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9.7 Gram BPL Ti Wing Esbit Stove
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(jhaura) - F

Locale: Trail
9.7 Gram BPL Ti Wing Esbit Stove on 08/21/2006 22:15:59 MDT Print View

I ditched the bowl on my BPL ti wing stove and put in a new stainless steel rivet.

The bowl weighs 3.4 grams, so just the wings and new rivet weigh 9.7 grams (rivet weighs .3 grams, wish I could get a ti rivet, like the stock BPL one which did not even register on my scale.)

I also notched the wing pot supports with a Dremel to custom fit my Snow Peak 700. It sits in there like a lock and key, very stable.

I have an alcohol bowl (grape juice can bottom) that sits in there nice too for when I want to back up with alcohol; it holds 1.5 tbsp. Nice multi-use potstand/stove, thanks to BPL!

Here's some pics:




If anyone is interested you can send me your ti wing stove (SASE) and I will put a rivet in it for $5. You can do it yourself but the ss tubular rivets are $6 per 100 and the roll die, anvil and hand tool are about $60. I got it all from Hanson Rivet (

If you get your own stuff get the tubular rivet in stainless steel size 3/32" diameter by 5/32" long. Also get the roll die, HT100 hand tool and anvil for the rivet so you can set it. I got the dies with 1/2" shanks for future use in and arbor press or bench mount rivet setter.

Side note: I actually used a 1/8" by 7/32" rivet in mine and ended up having to bore my wing holes out with a file to fit the 1/8" rivet. With the length the rivet did not roll all the way over before the die maxed out. Hence I suggest the 3/32" stuff and the shorter length at 5/32". I have this new stuff on order so I will let you know how it fits, should be just fine though.

David Lewis
(davidlewis) - MLife

Locale: Nova Scotia, Canada
Re: 9.7 Gram BPL Ti Wing Esbit Stove on 08/22/2006 04:32:02 MDT Print View

Cool. I also took the bowl off mine... but I just cut / bent / twisted it off... I didn't have to remove the rivet.