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By popular demand ;-)
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Thomas Burns
(nerdboy52) - MLife

Locale: "Alas, poor Yogi.I knew him well."
By popular demand ;-) on 09/27/2010 14:25:23 MDT Print View

Okay, okay. So one guy asked me. But here it is, anyway. Have at it. I can take it. ;-D

Stargazer’s minimalist gear list for the shoulder seasons:


7 oz Gossamer Gear LT4 poles

7 oz total carried

Around neck:

1.1 oz Baladeo 22g knife and emergency whistle
1 oz Clicks reading glasses

In pockets:

1.3 oz Wallet w/ money, cards
2.1 oz Car key, LED red light, on caribeener for hanging from top of tarp
1.5 oz 32 oz. Gatorade bottle for water
.3 oz BPL bug net (also used for sleeping)
7 oz iPhone with extra battery in casing (real indulgence, but it also provides
entertainment, camera, etc.)

On wrist:

3.6 oz Watch/ altimeter/ barometer/ compass combo (excessive here, but my wife got it
for me for Xmas)

23.6 oz total worn, excluding clothing


4.5 oz zPacks cuben 2000cc (plenty of room)

On Pack:

1 oz Map caddy made from Alocsak & carabineer (incl. typical map).
.7 oz ½ bandanna tied to mini-carabineer

In pack:

3.4 oz zPacks cuben Tarp
1.6 oz Door for tarp
1.5 oz Gossamer Gear Polycryo ground cloth
1.7 oz 8 titanium stakes in cuben-fiber bag
3.9 oz Outside ditty -- rebottled Aqua Mira, Gorilla tent stake (to dig a cathole, bu
stake), jellied alcohol, bu LED
2.0 oz 2 ltr Platypus, empty (also makes a nice pillow)
1.1 oz Custom Kookla Bay pillow
17 oz Nunatak Specialist sleeping bag in Opsak (stuffed, also makes a good pillow to
rest arm on for this side sleeper)
3.5 oz Heetsheets emergency bivy (keeps the rain off the sleeping bag and extends its
temp range).
3.1 oz Clean-me ditty (hunk of Shamwow, toothbrush, baking soda, dropper bottle of
liquid detergent)
4.2 oz First-aid/ emergency ditty (Band-Aids, pills, bu Aqua Mira tabs, needle with
floss, bu lighter)
5.8 oz Extra clothing (BPL short-sleeve merino t-shirt, toe-sock liners)
6 oz DryDucks top (only)
6.4 oz Cooking system (2-cup titanium cup w/ lid, esbit stove, a few esbit tabs, bic mini
lighter, emergency matches)
2 oz BPL bear-bagging system (I’ll use the Opsak my sleeping bag came in if I need to keep the food odors in)
3.5 oz Gossamer Gear NightLight Sleeping Pad (Torso length)

72.9 oz (4.56 lb) in or on pack

Total carried, excluding clothing, food, and water: 98.1 oz, 6.13 lbs.

Worn: varies with the season, so I’m not including it in the base-weight list.

(Edited to fix some mathematical errors.)

Edited by nerdboy52 on 09/27/2010 19:39:45 MDT.

Thomas Burns
(nerdboy52) - MLife

Locale: "Alas, poor Yogi.I knew him well."
nm on 09/27/2010 14:48:38 MDT Print View


Edited by nerdboy52 on 09/27/2010 14:57:42 MDT.