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BPL Reader "best of" thread
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Brian Camprini
(bcamprini) - MLife

Locale: Southern Appalachians
Stuff that works on 11/08/2010 14:07:04 MST Print View

Pack: McHale LBP, Osprey Talon 22. Fit is crucial.

Trekking poles: BD flicklocks--any model

Shelter: End gathered hammocks with whoopie slings, Floorless Mid's, big tarps

Sleeping bag: Western Mountaineering (Versalite), Katabatic Quilts (Palisade)

Sleeping pad: They are all compromises

Rain shell: Again, they're all compromises, and expensive.

Rain pants: REI UL Rainpants, nothing fancy, but quiet(ish)

Windshirt: Houdini, Dragonfly

Base layer: Patagonia Merino 2, Smartwool, Cap 2

Mid layer: Polartec 100, Powerstretch

Insulation layer: 800+ fill down. Miracle stuff. Montbell is a great value.

Pants: Still not totally satisfied with anything...but I'm hard to fit.

Shorts: Synthetic athletic shorts with a good waistband--any brand. Nothing too delicate.

Underwear: Smartwool boxer briefs.

Shoes: Various Montrails, Brooks Cascadias, Crocs. Anything that fits well.

Socks: Vermont Darn Toughs, Injinjis

Hat: OR Swift Cap, Smartwool Beanie (work well together--stretchy beanie can go on top of cap)

Gloves: OR Omni gloves (cool, grippy, glow in the dark palms)

Stove: Canister stoves (Snowpeak Litemax is what I use, but most of them are good). Esbits are great if you don't mind the stink.

Cookware: Snowpeak 700 mug

Water treatment: Steripen Opti

Water container: HDPE nalgene, 2+ liter Platy.

Knife/multi-tool: Victorinox Classic Mini

Compass: Anything that points North.

GPS: n/a

Camera: Lumix GF2 (You know you need it. Sell me your old GF1 to help justify it.)

Aaron Reichow

Locale: Northern Minnesota
Re: BPL Reader "best of" thread on 11/08/2010 15:36:30 MST Print View

I'm going to separate mine into two groups. The first is items actually consider my favorites, the second is gear that I have that is good enough that I don't feel justified in spending money on something better or more purpose built.

Pack: ULA Circuit, Granite Gear Nimbus Meridian
Trekking poles: Outdoor Products Latch Lock ($24/pair)
Shelter: Tarptent Double Rainbow, Bear Paw Tents Pyra (a bit premature, but I'm hopeful!)
Sleeping bag: GoLite Ultralite 20, Montbell UL Super Stretch #3
Sleeping pad: Kooka Bay custom insulated mat
Rain pants: DriDucks Ultra Lite 2 Pants
Base layer: Icebreaker RedRam SS/LS Merino Top
Mid layer: First Ascent Cloud Layer Fleece
Insulation layer: First Ascent Downlight
Pants: Mountain Hardwear Canyon Pants
Shorts: Medalist boxer briefs - Shorts are Overrated
Button-down Shirt: People wear button-downs hiking?!
Shoes: Keen Oregon PCT Boot - probably 3x heavier than what most BPLers wear...
Socks: Smartwool Light Hiker
Hat: Outdoor Research Sombriolet
Gloves: Cheap Fleece Workgloves/Liners
Stove: Brunton Raptor
Cookware: Backcountry 700 mL Pot, Snow Peak Ti Spork
Water treatment: Katadyn Hiker Pro filter, MicroPur MP-1 tablets, Aquamira Frontier Pro
Water container: Platypus, Nalgene Wide-Mouth Flexible Collapsible Water Bottle
Knife/multi-tool: Leatherman Micra

Default/Good Enough
Lighting: Princeton Tec Quad
Camera: Canon Digital ELPH
Rain shell: DriDucks Ultra Lite 2 Jacket, Eddie Bauer Rippac
Windshirt: DriDucks Ultra Lite 2 Jacket, Eddie Bauer Rippac

Robert Perkins

Locale: The Sierras
Favorites List on 11/08/2010 17:59:35 MST Print View

Pack: Six Moons Designs, Swift

Trekking poles: Black Diamond, flint-lock

Shelter: TarpTent, The Moment

Sleeping bag: WM, Summerlight

Sleeping pad: Thermarest, Ridgerest Deluxe, modified

Rain shell: Dri-Ducks

Rain pants: Dri-Ducks cut and hemmed to cover shorts only.

Windshirt: N/A

Base layer: Short-sleeve running shirt

Mid layer: Patagonia, Cap 2

Insulation layer: Patagonia, Nano-Puff

Pants: REI, old style convertable pants

Shorts: see above

Shoes: Brooks, Cascadias

Socks: WigWam, light hikers

Hat: Wide brimmed hat, baseball caps

Gloves: Nike

Stove: Homemade alcohol

Cookware: BackpackingLite 550

Water treatment: Pur filter

Water container: Gatoraide bottles

Knife/multi-tool: Swiss Micro

Compass: N/A


Camera: I 'bum' pictures off of buddies, I do the planning, they take the pictures!

Eugene Smith
(Eugeneius) - MLife

Locale: Nuevo Mexico
"BPL Reader "best of" thread" on 11/08/2010 18:44:32 MST Print View

This one is fun.

Pack: MLD Burn w/ Prophet hipbelt

Trekking poles: TiGoat AGP's

Shelter: MLD Monk (spinnaker)= Great weather and one uber light trip.

Sleeping bag: Nunatak Arc Specialist (custom)

Sleeping pad: Gossamer Gear Nightlight 2/3rds length

Rain shell: I guess my Marmot Mica... eh.

Rain pants: n/a

Windshirt: Patagonia Nine Trails

Base layer: BPL Beartooth Hoody

Mid layer: BPL Beartooth Hoody

Insulation layer: Montbell UL Down Parka

Pants: Patagonia Coolweather Tights

Shorts: New Balance split shorts 3' inseam w/ gel pocket

Shoes: New Balance MT101's

Socks: Darn Tough Vermont 1/4 cushion merino

Hat: Buff Wear Merino wool version

Gloves: Arcteryx Delta SV gloves

Stove: Traildesigns Ti-Tri Inferno

Cookware: MSR Titan Kettle

Water treatment: Frontier Pro + Katadyn Micropur tablets

Water container: Aquafina 1L

Knife/multi-tool: custom made Mora

Compass: n/a

GPS: Garmin Forerunner 405... for trail running and racing.

Camera: Canon SD1400IS

Edited by Eugeneius on 11/08/2010 18:46:12 MST.

David Lutz

Locale: Bay Area
"BPL Reader "best of" thread" on 11/08/2010 19:13:37 MST Print View

It is fun...but I don't know why. Gear lists are like record collections, fingerprints and snow flakes - no two are exactly alike.

A lot of this stuff I bought here. I learned about all of it here.

Pack: GoLite Jam 2

Trekking poles: GG LT4

Shelter: MLD Sil Duomid

Sleeping bag: GolIte Ulta 20

Sleeping pad: Neoair

Rain shell: Marmot Precip

Rain pants: n/a

Windshirt: GoLite Ether

Base layer: Rail Riders

Mid layer: BPL Beartooth Hoody

Insulation layer: Montbell UL Alpine Light Down Jacket

Pants: REI

Shorts: I roll up the pants

Shoes: Never really happy

Socks: REI

Hat: Sunday Afternoon

Gloves: Patagonia liners (bought in 1982)

Stove: Custom Traildesigns Caldera for my MSR Titan Mug

Cookware: MSR Titan Mug

Water treatment: Steripen

Water container: Nalgene collapsible

Knife/multi-tool: Swiss Army (the little one)

Compass: n/a

GPS: n/a

Camera: Canon Something or other

Kathleen B

Locale: Pacific Northwest
BPL Reader "best of" thread on 11/08/2010 21:11:21 MST Print View

Pack: MLD Exodus
Trekking poles: REI Peak
Shelter: Contrail in the summer, Wild Oasis in the winter
Sleeping bag: Nunatak 20 degree quilt
Sleeping pad: KookaBay custom
Rain shell: ID eVent
Rain pants: rainskirt
Windshirt: homemade Liberty Ridge from
Base layer: Smartwool microlight merino
Mid layer: homemade Minima vest from
Insulation layer: Nunatak Skaha Plus
Pants: Royal Robbins Cardiffs. I’ll be glad when they wear out and I can try something else.
Shorts: Never. Too scary.
Shoes: Inov8 Flyroc 370’s
Socks: Always 2 pair -REI liners and Costco wool blend over them
Hat: Walmart ballcap
Gloves: Possum down as liners and/or BPL waterproof insulated gloves
Stove: homemade supercat (alcohol)
Cookware: AGG 3-cup pot
Water treatment: aquamira
Water container: gatorade bottle
Knife/multi-tool: .3 oz Stanley blade
Compass: Silva Ranger
GPS: Garmin eTrex Vista Hcx
Camera: Olympus fe 230

/A .
(biointegra) - MLife

Locale: Puget Sound
Re: BPL Reader "best of" thread on 11/08/2010 23:17:55 MST Print View

Pack: Zpacks Cuben Zero (Most trips) or Exos 58 (Winter)
Trekking poles: Ti Goat AGP's
Shelter: Rock overhangs ;) / BD HiLight (Winter)
Sleeping bag: WM HighLight
Sleeping pad: KookaBay DAM
Rain shell: Own too many - all are disappointing
Rain pants: Long side-zip Arc'teryx Alpha SL
Windshirt: OR Synapse Hooded Wind Jkt
Base layer: BPL UL merino hoody
Mid layer: Lowe Alpine 100 wt. Fleece w/ thumbholes
Insulation layer: MB Ex Light Jkt or Vest
Pants: BD 100 wt. Fleece / Houdinis
Shorts: Hind joggers, etc.
Shoes: Hmm...Whatever I get from Doug ;)
Socks: Hand-made knit wool or Darn Tough
Hat: Patagonia Wool Boucle Beanie
Gloves: Possumdown + RBH VAPR Mitts
Stove: Ti-Tri or SP GST-100
Cookware: Use Evernew/REI 400ml mug(WITH SIPPY LID!) almost daily
Water treatment: boiling, iodine, or chlorine dioxide
Water container: platypus
Knife/multi-tool: Benchmade Osborne 960
Compass: Sliva Guide
GPS: iPhone
Camera: iPhone

Mary D
(hikinggranny) - MLife
BPL Reader "best of" thread on 11/09/2010 13:49:12 MST Print View

Pack: Six Moon Designs Comet, 2005 model, with stays

Trekking poles: Leki Carbonlite

Shelter: Gossamer Gear/Tarptent Squall Classic

Sleeping bag: Western Mountaineering Ultralight

Sleeping pad: POE Insulmat Max Thermo, predecessor of the Ether Thermo 6. I tried the NeoAir and couldn't get comfortable on it.

Rain shell: Brawny Gear silnylon, one of the last made

Rain pants: same

Windshirt: Montbell UL Wind Jacket

Base layer: Patagucci Capilene 2 or 4, depending on temps

Mid layer: BPL merino T or Montbell Chameece fleece vest, depending on temps

Insulation layer: Montbell Ex-Light down jacket

Pants: Solumbra Women's Active Pants (bought in 2002 and still holding up!)

Shorts: none

Shoes: Montrail (NOT Montbell, sorry!) Hardrock '07; have one unworn pair left; when those wear out I'll have to look for another brand.

Socks: Smartwool midweight

Hat: Sun: Sunday Afternoons Adventure; Cold: Manzella polypro fleece balaclava; Hiking when cold, Smartwool headband.

Gloves: Polypro knit liners and MLD eVent rain mitts

Stove: Anti-Gravity Gear alcohol or Primus Micron Ti isobutane canister. Use latter for long trips and when fishing.

Cookware: BPL Firelite 550; take GSI fry pan when fishing

Water treatment: Homemade gravity filter, 6.5 oz. (working on getting it lighter)

Water container: Evernew 2L and 1 qt. soda bottle

Knife/multi-tool: Leatherman Squirt P4

Compass: Silva Starter

GPS: none

Camera: Canon Power Shot A710 IS

Edited by hikinggranny on 11/09/2010 19:04:00 MST.