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Westcomb Sale - only at Vancouver Store
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John McAlpine
(HairlessApe) - M

Locale: PNW
Westcomb Sale - only at Vancouver Store on 10/12/2010 12:46:40 MDT Print View

I was hoping the yearly Westcomb sale would be available over the net too, but I heard back from them and you'll have to go to their store to get the deals.....BUMMER. Living in Seattle is close, but not close enough.

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John McAlpine
(HairlessApe) - M

Locale: PNW
Here's the Info on the Westcomb Sale on 10/13/2010 08:57:24 MDT Print View

Dear Westcomb's Family, Friends, and Loyal Fans,

You asked, we listened. This coming weekend, we bring you a bigger and better Fall Sample Sale!

Upstairs at Valhalla Pure (222 West Broadway) will be packed with our Canadian-made goods and we even bring you some pieces from our new Hutterite Down Collection. There will also be a $10 jackets rack, so you can stock up on those Christmas presents you've been meaning to get. We've got what you need to be warm and dry this winter.

Come see what's new, find some great gear, and say "Hello" to the Westcomb team!
This sale is open to everybody so feel free to pass it along all your friends, post it on all the blog Facebook
and forums and report it on the 6:00 news. Ha! Ha! Ha!

Sale start Friday at 3:00 see you all there.

William Johnsen
(sixoclocknews) - F
sale date on 10/13/2010 09:14:58 MDT Print View

Wait, so it's the same weekend as the dead bird sale? I wasn't thinking about going to either because I'm with you that Seattle is just a little too far away, but with both I'm considering it. (plus there's a $10 jacket rack? wtf is on there??) Is there a bus that goes up there?

eric chan
(bearbreeder) - F
vancouver on 10/13/2010 13:08:26 MDT Print View

this weekend in van there is the

1. westcomb sample sale

2. dead bird (arcteryx) sample sales

3. north face sample sale

its a good weekend to come up ... just remember the canadian dollar is near par and there is a 12% tax

Dan Durston
(dandydan) - F

Westcomb on 10/13/2010 20:06:44 MDT Print View

Thanks for posting this stuff guys. Maybe I'll head down to Van on Friday to see what Westcomb has got. It's a long drive though for the risk that anything good will either be in freak sizes or not a great deal.

eric chan
(bearbreeder) - F
line up on 10/13/2010 20:34:31 MDT Print View

hit the westcomb and NF sales first if you do come down ... last year there was a line up at dead bird 2 blocks long ... lol

dead birds can be had until midnight friday anyways ... they usually roll out more stuff sat and sun

for cheap baselayers go to the stormtech outlet ... they have champion stuff for ridiculous prices

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Dan Durston
(dandydan) - F

Sales on 10/13/2010 21:49:44 MDT Print View

Thanks for the advice. I'm primarily interested in a hard shell for resort skiing & backcountry touring. I like a Westcomb shell to try eVent, although if I can't find one and there's a good deal on an Arc'teryx then I'd consider it.

For the Westcomb sale, is there a need to show up early? Or can I show up at 2:30-3pm for the sale and not wind up at the back of a 3 hour line? Are the discounts normally good (ie. 50% off) or extremely good (ie. 70-80%)? Any advice is appreciated.

If I can't find suitable Westcomb shell, what's the deal with the Dead Bird sale? Do you know the address? Can the public show up or do I need an invite? When does it start? Parking? etc.

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eric chan
(bearbreeder) - F
sale on 10/13/2010 23:04:48 MDT Print View

if you really want the good stuff id show up a bit earlier ... there might be a bit of a line up but you should be able to find stuff ... its usually over 50% off at the sales ... parking at valhalla on broadway is a bit of a b-tch ... if you go up some of the streets though you can often find free parking

the dead bird is at their office in north van off dollarton ... just punch in the addy below into google maps ... there WILL be a line up there and youll likely need to wait for hours ... on the other hand there should be all kind of rain shells for 50% off ... theres tons of parking

ill be hitting westcomb, going for dinner and a few beers .. then going to dead bird ... last year there was a line up till around 10pm there

everyone is welcome to either sale

if yr in luck you might find some spectre lt jackets or the new chilko down sweaters ...

just dont steal the revanent shell with my name on it ... lol

westcomb ...

dead bird ...

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Dan Durston
(dandydan) - F

Re: sale on 10/13/2010 23:26:00 MDT Print View

Thanks so much for your help Eric!

I'll aim to show up for the Westcomb sale around 2pm. I'm pretty sure I know where this is because I've been to MEC a bunch and I recall Valhalla being just a few doors away. I've got a few sneaky parking spots in mind :)

The bar I work at in Whistler closed yesterday until the ski season opens so I've got quite a bit of free time. Maybe I should show up Thursday and camp out just because I can :)

If I see your name on a Revenant shell I'll leave it for you :) If it doesn't say Eric then it's mine.

"you might find some spectre lt jackets or the new chilko down sweaters"
Those are both sweet products for sure, but right now I'm after a more durable shell for skiing 100+ days this season, so I'm interested in the Mirage, Revenant and Vapor FX....and maybe the insulated Flow FX.

Edited by dandydan on 10/13/2010 23:31:43 MDT.

eric chan
(bearbreeder) - F
Kokanee on 10/15/2010 18:31:28 MDT Print View

Just got a new kokanee down hoodie for 225$ .... 375$ normal

they have whole racks of event jackets samples for $100

Next stop dead bird ... Lol

Dan Durston
(dandydan) - F

Westcomb on 10/15/2010 19:32:11 MDT Print View

Attaboy Eric. Their down garments looked awesome but I didn't need any right now. Most of the current gear was only 1/3rd off but all the older stuff was 50-80% off. I wanted a Flow or Revenant shell but they didn't have any Revenant and the Flow shells were too much money at $325 (from $550) and I wasn't digging the colors. I ended up buying a Cruiser LT shell. I was able to get the current model of the Cruiser LT for half off of $350. It's a lighter shell than I was looking for, but it does have the heavier nylon the shoulders and other vulnerable areas so hopefully it will hold up to a 100 days of skiing this winter.

I almost bought a Mirage jacket instead. It was an amazing deal at $450 down to $150, but I wasn't feeling the offset main zipper. It creates a large flap that hits my face when it's not fully zipped up.

I got there at noon and they hadn't setup stuff yet. I came back at 1:30pm and they were carrying in the boxes and they said it was okay to start looking so I was the first one sorting through the mens stuff. Supposedly they are going to bring in a bit more stuff either tonight or tomorrow. I was out of there at 3:15pm.

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eric chan
(bearbreeder) - F
dead bird on 10/16/2010 01:18:32 MDT Print View

well dead bird is officially the new north face ...

got to the sale at 10 pm ... there was still a line up by 11 pm

80% of people shopping there were asians who were grabbing anything with a big logo so they can look cool as they walk around town ...

u saw old chineese grandmas grab like 10 fleeces for the entire family ... funny thing is that a dead bird fleece on sale is the same price as any other fleece regular price .. lol

saw a pack i did like ... might go back sunday when its another 10% off on top of the clearence price

lotta rain jackets, fleeces and packs for anyone whos interested

Matt Allen
(zeroforhire) - MLife
Revenant on 10/16/2010 08:33:35 MDT Print View

Pm me. Might have a lead on a revenant shell for you. A friend bought one and isn't sure he will keep it.

William Johnsen
(sixoclocknews) - F
updates on 10/16/2010 08:49:46 MDT Print View

Thanks for the updates about the sales guys. It's nice to know what they had, and I'm glad I didn't make the trip up there. I remember more or less the same scene at the dead bird sale 3-4 years ago when I went.