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Make Your Own Gear: Five Yards to SuperUltraLight <br>Part 1, Introduction
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Cat Jasins
(CatJasins) - MLife
Make Your Own Gear: Five Yards to SuperUltraLight <br>Part 1, Introduction on 08/29/2006 22:50:45 MDT Print View

Companion forum thread to:

Make Your Own Gear: Five Yards to SuperUltraLight Part 1, Introduction

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R Alsborg
(FastWalker) - MLife

Locale: Southwest
Make Your Own Gear: Five Yards to SuperUltraLight on 08/30/2006 00:26:23 MDT Print View


Excellent and insightful article for us do it yourselfer’s

David Fry
(DavidFry) - MLife
The rest of the articles? on 09/16/2006 09:57:39 MDT Print View

When will the other articles come out? I can't wait. By the way I like the compression system on the pack. Nice design.

Miguel Reznicek
(Migs) - F
Where to get Spinnaker Fabric? on 09/20/2006 06:29:47 MDT Print View

Great article and I admire your organization!

Can you add to it some internet suppliers of the spinnaker fabric that you use?

Thanks amigo! -Migs

Johnny Gish
(jtgish) - F

Locale: Coppell, Texas
Make Your Own Gear: Five Yards to SuperUltraLight <br>Part 1, Introduction on 11/16/2006 14:19:40 MST Print View

any idea when part 2 will be released?

b d
(bdavis) - F

Locale: Mt. Lassen - Shasta, N. Cal.
gets rid of gear addiction on 12/07/2006 15:13:28 MST Print View

This is where I am headed, making my own gear or using commercially available gear to suit my particular needs. I already asked my partner to teach me how to use her sewing machine ... my idea is to use a GG Whisper and a UL 45 REI pack harness to create a true UL pack out of both. With the Whisper as a removable bag portion and something like the pack in this article, using the GG pack as the base for the bag part. I learn so much here it is awesome. And gets rid of the addiction I have to buying whatever looks right or good, because of lack of time to develop the kinds of intstructions, templates, and concepts already done by people here.

Wegg Dickens
(thierrybismuth) - M
Gutterman thread. on 09/05/2007 02:55:42 MDT Print View

What kind (references) of Gutterman thread is necessary for sewing the tarp ?

Ty Brady
(tytanium) - F

Locale: South-West Virginia
Balancing the thread tensions/ how much tension/ different needle type? on 03/03/2010 18:28:17 MST Print View

Excellent article. I'm hoping you will cover how to tune your sewing machine for sewing lightweight fabric. I have experience with medium weight fabric, but I tried once to sew lightweight fabric and the sewing seam just did not look good. Maybe you could share some insight here in future articles.
Thanks, Ty

Dana Sherry
(dsherry) - M

Locale: Southwest
great article on 03/03/2010 20:22:40 MST Print View

Nice! loved it, i am inspired. Been making alot of silnylon gear, and may have to step up to this next winter.

Connie Dodson
(ConnieDodson) - F

Locale: Montana
Request on 03/04/2010 10:58:48 MST Print View

1. I wish you had the actual "lines" in a pattern in a file for us to download and use.

2. The use of material is highly interesting. What CAD program is that? It allows you to drag-and-drop the shapes?

These are the two reasons I am reluctant to spend for expensive materials: not having a great pattern and waste of the expensive materials.

I feel I can work on skills, if necessary.

The article here: is very helpful in that regard.

Edited by ConnieDodson on 03/05/2010 05:22:13 MST.