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Brunton 54LU Compass for 50$
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Sean B
(SeanBa) - F
Brunton 54LU Compass for 50$ on 10/27/2010 17:42:18 MDT Print View

REI Outlet has the Brunton 54LU (Silva Expedition 54) Compass for 49.93$.

The optical sighting mechanism on this compass gets good reviews (0.5 degree accuracy). Though some folks are saying its being discontinued.

Pieter Kaufman
(Pieter) - F
Re: Brunton 54LU Compass for 50$ on 10/27/2010 18:09:41 MDT Print View

Good deal I suppose but I'm skeptical about the supposed accuracy. More importantly, unless you're willing to use the cumbersome tape correction or do the math in your head with every bearing you take, or calculate difference based on map vs. field bearings, the fact that it has no declination adjustment makes the notion of accuracy in the field a pretty relative concept. It's perfectly good for pure map work though.

Michael Davis
(mad777) - F

Locale: South Florida
Re: Brunton 54LU Compass for 50$ on 10/27/2010 19:09:25 MDT Print View

I have this compass a like it very much. The siting mechanism is accurate and I have used it quite a few times to triangulate my position in the mountains. Like the previous poster said, it doesn't have a declination adjustment. If it did, it would certainly be my dream compass.