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Separate bag for food/water
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Ethan Schuler
(Impington) - F
Separate bag for food/water on 10/03/2010 22:37:25 MDT Print View

Ok I'm going to start this off with,"this hasn't been thought out well yet" I'm just interested to see what Bpl thinks.

So, I'm making my next pack, simple frameless hipbeltless pack. (I've never liked them) As I day dream about how awesome it'll be I start thinking about, blah blah blah, back to the point.

My idea is to have a separate pack for my water, and likely my food. It would be a butt pack un attached to the rest of this pack.
Theoretical pro's:
The heaviest item would be close to the center of gravity and would also have its own suspension
Easy retrieval of food and water while walking
Could be used as the food bag, or if crafty, a gravity water filter bag.
Could be used as a day bag, if anyone here does that
Would keep water away from your gear in case of leaks.
Percieved cons:
Would likely be heavier than just adding room to your pack
More to deal with/take care of
You're wearing a fanny pack.

That's all I've got, your thoughts on the matter?

Paul McLaughlin
(paul) - MLife
Re: Separate bag for food/water on 10/04/2010 16:48:36 MDT Print View

I actually made a pack like this about 25 years ago. Big fanny pack, with a separable (zip-off) upper compartment that had shoulder straps so you could use either portion on its own or the two together. Used it on a couple of trips. It had the same limitations that all frameless packs have - limited ability to transfer weight to the hips effectively. Despite the very comfortable belt built into the fanny pack, there was just not enough vertical strength to do the trick. And the thing weighed a lot more than a unified pack would have - inevitable if you have a zipper added in, and the two layers of fabric that were the top of the fanny pack and the bottom of the top part.
I do still have - and use - the fanny pack portion of the unit - great fanny pack!