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burn support
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K M Schaefer
(katiekitten123) - MLife
burn support on 10/10/2010 22:11:29 MDT Print View

I came across a reference to someone experiencing a scalded hand from tipped boiling water... Anyway,as a massage therapist I got heavily into aromatherapy with essential oils and
found through the literature and abundant practical experience both with myself and family and friends
that LAVENDER essential oil does amazing ly effective assistance with first and mild second degree burns e.g. redness and blisters -whether from sunburn, too hot, or too cold.
takes the red away helps lots with relieving the pain and blisters often go back to normal skin. I can offer lots of annecdotal experiences in support. Anyway, for myself, I apply to a burned/painful area liberally asap,
and several times within say five minutes, then when the pain comes back over a half hour to two hour time period Remember essential oils are special stuff-they are lipophilic-they love fat -that's why they move through skin so well.-well remember plastics are made of "oil" also so be carefull with essential oils around eyeglasses and watches with plastic lens's.
So anyone else out there know this about lavender e.o.? Want to swap annecdotes?