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Show me some peak reinforcements!
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Nancy Twilley

Locale: STL
Show me some peak reinforcements! on 09/25/2010 12:22:41 MDT Print View

Hi everybody: I'm planning on making a shaped tarp like the Wild Oasis / Gatewood Cape, but with an optional bug insert net tent instead of the perimeter netting. It will only function as a shelter, not as a poncho.

I think I understand the peak of the Gatewood Cape, which uses a webbing grommet harness thing to hold the trekking pole in place.

But how about the Wild Oasis? Is it just a reinforced peak? Does the trekking pole stay in place, or does it have a pocket to keep it from slipping around? What about in an MLD Trailstar or similar shelter?

Maybe someone would be so kind as to post pictures of how the trekking pole sits against the top of the shelter in these types of single-pole tarps.

It's the last piece of the puzzle before I start this project and I would greatly appreciate it!!

Nancy Twilley

Locale: STL
bump on 10/04/2010 13:23:12 MDT Print View

Please? Pretty please? Otherwise I am just going to assume that something like the Wild Oasis just has double reinforcement patches at the apex to keep the pole from puncturing the fabric. Hope it keeps it from slipping out of place!

Steven Evans
(Steve_Evans) - MLife

Locale: Canada
Re: Show me some peak reinforcements! on 10/04/2010 13:48:09 MDT Print View

I don't know how the Wild Oasis is made, but my Duomid appears to have an additional piece of fabric (not sure what kind) stuck right up in the top for the handle of my trekking pole to sit it.

I made a shelter a little while back out of cuben and just bonded two additional circles (ie. cones) for the poles to sit in. The pics are on my website if you're interested.

Check out the pic that is second from the bottom.

jerry adams
(retiredjerry) - MLife

Locale: Oregon and Washington
peak reinforcement on 10/09/2010 08:26:30 MDT Print View

see article

I just used circle of nylon - packcloth that's maybe 500D that I bought many years ago, but probably 200D fabric would be fine.

Nancy Twilley

Locale: STL
thanks on 10/10/2010 09:24:24 MDT Print View

thanks guys--looks like a simple reinforcement will do... guess I was overthinking it!