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Your favorite Wind Shirt?
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Robin McKay
(rlmckay) - M

Locale: Auckland NZ
Wind shirt on 08/21/2006 03:45:31 MDT Print View

Drew - yeah if I am climbing from say 1100 meters (our bushline) up the say 1700 meters over a couple of hours I sweat a bit in mine (who the hell wouldn't!). But not to the extent that I have to wring it out! I'd reckon that would happen in any wind shirt. Usually I have an Ice Breaker T Shirt, or H/H base layer underneath that soaks up the bulk of sweat.
Hey for $US30 it's a pretty cheap experiment. Go get one!

Drew Davis
(drewnc2005) - F

Locale: Hillsborough, NC
Favorite windshirt on 08/21/2006 17:21:49 MDT Print View

Robin, thanks for the feedback. I'm still weighing my options - cheap is a relative term, I suppose, which takes on a whole new meaning as one endeavors to pay for law school. Not to mention the fact that if things keep going the way they are this semester, I don't know how much I'd get to wear it in the field anyway.

Jonathan Shefftz
(jshefftz1) - MLife

Locale: Western Mass.
Wild Things Epic Pullover on 08/21/2006 18:45:18 MDT Print View

I have the pullover version (no hood) of this:
I've had it several years, mainly using it for mountain biking, cross country skate skiing, and above-treeline spring & summer ski mountaineering. Great for wind, and does reasonably well with light rain.
I always thought it breathed very well, but apparently it's at the other end of the spectrum:

Jonathan Shefftz
(jshefftz1) - MLife

Locale: Western Mass.
Helly Hansen Mars? on 08/21/2006 18:52:43 MDT Print View

My current windshirt (no hood) weighs 4.8 oz for a men's small.
The Helly Hansen Mars sounds like it maybe be under 2oz in my size:
Any experience/thoughts out there? (And yes, I know it lacks a hood, but for my anticipated uses I'd rather use a separate hat or cap and reserve using a hood for my hardshell. And although the retail price is a bit high, I can get it for $50, so that's not a personal concern to me.)

Edited by jshefftz1 on 08/21/2006 18:53:26 MDT.

William Webber
(micwebbpl) - F
I like the Patagonia Helium and Wild Things nylon on 08/23/2006 15:30:08 MDT Print View

Seems like we have a lot of windshirt choices these days, and I am glad people are calling out which ones breathe better at one end of the spectrum, or repel rain better at the other end of the scale.

Glad to hear the Houdini breathes well; I have one but haven't had cause to use it yet. The full length zipper and hood, coupled with light weight, make it may emergency "must carry" rain/wind/sleep jacket. My former Dragonfly was too hot, although it repelled rain really well and has found use as a sleeping jacket to keep my bag clean and my head a little warmer.

I will be trying my old Patagonia Helium (before they moved to the smoother finish recycled polester version) on my next trip to Sunrise High Sierra Camp, but since I walk "hot" it probably won't come out until camp (unless the skeetos come out); when I tried it a couple of years ago, it was fine as a windbreaker but unsuitable in any serious rain.

I also have an untried Wild Things Gear thin nylon windshirt, which packs small but which got overshadowed, before any real used, by the others. The all black one I have makes good urban wear, or airplane wear, though (I reserve the expensive Houdini for rain in order to preserve the effectiveness of the DWR).

Dale Wambaugh
(dwambaugh) - MLife

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Re: Your favorite Wind Shirt? on 08/24/2006 10:58:20 MDT Print View

Wandering through the racks at St. Vinnies yesterday I found a GoLite hooded windshirt for $1.99. Yes, my eyes were like saucers :)

It must be an older model as it has handwarmer and chest pockets with zippers, a full front zipper, and weighed in at a leaden 8 oz. :) It is all polyester and feels much tougher than current stuff. Breathability is fair and I haven't had a chance to check on DWR. Does anybody know this model?

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Locale: Pacific Northwet
Re: Re: Your favorite Wind Shirt? on 08/24/2006 11:36:38 MDT Print View

Are the hand pockets at a diagonal?Sounds like it might be a Golite Bark.

I have one from a few years back. I think my size M weighs 6-7 oz.


Edited by DanG on 08/24/2006 11:39:51 MDT.

Dale Wambaugh
(dwambaugh) - MLife

Locale: Pacific Northwest
Re: GoLite Bark on 08/24/2006 13:43:47 MDT Print View

A GoLite Bark it is-- good call :) Mine is a large and fits like an XL (my usual size). For $1.99 it will do nicely!

GoLite Bark wind shell

John Davis
(JNDavis) - F

Locale: Isle of Man
Your favorite Wind Shirt? on 08/28/2006 11:07:02 MDT Print View

For a big, cold, all-day wind, windshirts made from a thicker material seem best to me. The Berghaus Inferno is not perfect, in that it doesn't seal as well at the waist as it should, but it has been with me on more winter hikes than any other jacket of any kind.

Benjamin Smith
(bugbomb) - F - M

Locale: South Texas
Re: Favorite windshirt on 09/21/2006 17:13:47 MDT Print View

Drew - I just ordered one. I'll let you know how it seems.


Ryan Corder
(demo) - MLife

Locale: Arkansan in Seattle
Montane Featherlite on 09/24/2006 16:37:40 MDT Print View

I'll throw another vote in for the Featherlite Smock from Montane.

Last year, I was on the scene of a really bad car accident when Hurricane Rita came up through Louisiana into Arkansas. I sat out there for half an our and even though it is only rated as water resistant, it kept my top completely dry. Pretty good for a wind shirt during a storm still rated as a Tropical Storm :)