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I need a tarp....
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David Lutz

Locale: Bay Area
I need a tarp.... on 10/15/2010 23:24:39 MDT Print View

I'm looking for a silnylon tarp - roughly 8x10, plus or minus.

Used would be great, but recommendations for new would be appreciated.

I tried Alpinlite Gear, but Gen is not taking orders right now.

The OES MacCat tarps look nice, maybe I'll go that way if he has them in stock.

Where else should I check?

Are there any west coast vendors?

Thanks in advance.....

Eric Lundquist
(cobberman) - F - M

Locale: Northern Colorado
Re: I need a tarp.... on 10/15/2010 23:41:19 MDT Print View

Oware seems pretty decent. You could also look at Bear Paw Tents. The latter has a few tarps on ebay for a discount but not always.

Bob Gross
(--B.G.--) - F

Locale: Silicon Valley
Re: I need a tarp.... on 10/15/2010 23:57:51 MDT Print View

I purchased my 8x10 silnylon tarp from Campmor, a lot of years ago. It sat around unused until this year, and it got used on a rainy/snowy trip. I've been doing business with Campmor now for almost 30 years, and they have never fouled up an order yet.


Steven Paris
(saparisor) - M

Locale: Pacific Northwest
I need a tarp.... on 10/16/2010 00:00:46 MDT Print View

Integral Designs Siltarp 2:

$118.00 at

Not sure how that compares in price with the Oware stuff, which seem to get high praise here on BPL.

eric chan
(bearbreeder) - F
campmore equinox on 10/16/2010 02:08:56 MDT Print View

is the cheapest sil is probably ... ... 13 oz ...80$

Michael Ray
(topshot) - MLife

Locale: Midwest
Think outside the box? on 10/16/2010 19:07:42 MDT Print View

If you're willing, look at the homemade tent thread in the Philmont section. Very simple and cheap to make 112"x91" flat tarp unless you'll be in lots of wind.

Vince Contreras
(pillowthread) - F

Locale: like, in my head???
Integral Designs FTW... on 10/16/2010 21:55:26 MDT Print View

I've got an ID Silwing that I'd not soon trade for a flat tarp of a similar size. Indeed, I'd call it better in all respects than a flat tarp, save for configuration options. Replace the supplied paracord with masons line for the guylines, as I have, and the whole setup comes in under 13oz. My wife and I have used it under extended (1-2 days) heavy rains, without bivies, and stayed completely dry (seam-seal the ridgeline though). I've added 1/4" shock-cord loops at each tieout point to eliminate the need to re-tighten in the middle of the night. The catenary-cut edges/ridgeline really do help reduce flapping in high winds, while the edges, specifically, allow a bit of cross-breeze in (thus reducing condensation misting). One can find the Silwing for around $100 without too much trouble. I use it every time I go out when there's no bugs to worry about, or heavy snow in the forecast.

josh wagner
(StainlessSteel) - F
warbonnet on 10/16/2010 23:41:01 MDT Print View

made in colorado

josh wagner
(StainlessSteel) - F
gargoyle on 10/16/2010 23:41:58 MDT Print View

edited: i am neither of those dudes

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David Lutz

Locale: Bay Area
"I need a tarp...." on 10/19/2010 23:07:42 MDT Print View

Thanks for all the input..........I ended up buying MacCat Deluxe.......

Frank Steele
(knarfster) - F

Locale: Arizona
+1 Bear Paw tarps on 10/20/2010 14:26:42 MDT Print View

They also have tarps on their web site

I am really happy with the Minimalist Bug Bivy he designed for me (and now sells.)

Ben Wortman
(bwortman) - M

Locale: Nebraska
I have a used one on 10/20/2010 17:07:28 MDT Print View

I have an Etowah outfitter siltarp 6x10 that you (or anyone else) can have for $50 shipped