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MYOG tarp
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nick beaudoin
(nick_beaudoin) - MLife

Locale: Palmy
MYOG tarp on 10/09/2010 17:49:41 MDT Print View

Here is a Cat curve tarp that I made yesterday using a .6oz sil polyester cloth from Dimension.

I was a little disappointed with the trail weight of 380g, I was hoping to be in around the 300g mark. I think that my weights went up because I stuck it together like a sail using Kikusui tape, but I don't have to seem seal so...

It has similar dimensions to the Spinn Twinn but a bit longer along the ridge and wider at the back.

I started by laying the cloth out on the floor doubled up on itself. I them measured out the corners and using a batten to draw all the curves in the panels.

Laid out on floor

After drawing the shape I then floor cut it.

Two layers at once

Using pins to hold both panels in place while I cut away the edges, saving scrap for corner reo's.

all cut

I then stuck on my corner reo's and did a double fold over on the edges using 9mm kikusui.


I the joined the two panels together using a felled seem for the ridge line. Then adding the peak reo's after they were joined.

2 9mm tapes

inner tape first

fold over

After the tarp was in one piece I finished the corners off with line locks, webs and spectra cord.

Finished product


low pitch


Chris Krafcik
(Whec716) - F
no sewing at all? on 10/09/2010 18:05:50 MDT Print View

So you didn't sew anything? can you tell me more about this tape. How does the seams hold up to the tugging?

Eugene Smith
(Eugeneius) - MLife

Locale: Nuevo Mexico
"MYOG tarp" on 10/09/2010 19:00:28 MDT Print View

Tarp looks great, I'm fond of the neon glow the fabric gives off in that lighting. Please tell me that the entire floor of that shop is cork!? That's a tarp makers dream, endless points of contact for fabricating and pitching. Completely no-sew MYOG tarp?

nick beaudoin
(nick_beaudoin) - MLife

Locale: Palmy
Tape on 10/09/2010 19:09:08 MDT Print View

Hi guys,
Sorry for the confusion, but the entire tarp is sewed. The tape is used to hold it all together before sewing. This particular cloth is a pain in the ass to work with (very slippery) so I needed all the help I could get.


As for the floor at the sail loft I work at is not cork. It just plywood painted light green for the contrast.

Edited by nick_beaudoin on 10/09/2010 19:16:12 MDT.