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Jeff Powell
(powellua) - F
Hoods on 10/04/2010 06:58:10 MDT Print View

With wind shirts, midlayers, down jackets, soft shells, and hard shells, which ones would be ideal to have a hood attached? I would imagine having all layers with a hood would be quite a nuisance.

Eugene Smith
(Eugeneius) - MLife

Locale: Nuevo Mexico
"Hoods" on 10/04/2010 07:23:51 MDT Print View

Having all of those yes would be a nuisance, you're right. However, almost every article of clothing I take along on any given trip has a hood. I typically don't wear them all at once so interference or ill compatibility isn't usually an issue. I do find that the imperceptible amount of weight found in having a hood is worth every gram and ounce, as the ability to cut down on drafts and retain warmth to my upper body and head is much more effective with a hood, adding to the overall versatility and functionality of the piece in changing weather conditions and environs.

My windshell has a hood, but I don't typically pack my windshell and rainshell simultaneously on trips, so opted to having hoods on both. My preferred midlayer is very versatile, the BPL Beartooth Hoody has a balaclava style hood, it's very efficient, light, and warm for it's weight and the hood is a key feature in the piece. The BPL beartooth hoody hugs next to skin so it easily slides under and in conjunction with other hoods. My Montbell UL Down Parka also has a close fitting cinching hood, as this serves as my insulation piece for cold mornings and evenings. I chose the hooded option to serve in place of bringing an extra warm beanie or balaclava, again it's about versatility, weight savings, and function for me over a broader range of situations.

To answer your question more specifically, having a hood on your rainshell is to be expected and is ideal. The benefits of a hooded windshell also outweigh not having one in my opinion, but some choose to go with a simple hoodless version here (ex: Montane Featherlite Smock or Slipstream). Down jackets are one article of clothing that doesn't necessarily have to have a hood as well, it's very common to see hoodless down jackets.

Edited by Eugeneius on 10/04/2010 07:32:46 MDT.

Morgan Rucks
(rucksmtr) - F
... on 10/04/2010 18:54:19 MDT Print View

I wear a wool hoody base layer, a hooded wind shirt, a hooded down jacket, and a hooded rain coat. They all work together great. I really like how I feel all protected from nasty weather and I don't have a hat to lose.

eric chan
(bearbreeder) - F
hoods on 10/04/2010 19:01:38 MDT Print View

base layer ... optional if its on yr midlayer, else recommended ... nice to have anyways in very cold temps when active ... if not bring ear muffs

mid layer (fleece/down/syn) ... recommended especially in cold temps ... make sure it fits under yr helmet if youre going to wear one

wind layer/softshell ... must have if youre not carring a hardshell ... otherwise optional ... make sure it fits over yr helmet

hardshell ... must have hood ... make sure it fits over yr helmet

insulating down/syn layer (puffay) ... must have in cold temps ... make sure it fits over yr helmet

general rule is to have at minimum insulating hood and one shell hood ... more in winter ... for me anyways

if you ever become hypothermic ... a warm hood can save yr life

Edited by bearbreeder on 10/04/2010 19:05:47 MDT.

Aaron Reichow

Locale: Northern Minnesota
Re: hoods on 10/05/2010 10:50:35 MDT Print View

I only have hoods on my outer shells and on a big down parka for when it's so cold that liquid water isn't much of an issue. Otherwise, I use hats, balaclavas, and scarves/neck tubes.

edit - Worth pointing out that I'm in northern Minnesota, where temperatures routinely reach -10 deg F during the winter, often much lower. Maybe I'm more hardy, but hoods on most jackets aren't needed, often get in the way, and don't do that good of a job keeping the cold wind off your neck and back compared to head gear.

Edited by areichow on 10/05/2010 13:16:15 MDT.

Lynn Tramper
(retropump) - F

Locale: The Antipodes of La Coruna
Re: Re: hoods on 10/05/2010 13:02:49 MDT Print View

Ditto what Aaron said. Even my big down parka no longer has it's own hood. If i expect temps that cold i take a cuben/down balaclava. Otherwise just a wind beanie and rainjacket hood.

Roger Caffin
(rcaffin) - BPL Staff - MLife

Locale: Wollemi & Kosciusko NPs, Europe
Re: Hoods on 10/05/2010 15:09:54 MDT Print View

Reckon Eugene has it about right.
You don't wear all of them together, and a hood can be crucial in protecting your head.


john Tier
(Peter_pan) - M

Locale: Co-Owner Jacks 'R' Better, LLC, VA
Hood on any jacket on 10/05/2010 17:42:25 MDT Print View


The JRB Down Hood, weighs 2 oz and has an available collar modification kit that lets one turn any jacket, vest or sleep shirt into a very warm hoodie...Or just wear it separately.