskey have taken great care of me. If I was to ever buy a new frame it would be through them. Keep an eye on the Lynskey Loft you will find great deals toward the end of the year. There is a Cooper in there now.