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How low will you go?
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Luke Schmidt
(Cameron) - MLife

Locale: The WOODS
5 pounds on 11/16/2010 11:50:49 MST Print View

I've gone sub 5 lbs before and love it. If I don't need a lot of insulation I can even have a seperate shelter and rain gear. If I need more insulation than I can us my poncho tarp to save weight. I would not us a poncho tarp in combo with a down quilt however if I expected a lot of rain. In that case my weight would go up to more like 6 lbs because of the rain suit and tarp. I'm basically happy with my current kit. At some point I might look at a better snythetic layer and a 10-15 degree snythetic quilt for winter camping but thats all I would change.

EDIT - Eric you bring up a good point about the PNW. I came up with a list that I would take to the PNW that comes in at just 5.5 lbs. This list includes a fairly nice rainsuit, sythetic quilt, sythetic jacket and a cuban tarp. I don't own a few of these items (cuban tarp for example) but I've used gear that is equivolent in funtion if a bit cheaper and heaver so I'd be comfortable with it. If the nights were long I would add another layer to make hanging around a campfire more enjoyable.

Edited by Cameron on 11/16/2010 12:17:08 MST.

David Loome
(DavidLoome) - F

Locale: American Southwest
point of diminishing returns. on 11/18/2010 22:16:46 MST Print View

I have my usual 3 season base down to 8-9 lb, 3+ season about 11-12. :) I just see a point of diminishing returns... I really like and am very comfortable with the gear I use now, and only see marginal benefits to changing anything significant in my pack- Which is what I would have to do to see any real further weight loss.

When something wears out now, it generally gets replaced with the exact same thing, or the closest thing still being made.

I look at new gear and toys now and again, but I get tired of gear. I just see it as peripheral to what I really like, which is walking. Walkin's about as easy with 8 lbs on my back as it would be with 6.

Andrew F
(andrew.f) - F - M

Locale: San Francisco Bay Area
Re: How low will you go? on 11/18/2010 23:01:07 MST Print View

Probably not below 10 lbs... my solo base weight sans bear canister tends to be around 11-12 lbs.

I do just as much climbing/mountaineering as I do backpacking, so my gear tends to be multi-use which makes it a bit heavier. For instance, I'd shred a 7-denier shell down jacket on my first climbing trip, so I have one with a 30d shell instead. My backpack (Lowe Alpine Zepton 50) is a bit of a porker at 41 oz, but the full internal frame lets me carry the odd 40lb load of climbing gear when I need to.

When I go with my wife, it's easy to get below 10 lbs since we share a tent and cook system. Unless we have to bring a bear canister, then I'm back up to 11-12 lbs again.